Hydroponic Gardening – Starting Guide for Beginners

  • Hydroponic systems and their pros and cons
  • Understanding different types of growing medium
  • What fruits and vegetables to grow hydroponically?

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Meet Our Team

Jill Sandy (Founder)
Jill Sandy (Founder)

Jill is a sustainable focus gardener. She loves decorating her home backyard with beautiful landscape design and creative garden care techniques she develops herself.

Jill Sandy (Founder)
Chanh Ho (MD, MPH)

Dr. Chanh Ho is a research physician at Oxford University Clinical Research Unit. After accomplishing the program of level 1 sub-specialty in Pediatrics, he was awarded the Chevening Scholarship for his Master’s degree in Public Health at the University of Edinburgh in 2019. He now serves as Head of Medical Review for Constant Delights.

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