7 Best Granular Weed Killer For Lawns Reviews (Preventer & Control)

Weeds are such a hassle, aren’t they? Especially when they are growing all over the place in your garden and lawn.

No more worries – the best granular weed killer is here to solve your problem. Our article below features 7 granular weed killers with different purposes and usages.

Specifically, the granular weed killer from the brand ANDERSONS is the best candidate on the list of products we are reviewing.

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This pre-emergent product can create a barrier for your garden and lawn, protecting your desirable plants from weeds. Not only that, it is safe to apply and cost-effective.

The other 6 granular weed killers on our top list are also worth buying for their distinctive features.

Best Granular Weed Killer Per Category

ANDERSONS The Barricade Granular Weed Preventer – Best Pre-emergent Weed Killer

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  • Preventing weed seeds from germinating
  • Safe for your plants
  • Value for money

What we love

This product functions as a pre-emergent weed killer, preventing the germination of weed seeds in your land. These weed preventer granules can kill 30 types of weeds, ranging from grassy to broadleaf sorts, such as crabgrass, dandelion, henbit, and purslane.

We also give this weed killer a plus point for its safety. You can use it freely without worrying about damaging your lawn, flower beds, or landscape ornamentals.

Remarkable as this product is, the price is very affordable. Only a minimal amount of money and you can have a desirable weed-free garden!

What can be improved?

Please note that this product won’t affect weeds that are already growing since it is a pre-emergent weed killer.

Preen Garden Weed Preventer + Plant Food – best applicability

Preen 2164099 Garden Weed Preventer Plant Food, 13 lb....
3,374 Reviews
Preen 2164099 Garden Weed Preventer Plant Food, 13 lb....
  • Use anytime during the spring, summer, or fall in flower and...
  • It prevents weeds and feeds plants in one easy step
  • Balanced fertilizer promotes abundant blooms, increased...


  • Applicable at any time
  • 3-month guarantee of weed-free
  • Reasonable price

What we love

We regard the weed killer granules highly for its applicability. Unlike its competitors, you can apply this product at any time during the year to get rid of the unwanted weeds.

This product can eradicate all kinds of common weeds, such as knotweed, thistle, chickweed, foxtail, and annual bluegrass. Another noteworthy plus point is that it can protect your soil from these nasty weeds for up to 3 months!

This product is certainly the perfect choice for those on a tight budget since it is very affordable.

What can be improved?

A friendly reminder is that it is not designed to use on lawns. It might destroy your grass, so please beware.

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Espoma Organic Weed Preventer Plus Plant Food – best for lawns

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  • Good for lawns
  • 100% organic
  • Extra fertilizer
  • Safe for children and pets

What we love

Specifically, the product is made from corn gluten meal – 100% organic. You can rest assured as this weed killer won’t harm even a blade of grass in your lawn.

The granular weed killer for lawns also has an extra advantage. It contains 8.23% of slow-release nitrogen, meaning that it can eliminate any burn risk while fertilizing your soil.

This weed killer earns another plus point for its health safety since it is organic. Either your children or your pets can play freely on the lawn even after the application.

What can be improved?

With its outstanding features, it is no surprise that the price is a little high. But we’re sure you won’t regret buying it.

Spectracide Lawn Weed Killer – best versatility

Spectracide Weed Killer, 10.8 lb, Clear
1,183 Reviews
Spectracide Weed Killer, 10.8 lb, Clear
  • Won’t harm lawns: won’t harm lawns when used as directed...
  • Pre-emergent crabgrass killer: prevents crabgrass and other...
  • Up to 5 months control: apply with a spreader at the rates...


What we love

It functions as both a pre-emergent and post-emergent weed killer. That is to say, you can apply it even when the weeds are already growing.

Suppose you spot any undesirable turfgrass in the process. In that case, this product can destroy it all, whether the challenger is Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, or fescues.

This granular weed and grass killer also boasts great effectiveness. It can destroy more than 200 different kinds of weeds, including stubborn ones, such as dandelion, clover, and creeping charlie.

The Spectracide product offers an impressive 5-month of weed control. You won’t get to bear the sight of a single weed in nearly half a year!

What can be improved?

The granules are rather fine and dusty, so it might pose a slight challenge while applying.

RoundUp Ready-to-Use Weed & Grass Killer – best for weed control

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  • 6 months of weed-free
  • Easy application
  • Safe for your plants

What we love

The grass killer granules can prevent virtually any grassy weeds and broadleaf counterparts for 6 months straight. The magic lies in a substance called pendimethalin that can hinder the plant roots’ growth.

The whole process is a total breeze – apply the granules on the soil, and it’s done. You can add some water to expedite the process if you wish to.

This granular weed killer is very safe for your plants, too. Thus, you can get rid of the undesirable weeds without harming your flower beds and shrubs.

What can be improved?

We advise against using this product on the lawn, as it is extremely harmful to grass.

Bonide Weed Beater Complete – best protection coverage

Bonide ProZone Weed Beater Complete, 10 lb. Ready-to-Use...
354 Reviews
Bonide ProZone Weed Beater Complete, 10 lb. Ready-to-Use...
  • 5,200 SQUARE FEET OF PROTECTION - With just 10 pounds of...
  • PRE AND POST FORMULA - The formula for Weed Beater Complete...
  • WIDE RANGE OF CONTROL - This product gets rid of crabgrass,...


  • Large protection coverage
  • Convenient
  • Pre-emergent and post-emergent control
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What we love

This particular product is certainly a panacea for those who want to rid of the weeds in a large area. With only 10 pounds of this weed killer, you have 5200 square feet of your soil fully protected.

You can also enjoy the tremendous convenience when using this weed killer as it doesn’t require any preparation beforehand.

Another worth-mentioning feature is its capability of pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control. You can apply it both before and while the weeds are growing.

What can be improved?

The product’s high price might be a bit off-putting. But considering all its benefits, it is a worthwhile investment.

Lilly Miller Boxall – best non-selective weed killer

No products found.


  • Effective on hard surfaces
  • 12 months preventing weeds from growing
  • Budget-friendly

What we love

Specifically, this granular vegetation killer is ideal for hard surfaces where you don’t want anything to grow. That is to say; this product can eradicate any weeds that grow through the cracks of the concrete driveways, pavements, and patios.

With such effectiveness, the granular weed killer can guarantee 12 months without a sight of weed growing after a single application.

We also like to praise this product as it is very easy on the wallet.

What can be improved?

The product is not suitable for neither lawns nor gardens since its potent components can destroy your plants.

Buying Guides For The Best Granular Weed Killer

Types of granular weed killers

  • Pre-emergent granular weed killers: Products of this kind can hinder weeds’ germination in your garden and lawn.
  • Post-emergent granular weed killers: They kill weeds that are already growing in the soil.

If you want to provide your garden and lawn a barrier against weeds right from the start, you can go for the pre-emergent granular weed killer. On the other hand, opt for the post-emergent one should any new weeds appear.

In both cases, the Spectracide granular weed killer is the perfect choice as you can apply it both before and after weeds appear.

Get to know more about pre-emergent weed killers:

How granular weed killers work

Contact granular weed killers:

Weed killers of this kind only work on the plants that the granules touch. Usually, you can expect immediate effects as the weeds weaken within a few days.

The only downside is that these granules can’t kill the weeds’ whole root system, making it ideal for killing annual weeds such as bindweed, crabgrass, mallow, and nettle.

Systemic granular weed killers:

These granules prevent weeds’ growth by traveling to the root system and hindering its metabolism on contacting leaves. You can see the results between 2 and 3 weeks.

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This granular weed killer kind is highly effective for perennial weeds like bindweed, poison ivy, thistle, ragweed, and dandelion.


Selective granular weed killers:

Products of this kind don’t kill everything they touch but only weeds. Hence, these granules are the perfect option for lawns, flower beds, and shrubs.

However, selective granular weed killers may sometimes harm your desirable plants if they are too often exposed to the products. Please pay extra attention not to accidentally kill your plants.

Non-selective granular weed killers:

Unlike the selective ones, these granules affect virtually anything that comes into contact with them, including your beloved plants and grass. Please beware if you decide to use this kind of weed killer.

However, these non-selective granules are superb when destroying weeds growing on the fences, pavements, and driveways.

Types of weeds

  • Location: Weeds vary between areas; thus, you should identify which weeds grow in your area. For example, if you live in Florida, you might expect some common weeds, including crabgrass, dandelion, and chickweed.
  • Weather: The weather also has something to do with the weeds. You can expect some common weeds, such as bittercress, henbit, and chickweed in cooler months, meanwhile yellow foxtail and goosegrass are ubiquitous in the summer.
  • Perennial or annual weeds: Although these 2 kinds are all unwanted weeds, they differ greatly and require different weed killers. Perennial weeds stem from the previously established roots; meanwhile, annual ones grow from seeds of the last harvest.

So before purchasing any granular weed killers, it is advisable to fully understand which weeds are growing in your lawn and garden. Otherwise, you can read some granular weed killer reviews as a reference.


It would help if you also considered this criterion, which will save you some money and keep your garden and lawn weed-free.

Usually, most granular weed killers can cover quite a large proportion of land, ranging between 2000 and 6000 square feet. We highly recommend the Bonide (BND60476) for 5200 square feet optimal coverage of protection.

Health safety

Be highly aware of this aspect. Most granular weed killers contain chemicals to kill weeds; thus, they might pose some health hazards for you.

Most of the time, it is against manufacturers’ advice for children and pets to play in the garden or lawn after the granules have been spread. But if it is an organic granular weed killer, it is perfectly fine.


How much a granular weed killer costs is also worth considering. The higher the price is, the better the quality seems to be.

Although it might not always be true, you should pay extra attention to this factor. If you see a product that offers so many features but costs very little, it might be too good to be true.


If you are still wavering between options, you can opt for our top pick – the ANDERSONS weed-killing granules.

That’s the end for today’s article, we are confident that it gives you sufficient information about the best granular weed killer.

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