5 Best Hand Saw for Cutting Trees Review and Buying Guide

Getting the best hand saw for cutting trees makes trimming, pruning, and cutting jobs around more convenient. It’s a woodworking staple, an essential toolset for every gardener or contractor.

Compared to other cutting tools, a hand saw is lightweight and easy to handle. It is also a cheaper, more portable and versatile, and easy to maintain cutting tool compared to a chainsaw.

Heavy Duty Pruning Saw (Razor Sharp 14' Curved Blade)...
1,559 Reviews
Heavy Duty Pruning Saw (Razor Sharp 14" Curved Blade)...
  • RAZOR TOOTH 7TPI CURVED BLADE - Curve Styling Makes Cutting...
  • CUTS BRANCHES UP TO 8 INCHES THICK - Incredibly Strong &...
  • ERGONOMICAL CUSHIONED HANDLE - Pistol Style Grip Gives You a...

In terms of getting the best hand saw for cutting trees, our smart-buy pick is the curved pruning saw from Tarvol. Its unique curved blade design makes the entire cutting tool well-balanced for more ergonomic and efficient cutting. The long blade is also useful in cutting through thicker woods and other materials up to 8-inches thick.

It’s a professional-made premium-quality hand saw for smoother and cleaner cuts. Plus, the handle has a terrific grip and optimum comfort when sawing. The cutting tool also has a protective sheath included, which is a bonus for extra protection.

Best Hand Saw for Cutting Trees

Tarvol Curved Heavy-Duty Pruning Saw

Heavy Duty Pruning Saw (Razor Sharp 14' Curved Blade)...
1,559 Reviews
Heavy Duty Pruning Saw (Razor Sharp 14" Curved Blade)...
  • RAZOR TOOTH 7TPI CURVED BLADE - Curve Styling Makes Cutting...
  • CUTS BRANCHES UP TO 8 INCHES THICK - Incredibly Strong &...
  • ERGONOMICAL CUSHIONED HANDLE - Pistol Style Grip Gives You a...


  • Razor-sharp 7TPI curved blades for effortless trimming and cutting of trees
  • 14-inch long blade creates longer strokes and smoother cuts to handle different materials
  • Cuts limbs and branches up to 8-inches thick
  • Ergonomically designed handle with pistol-style grip for a sturdy and comfortable grip
  • High-quality sheath included for safety when not in use
  • Convenient hanging hole design for space-saving storage

What We Like

Curved blades in hand saws make pruning and cutting trees more efficient and effortless, and that is what the Tarvol Curved Heavy-Duty Pruning Saw can do. It has a Japanese-style design combined with a top-notch quality Japanese steel for smooth performance.

The 7TPI double-ended blade is 14 inches long, making longer strokes to make cutting jobs done faster with minimal effort. The blade material itself is robust and premium quality with ideal thickness to cut through hardened materials without bending or breaking.

Quality aside, the curved shaped design of the Tarvol Heavy-Duty Pruning Saw ensures a balanced weight between the handle and blade. That means this cutting tool has a better grip compared to straight-blade hand saws. It also has a unique and ergonomic pistol-style handle for optimum grip and comfort.

Another favorite feature of this pruning saw is its two-way teeth, which are excellent for more precise and smoother cuts. That unique design also makes sure there’s minimal dust when cutting trees. The sharpness and clean-cut features of this pruning saw make it the best hand saw for cutting trees and gutting animals as well.

Lastly, the Tarvol Curved Heavy-Duty Pruning Saw includes a high-quality sheath for protection when not in use.

What Can Be Improved?

This curved hand saw is an impressive cutting tool, and the sheath is also a bonus. However, the pruning saw is a bit hard to remove from the sheath. The sharp blade can sometimes go through it as well, which could be dangerous.

WilFiks 16-Inch Pro Hand Saw

WilFiks 16” Pro Hand Saw, Perfect for Sawing, Trimming,...
728 Reviews
WilFiks 16” Pro Hand Saw, Perfect for Sawing, Trimming,...
  • ► EASY TO USE: Our pro hand saw is designed for precise...
  • ► DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Induction-hardened teeth that stay...
  • ► ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Anti-Slip Super Grip handle resists...


  • 16-inch 9TPU carbon steel blade for optimum cutting flexibility
  • Three cutting facades for 2x cutting pace than typical hand saws
  • 5x-long base teeth than in regular hand saws for sharper and more efficient cutting performance
  • Handle features anti-glide and tight grip ideal for angle cuts
  • Quickly cuts through thickest trees and logs
  • Thin and tiny but sharp blades for best cutting accuracy

What We Like

The WIlfiks 16-inch Pro Hand Saw has a unique blade design that is known for its high-productivity capacity. It has long and razor-sharp blades that cut through various materials of different sizes. This hand saw features a 9TPI high carbon steel blade for optimum control, rigidity, and long-lasting performance with impressive results.

This cutting tool has incredible three cutting surfaces as well, which makes the job done faster and with more efficiency. It can cut through the thickest of trees 50% faster than standard hand saws with Deep Gullets for rapid wood chip removes. It can handle different materials such as dovetails, tenons, miters, wallboard, plywood, wood, and plastic.

The induction-hardened teeth of this Wilfiks Pro Hand Saw are excellent in retaining its teeth sharpness. It stays razor-sharp five times longer than a standard hand saw for quicker, sharper, and smoother cuts.

Aside from its terrific steel blade material and design, this cutting tool’s favorite feature is its ease of use and safety functions. It has a Super Grip handle technology with an ergonomic design for reduced fatigue, an advantage for making angle cuts. The rubber handle is soft and non-slip for maximum comfort and safety.

What Can Be Improved?

Although the blade quality of the Wilfiks Pro Hand Saw can handle different materials, it’s small and thin for cutting large trees. It will wilt or break when used in heavy-duty and rough cuttings.

Mossy Oak Folding Hand Saw

Mossy Oak 3 in 1 Folding Hand Saw with Solid TPR Soft Grip,...
1,713 Reviews
Mossy Oak 3 in 1 Folding Hand Saw with Solid TPR Soft Grip,...
  • Three types of blades,sharp for smooth, fast and clear...
  • Easily cuts for wood, bone & plastic metal, multi-purpose...
  • Eronomic slip-resistant comfort grip handle


  • Three multipurpose fast-sawing blades
  • Triple-cut razor-sharp blades to cut through trees, wood, plastic, metal, and bone
  • Easy and quick blade changing knob
  • Slip-resistant handle with TOR rubber coating for optimum comfort and grip
  • Secure lock system for extra safety
  • Folding design for portability, ideal for bushcraft use
  • Nylon pouch included for protection while in storage

What We Like

The Mossy Oak Folding Hand Saw is a handy tool with impressive cutting ability, which is excellent for bushcraft. One of the best things about this hand saw is the cutting power it has from a small size. It has 3 different types of blades to handle different cutting jobs, from trees and woods to bones, plastic, and metal.

This tool comes with a 7.5-inch 5TPI pruning blade with a black surface coating that can cut through different tree branches up to 2.75-inch thick. The second 11 TPI blade with grey surface coating can handle a 4.72-inch thick hardwood and 0.2-inch thick plastic pipe. Lastly, the tool has an 18TPI metal blade with a polished surface coating that cuts through a 0.06-inch thick aluminum pipe and a 0.04-inch thick copper pipe.

Another favorite thing about the Mossy Oak Folding Hand Saw is its robust yet soft and ergonomic handle. It features a TPR rubber coating known for its maximum slip-resistant capacity, for better grip and comfort.

The folding design with a secure lock functionality makes the cutting tool safe to use or put inside the pocket. However, the nylon pouch included makes it convenient and safe to carry the folding hand saw and the two extra blades.

What Can Be Improved?

The Mossy Oak Folding Hand Saw is a robust and affordable cutting tool that can cut through different materials. However, the 7.5-inches blade limits the thickness of trees, woods, and other materials that it can handle. Mostly, this hand saw is only ideal for use in light-duty cutting jobs.

Airaj 18-inch Quick-Cutting Hand Saw

AIRAJ 18' Quick Cutting Hand Saw,Perfect for Sawing,...
158 Reviews
AIRAJ 18" Quick Cutting Hand Saw,Perfect for Sawing,...
  • 【A】EASY TO USE: The AIRAJ professional hand saw is...
  • 【B】QUICK CUTTING: The three cutting surfaces are 50%...
  • 【C】DETACHMENT GROOVE DESIGN: Professional-grade...


  • 18-inch blade made for quick cutting
  • 50% faster compared to traditional hands saws with its three cutting surfaces
  • Can handle different materials like wood, wallboard, plywood, and plastic pipe
  • Sharp grinding teeth prevents stuck saw
  • Professional-grade hand saw for gardeners and contractors
  • Anti-backing detachment groove design for smooth and precise cutting
  • Ergonomically designed handle with soft rubber grip for a solid feel and optimum comfort
  • Serrated protection for safety and to prevent accidental injuries

What We Like

There is nothing better for quick cutting than the Airaj Hand Saw. It has an 18-inch blade that provides plenty of cutting length to handle thick and massive trees and logs. This hand saw can cut through different materials 50% faster than traditional-style hand saws, thanks to its impressive three cutting surfaces.

Quick cutting aside, the Airaj 18-inch Hand Saw has sharp grinding teeth that efficiently prevent stuck saw. It can also handle cutting tree branches, woods, wallboard, plywood, drywall, and plastic pipe without issue. One of the favorite parts of this hand saw is its efficient chip removal groove design for cutting more precisely and smoothly.

This hand saw also features an ergonomically designed handle with upgraded aluminum alloy connection. It has a soft rubber grip for secure and comfortable handling while sawing. The serrated protection of this hand saw is also an advantage for reduced risk of accidental injuries.

Overall, the Airaj Quick-Cutting Hand Saw is a highly efficient cutting tool for gardeners, farmers, and contractors with its professional-grade quality.

What Can Be Improved?

Although this hand saw can cut quickly, using the cutting tool requires more strength than other hand saws. The handle could also be more comfortable, so there wouldn’t be a lot of tension in the arms while sawing.

Bahco #9 All-Purpose Bow Saw


  • All-purpose saw
  • The ¾-inch thick blade cuts trees with impressive precision
  • Hardened steel blade for optimum durability and strength
  • The 36-inch edge is suitable for larger pieces of wood
  • Steel tubular handle construction keeps the bow saw lightweight and easy to handle
  • Includes tension lever
  • Steel handle comes with finger and handguard functionality for protection
  • Maintenance-free tool

What We Like

The Bahco #9 Bow Saw is ideal for all-purpose use, which offers optimum precision and durability. It has a hardened steel blade that is excellent in terms of strength and durability. This blade material is also impressive in retaining sharpness, so there’s a less frequent need for sharpening the blades. The 36-inch blade is long enough to cut through large pieces of wood without issues, and at ¾-inch thick, this blade cuts with impressive precision.

One of the great features of this all-purpose bow saw is its lightweight construction, thanks to its steel tubular handle design. The Bahco #9 Bow Saw is only 1.9 pounds heavy, lighter than other hand saws, making it easier to maneuver with minimal effort.

Another significant part of the Bahco #9 Bow Saw is the tension lever that provides an ergonomic and secure grip. It also makes blade replacements more convenient. It has a finger and handguard as well, for safer and secure sawing.

Overall, Bahco #9 is a dependable all-purpose bow saw and requires little to no maintenance.

What Can Be Improved?

Although the blade material of the Bahco #9 Bow Saw is robust and long-lasting, the handle has a flimsy plastic material. It tends to fall off when sawing, which is an inconvenience. The knuckle guard of the handle isn’t safe and secure as it occasionally separates from the saw when used.

Buying Guide

Before buying the best hand saw for cutting trees, do consider several factors that make a hand saw ideal for its intended use.

Best Hand Saw for Cutting Trees Review and Buying Guide

Types of Hand Saw for Cutting Trees

There are a wide variety of hand saws, with some of them better at pruning branches while others can handle cutting large diameter trees. When buying a hand saw, choose the type that is ideal for the intended use.

Bow Saw

This type of hand saw is ideal for all-around use like trimming and pruning trees to cutting logs. A bow saw uses a pull-and-push motion to cut trees and are often fast in doing the job. However, its design isn’t the most convenient when pruning trees in tight spaces.

Pruning Saw

Pruning saws usually feature a curved blade, either fixed or foldable, which is efficient in cutting or trimming branches. Blade length for pruning saws ranges from six inches to 12 inches that can handle different materials.

Depending on its blade length, a pruning saw can handle logs with up to eight inches thickness. Its cutting performance will depend on the blade size or TPI, which differs depending on the model.

Crosscut Saw

This type of hand saw can be one-person or two-man. It cut trees manually using the same pull-and-push operation as the bow saw. However, while bow saws are best for trimming branches, crosscut saws cut down timber.

This type of hand saw is ideal for cutting massive tress and processing lumber.

Pole Saw

A pole saw is a bit similar to a pruning saw, but it’s attached to a pole for trimming hard to reach branches. There are manual pole saws, while others are electric or gas-powered.

Best Hand Saw for Cutting Trees Review and Buying Guide

Handlebar Design

In terms of design, the vital part to consider is how ergonomic the handlebar is, which determines its ease of use and comfort. A well-designed one is the best hand saw for cutting trees, which will let you work for a more extended period with minimal effort or tension.

The handlebar design features that make a hand saw better than other models include a non-conductive and non-slip grip for optimum safety and comfort. A lightweight handle will also offer ease of use and won’t strain the muscle as fast.

For this, a steel tubular design is the best option as it’s not only lightweight but has better performance and grip as well.

Blade Material

The quality and effectiveness of a hand saw blade would first depend on its material used. Most hand saws have stainless steel blades, which are durable but affordable. However, they are only rust-resistant and doesn’t have extra features, even with a protective coating.

For optimum strength and greater longevity, carbide and tungsten blade materials are the best option. However, this blade material is highly expensive.

Best Hand Saw for Cutting Trees Review and Buying Guide

Blade Length

The blade length in hand saws vary, and it determines the kind of work or the size of trees it can cut efficiently. A smaller hand saw usually has around 17 inches of blade, which is ideal for light maintenance tasks in the residential areas and pruning trees. Meanwhile, more robust hands saws with 30-inch blades or longer are better for cutting giant trees and logs faster.

The rule of thumb when choosing the ideal length of the blade for a hand saw is to consider its intended use or purpose of purchase.

Blade Thickness

For hand saw, thicker blades are not always the best choice. Blade thickness is a primary factor in the cutting tool’s ease of use and cutting efficiency.

Thin blades are lightweight, which are easy to maneuver and wield. They also give more precise and smoother cuts and are only best for light-duty cutting jobs as they will stop with too much force when used on hard surfaces.

Meanwhile, thicker blades can hack into most types of materials without risk of bending or breaking. They are durable and long-lasting as well. However, a thicker edge adds to the hand saw’s weight and has a problem with precision cutting.

The rule of thumb in blade thickness for a hand saw for cutting trees is to pick one that is compatible with the intended use.


Another vital feature to consider for a hand saw is the TPI or teeth-per-inch. The TPI number will indicate the type of materials that a hand saw can handle. More prominent teeth can work faster but produce rough surfaces while smaller teeth work slowly but achieve delicate cuts.

2TPI to 8TPI is best for cutting through softwoods, while 10TPI to 20TPI blades can tackle moderately harder materials, which is ideal for crosscutting. Those with the thinner teeth or have 20TPI to 30TPI feature can produce extremely precise, detailed, and smooth cuts on hard surfaces.

Blade Change Efficiency

Although hardened steel blades are robust, they will still lose their sharpness after constant and heavy-duty use. Even the best hand saw for cutting trees will need a blade replacement eventually. When that happens, a quick blade change will get you back in cutting trees with minimal downtime.

Safety Features

A hand saw can attract accidents if not careful when handling it. For that, safety features like a non-slip grip would be an advantage. That eliminates the risk of the hand saw slipping away while using it and result in an injury.

A knuckle or handguard in the handle is also terrific to have in hand saw for extra safety. Blades are sharp and should be tucked away inside a secure sheath when not in use. A hand saw with a protective covering for storage will help reduce the risk of getting minor cuts while carrying the tool.


A hand saw is a must-have in everyone’s toolbox, and the Tarvol Curved Hand Saw is our overall smart-buy pick. It has a well-balanced design with a premium-quality blade for more comfortable and efficient cutting performance.

It’s an all-purpose cutting tool but ensures that when buying the best hand saw for cutting trees, it has top-notch blade quality, first and foremost.

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