How to Keep a Patio Umbrella from Falling Over

Learn how to keep a patio umbrella from falling over and avoid the disaster while having an excellent Al Fresco time out.

Umbrellas are an essential part of any patio, keeping everyone covered and protected from the sun damage and the unbearably hot weather. It doesn’t have the complication of a permanent structure, although umbrellas have one flaw, the windy weather. Open patio umbrellas catch wind quickly, rattles, and topple over.

A blowing umbrella isn’t only inconvenient but also dangerous and may cause accidents. Check out how to keep a patio umbrella from falling over, but before that, understand why this keeps happening first.

How to Keep a Patio Umbrella from Falling Over

Why Do Patio Umbrellas Blow Over?

That gorgeous umbrella in the patio fell over because of several reasons.

Wind Strength

One of the primary reasons why a patio umbrella topples over and over is because a strong wind hit. In most cases, the base can hold the umbrella up, but the base’s weight may not be enough when the wind strength is too much.

Insufficient Base

In rare cases, the patio umbrella can easily topple over because of the insufficient base even without strong gusts of wind. If the umbrella’s base is unstable or isn’t well-balanced, it could easily fall over even with a slight bump against it.

How to Keep a Patio Umbrella from Falling Over

How to Stop Your Umbrella from Getting Blown?

There are several ways and techniques to solve the issue of patio umbrellas toppling over. The core idea is to reinforce the base to keep the wind from blowing it over.

Pick the Right Base for the Umbrella

Getting the right base for a patio umbrella is essential to keeping it sturdy against the wind’s massive gust. When picking an umbrella base, critical consideration is its weight. The heavier the bottom is, the firmer it holds itself against wind strength.

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However, the weight of the base is relative and will depend on the umbrella at hand. There should be a guide on what the bottom is appropriate to get for the umbrella.

If that isn’t available, here’s the quickest guide on what base to get.

  • A 40-pound base for an umbrella measuring 1.82 to 2.3 meters
  • A 65-pound to 75-pound base for a 2.8 to 3.35 meters umbrella

Besides the weight, picking the right bottom for a patio umbrella will also include choosing the base type. Among the sturdier options are cement and granite bases, as they are more substantial than other materials.

Drill the Base of the Umbrella in the Patio

Another effective yet simple way to keep the umbrella firm against the strong wind is to attach it to something sturdy. The most convenient way to do that is by drilling the umbrella’s base and screwing it to the patio.

This way, the base would have enough strength to avoid the umbrella getting toppled over by the wind. It’s also an advantage if you don’t want to get a different base for the umbrella you already have.

Add Weights to the Base of the Umbrella

Sometimes, patio umbrellas come with bases that look sturdy but can’t hold itself against the strong wind. When that’s the case, there’s no need to buy a new stand when you can beef up the existing one. Strengthening the base of the umbrella can get done in several ways, with a single purpose of adding weight so it can hold the umbrella firmly.

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One of the most straightforward techniques is using sandbags, an inexpensive and DIY solution to keep the umbrella from toppling over. It’s cheap and easy to make and install, but efficient in adding strength to the umbrella base.

Another useful but cheap way to beef up that patio umbrella is by using gravel or garden rocks. Use a slightly larger bucket, fill it with enough gravel or rocks, and then insert the umbrella pole inside. It will serve as a strong base to the patio umbrella and create an excellent look, depending on how creative you can get.

Lead bags will also make efficient weights to hold the umbrella against heavy gusts of wind. They may be small but heavy enough in most cases, which is an excellent way to beef up bases in a more subtle way.

Another inexpensive option to add weight to an umbrella base is to use cinder blocks. You can paint them as you like, and cinder blocks are super cheap, which shouldn’t hurt the budget.

If supplemental weight bags are lying around and unused, they would also make remarkable add-on-weight to keep the umbrella sturdy. Plus, there are weight bags that go up to a hundred pounds, which should be perfect for wider patio umbrellas.

Strengthen the Ribs of the Umbrella

Wooden ribs add to the aesthetic of a patio umbrella, a top reason people choose them. However, they aren’t the best in terms of beefing up the umbrellas against the wind. They could easily break during a storm or even a strong wind, which will often cause the entire thing to blow over.

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Strengthening the ribs is critical to ensure sturdiness, and fiberglass or aluminum ribs work well than wood. However, if getting a wood frame is a must, choose one made of eucalyptus, which is well-known for its durability and strength.

Use a Sturdy Patio Table

Besides upgrading the base, using a sturdy patio table is enough to keep the umbrella firmly in place. It would be a plus to use a sturdy table instead of a plastic one that could easily get toppled over along with the umbrella.

Keep the Umbrella Closed During Storms

Most patio umbrellas include user guides and instructions on the wind speed that it can handle. In cases when there’s a storm coming, the umbrella should stay firmly closed and strapped.

How to Keep a Patio Umbrella from Falling Over

Final Thoughts

A patio umbrella that keeps falling over is not only an inconvenience but a hazard, too, mostly if it happens while you’re relaxing under or near it. Before it can cause an accident or get damaged, it’s critical to learn how to keep a patio umbrella from falling over.

These techniques should help avoid the umbrella from getting blown away because of strong wind, and they are inexpensive ways too.

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