Calathea White Fusion: Care And Growing Guide

Calathea White Fusion is a tropical houseplant for indoor decoration. Though it is not hard to take care of, leaving this plant type in inappropriate environmental conditions can cause withering.

Due to its special care requirements, you will want to follow these Calathea plant care instructions. The professional advice will ensure an optimal growth rate of this houseplant for both household and commercial planting.

Calathea White Fusion: Care And Growing Guide

What is Calathea ‘White Fusion’?

White Fusion Calathea, or rattlesnake plant/peacock plant, is famous for the leaf coloration of its abundant foliage. There are bright shades of green and white variegation on the upper leaf surface with light purple underneath.

People nickname this Calathea variety ‘prayer plant’ due to its night habit of folding, like preparing for prayer. But it can turn into a drama queen if you fail to provide the houseplant with proper care.

In this video, this guy will show you some brilliant tips for calathea white fusion plant care and propagation:

Calathea White Fusion Care


If you plant the Calathea ‘White Fusion’ in the correct type of soil, it will make the watering process easier. Gardeners growing African Violets can take advantage of their commercial soil mix products for Calathea growth.

Plant the greenery in moist soil for sufficient moisture retention, but beware of using well-draining soil to prevent water drenching. You could make your own peaty, airy, lightweight potting mixes as well.


One of the most frequent concerns is how often to water Calathea. Though this plant enjoys growing in moisturized fresh soil, it is best not to let the habitat turn too soggy to prevent potential risks of root rot.

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You want to stick your finger in the soil to check its watering needs. In case the first soil inch is dry, provide it with adequate watering. Make sure excess water will come out via the bottom hole of its pot.

Once you have managed a healthy watering schedule, you can avoid many problems for this finicky plant. A wet condition and wet soil are likely to develop crispy leaves and brown leaf edges.


Among basic Calathea care tips, lighting plays an essential role in its growth. This white leaf plant has specific light requirements that need to be met since the wrong light level is dangerous for its leaves.

The proper light condition for Calathea ‘White Fusion’ is indirect light but filtered. Artificial light is a viable option, but make sure the plant is neither under a heavy shade nor receives too much bright light.

Place the plant away from sunny windows to avoid vibrant leaves from fading. Especially south-facing spots where intense light usually occurs may cause leaf burn. Using a sheer curtain can reduce light intensity.


Similar to watering, the proper Calathea humidity level is vital for a healthy growing White Fusion. The good humid environment for this type of tropical plant varies from at least 85 percent or above.

You can place it near a humidifier or the bathroom window for humid steam absorption in terms of humidity maintenance indoors. If it has to undergo dry air humidity, try leaf misting from time to time.


The last important factor for effective Calathea White plant care is the surrounding temperature. The finicky greenery is fond of warmer temperatures, so its temperature tolerance is between 65 and 80°F.

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Calathea ‘White Fusion is not a fan of extreme temperatures as high heat will weaken its development and drain out moisture. At the same time, cooler temperatures are a possible cause of limp stems.

It is professionally advised not to locate the Calathea pot near a draft, heating source, or an air conditioner. When the appliance is suddenly off, there will be a massivesuperb change in temperature that this prayer plant cannot endure. Grow it in a pebble tray full of clean water instead.

Common Problems with Calathea White Fusion

Root rot

Root rot is a common issue that many gardeners have to face with houseplants. Calathea White Fusion is not an exception. Your failure to maintain proper watering practices will likely have its root rotten.

If your houseplant suffers from root rot, take it out from the soggy soil and remove damaged parts (leaves, root, stem). Get a pot with a drainage hole on the bottom and replant the Calathea in new soil.

Leaf curling/crisping

If you see the White Calathea leaves starting to curl or crisp, it may be a warning sign of not enough water or low levels of humidity. Any plant growing under direct sunlight may not have enough moisture.

This disease is also a result of chemicals such as fluoride in water. You can use rainwater or another distilled variety, but normal room temperature tap water is highly suggested. That way, your plant can grow safer.


The most typical pest that is attracted to ‘White Fusion’ Calathea is spider mites. They are not true spiders but relatives to ticks. These creatures enjoy dry conditions where they can suck fluids from leaf tissues.

Maintaining proper temperatures and avoiding the lack of humidity will keep Calathea safe. Though this plant possesses a typical resistance to pests and other diseases, it is best to make regular plant inspections.

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Top Tips for Growing A Calathea ‘White Fusion’

  • Filtered indirect light is ideal for Calathea ‘White Fusion’ to show off its majestic coloration.
  • This houseplant potting soil has to be sufficiently peaty, light, free-draining soil.
  • Water the plant only if the top inches of soil dries up. Lessen your watering practice with no fertilization in a cold season.
  • Maintain consistent stability in its humidity from a minimum rate of 85 percent.
  • In case of leaf dusting, take a damp cloth to wipe its big glossy leaves.
  • Keep the Calathea’s delicate leaves far from pets and children.


As you can see, it is not so difficult to provide proper Calathea White Fusion care with the mentioned conditions. However, any mistake in the process can pose a potential threat to Calathea White Fusion.

Take good care of houseplants like Calathea will add a stunning highlight to your indoor plant collection. Proper watering, humidity, temperature, and soil moisture are crucial for its vigorous growth.

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