43 Cheap Garden Path & Stone Walkway Ideas

If your garden has a story to tell, your garden path is the narrator. It tells the audience what to expect, so it should look as appealing and interesting as the plants, flowers, and art inside.

The garden pathway is not only to make traversing through the garden easier but also to guide us to experience the magic and beauty of the garden fully. You can even have the path leading to your own personal butterfly garden.

We will share with you 43 easy, impressive, and cheap garden path ideas that won’t break your bank or your back.

Before digging into those walkway ideas, let’s take a look at the most asked questions.

Q: What is the cheapest way to make a garden path?

A: If you prefer a fast and simple and budget-friendly pathway, go for mulch (wood chips, cocoa bean or cypress bark) or gravel. (Source)

Q: What can I use for a garden walkway?

A: There are plenty of materials to make a garden path such as mulch, gravel, mown, stone, brick, etc. (Source)

Q: How do you make a garden pathway?

A: Making a garden pathway can be extremely simple and easy. For example, to make a gravel one, all you need to do is to remove the sod, place landscape fabric and spread the gravel on it. (Source)

“It’s worth adding some kind of membrane when laying down the path which should protect against unwanted weed growth,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam from Property Solvers.

Q: What is the best material for vegetable garden paths?

A: If your garden is medium-sized, use grassy paths for your service paths and mulch paths for your “between bed paths”. For a larger garden, you can use permanent beds and grassy paths for a portion of your garden. (Source)

With some creativity, even when the supplies are limited, you can still create a stunning pathway for your garden.

43 Cheap Garden Path & Stone Walkway Ideas

43 Cheap Garden Path & Walkway Ideas

#1 Gravel Stepped Path

If a gravel path looks too basic for you, some new or salvaged wood beams can be added to increase practical purpose as well as visual interest to a garden landscape. Instead of spreading the gravel on the landscape fabric, you place the beams and then fill in with gravel.

Visit this link for the detailed tutorial!

#2 Stone Edged Gravel Path

It’s amazing how some stones can enhance the look of a gravel path. By putting some brick-shaped stones on the edges of the path, you can give it more dimension and feel.

Also, it is a subtle way to tell people to stay on the path in case you want to protect the grass, plants, or flowers next to it.

If you can already imagine it guiding to your garden, click here for the tutorial!

#3 Wood Mulch Path

If you love walking to the garden bare feet, a wood mulch path will be ideal.

Although the materials are soft underfoot, they are solid enough to handle heavy foot traffic or even a loaded wheelbarrow. Don’t forget to add a border to enhance its looks.

Visit this link for the tutorial of this environment-friendly pathway!

#4 Stone Path

Stones are everywhere, therefore, a stone path will make your garden look natural. If you can create a richly patterned mosaic from stones, your garden will look so much more rustic. You don’t need cutting equipment or special tools, all you need is time and an eye for art.

If you have them both, click here for the tutorial!

#5 Flagstone Path Set in Sand

To make your garden walk more stylish, you can add in some gravel between flagstones. Or for an appealing scent underfoot, you can also fill the gaps with flowers.

Also, flagstones look lighter than concrete, keep the ground permeable, won’t crack, and won’t make your pathway flooded either.

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And if you can get a landscape fabric, some sand, flagstones, and gravel, visit this link to know how to make one yourself!

#6 Paver

If you need a pathway that can withstand heavy abuse, investing in a paver is a good choice.

A paver requires cut stone in the shape of rectangular bricks so it will take effort or money to collect the materials. However, you can still do it yourself to save costs.

Visit this link to learn how to make one!

#7 Classic Brick Path

Brick is a timeless material in garden design as it can withstand weather extremes and infuse an outdoor living space. If your garden design is traditional and cottage, such as a Mediterranean or English garden, a brick path will be perfect. You can also use bricks as bed edging.

For the detailed tutorial, visit this link!

#8 Pavers and Grass

If you lay stones separated, there will be room for the grass or moss to grow and contribute to the natural beauty of a garden walkway.

Grass alone is beautiful but not suitable for heavy traffic. Therefore, adding pavers such as stepping-stones, brick, or slate, the pathway will offer both beauty and functionality!

If it’s caught your eyes, visit this link for the tutorial!

#9 Stepping Stones with Flowers

This is another easy-to-make pathway idea. You can easily place the stepping stones on the path, then enhance its looks by growing low grasses or perennials along your path. Consider lavender and golden Mexican feather grass for a perfect finish.

It’s how you picture your ideal pathway? Check this link for the detailed tutorial!

#10 Paver and Pebble Garden Path

This pathway is budget-friendly, easy to build, and will enhance the look of your yard. If you cannot get pebbles, you can replace it with gravel.

To help the pavers pop, you should choose a different shade of stone from the pebbles/gravel.

For the step-by-step tutorial, visit this link!

#11 Japanese Garden Path

If you love the mystical look of a Japanese garden, imitate one in yours! Use the pebbles to make a similar-looking stream or river, and a wooden bridge to make sure people get the metaphor.

To get more easy dry creek landscaping ideas, visit this link!

#12 Mulch and Stone Path

Another easy and fast pathway you can make on your own. All the materials are affordable and all you need is to lay them out on the desired path.

For more details, visit this link!

#14 Sand Path

For those who love beaches and walking bare feet! To enhance the beach look, you should grow some beachy grasses such as Sesleria and Muhlenbergia. This simple pathway is extremely easy and cheap as all you need to do is dig a channel 6 inches deep and pour in the sand. Sand should cost around $52 to $62 for a ton (equaling to 43 square feet).

For the tutorial, check out this link!

#15 Planted Path

If you don’t have a firm base, this path will be a good solution. To enhance the look of the path, grass or ground cover plants should be used to cover the gaps between the stones.

For more details, check out this link!

#16 Grass Walkway

If your walkway doesn’t have to suffer heavy foot traffic or you enjoy walk bare feet, you can go for this beautiful carpet of grass.

For the detailed tutorial, visit this link!

#17 Pallet Walkway

If you have plenty of wood pallets, it’s time to put them in use! This pallet walkway is extremely easy to make and if you leave enough gaps for the plants to grow, it will also give the pathway an earthy feel.

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For the tutorial, check out this link!

#18 Patterned Brick Path

Instead of laying down the bricks boringly, try to make some patterns with them! This pathway is ideal for modern, Mediterranean, or Spanish style houses.

Visit this link for the tutorial!

#19 Pebble Mosaic Pathway

This is the most time-consuming to arrange pebble stones based on their shapes, patterns, and colors. However, the result will be totally worth the hard work! A pebble mosaic pathway will make your garden so much more impressive, artistic, and unique!

To see the how-to, visit this link!

#20 Wood Slice Walkway

This garden path takes time and effort, but if you can afford it, why not make your garden look so much more beautiful and stylish?

To know how to make one as well as to avoid rot and termites, visit this link!

#21 Stone Step Path

If your garden isn’t so flat, you might want to use flagstones and stone risers to make a staircase path. It is not easy and simple to make but perfect for your sloping lawns.

For the tutorial, check out this link!

#22 Wood Log Pathway

Another great pathway idea to use wood logs to make your garden rustic and into-the-wood.

If you have access to the materials and love its vibe, visit this link to know the how-to!

#23 Concrete Walkway with Brick Edging

The concrete pathway is among the most popular garden pathway ideas even though it looks dull and boring. However, you can add more beauty to it by using brick for the edging.

For the tutorial, check out this link!

#24 Cobblestone Path

Cobblestones used to be popular but due to the uneven surface, people now shy away from them. However, if you are a fan of its look, you can still achieve a relatively flat surface.

For the detailed tutorial, visit here!

#25 Granite Path

This pathway is perfect to guide to your front door and all you need are leftover granite and common pavers.

For the how-to, check out this link!

#26 Wood Plank Walkway

Similar to the pallet walkway, this wood plank path uses pine sleepers with neater edges and a wider path for a less rustic look.

To learn how to make one as well as to aid longevity, check out this link!

#27 Lace Stepping Stones

This is a low-cost pathway idea with high impact. All you need are stepping stones, a vinyl/rubber doily, outdoor spray paint, and some creativity!

For the step-by-step tutorial, visit this link!

#28 Broken Plate and Bottle Mosaic

To make your pathway eye-catching, you can make use of your broken china and plates (but make sure they won’t pose any risk). Use concrete to make stepping stones and decorate them with your pieces of art!

For the detailed tutorial, check this link out!

#29 Sea-Themed Stones and Sand

Instead of using dull concrete stones, add in colorful seashells for some beach vibe. To make it perfect, pour in pink sand which costs around $52 – $62 for a ton! (about 43 square feet).

For the tutorial, visit the link!

#30 Lettered Stepping Stones

Do you have any favorite saying? Or favorite names? If yes, you might be interested in this pathway idea! It might take some time and effort, but isn’t it unique and cute?

For the detailed how-to, visit this link!

#31. Tumbled Glass

Make your walkway sparkle with tumbled-glass mulch that comes in different colors, is long-lasting, and never fades. People will be impressed as it added a large amount of beauty and uniqueness to your garden.

As tumbled glass is similar to gravel, for the tutorial, check this link!

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#32. Concrete Staircase

This is ideal for those who need a step up. With beams, concrete, and some work, you can make this staircase for your own!

For the step-by-step tutorial, check out this link!

#33. Pebble Mosaic

You can do a lot with concrete and your own creativity! For example, this pebble mosaic pathway. It takes sometimes to arrange the pebbles into your desired patterns, but in the end, your pathway can add a unique and artistic look to the garden!

For the how-to, visit this link!

#34. Glow-in-the-dark Paths

How about a path that glows at night? Especially when it is extremely easy and affordable to make? All you need to do is add beads that absorb sunlight during the daytime to the gaps between your pavers.

To know the exact tutorial, visit this link!

#35. Solar Powered Walkway

Another way to make your pathway glow in the dark is to make use of solar panels and transparent glass tiles.

For the step-by-step tutorial, check this link out!

#36. Cedar Stepping Stones Walkway

With only bricks and pebbles, you can still create a unique and impressive pathway using your creativity.

For the exact how-to, visit here!

#37. Barefoot Sensory Pathway

Keep it in mind that you can always mix and match to fit your own taste. Isn’t it better to create a pathway of your own, that no one else has?

This barefoot sensory pathway is simply the combination of different materials to give your bare feet various feelings.

For the detailed tutorial, check this link!

#38. Leaves Imprinted Stepping Stone Walkway

You don’t need to be a pro to make these concrete leaves. With some simple steps, you can make your garden look like Wonderland!

Check this link to see how simple and inexpensive this project is!

#39. Spiral Rock Mosaic Path

This impressive pathway might take lots of naps, but it will be a fabulous addition to your backyard. It might look complicated but as long as you are patient enough, you can make one without much skill.

Check this link to learn more!

#40. Bottle Path

Do you have lots of beer/wine bottles that are looking to be upcycled? Maybe you can bring them all out for a stylish pathway!

Check this link for the how-to!

#41. Wooden Board Sidewalk

Brown wooden boards will bring a warm touch and aesthetic color to your garden. To make them pop, you can use crushed stones underneath and plant some flowers/green plants along the sides.

Check this link to learn how to lay the white gravel!

#42. Crunched Brick Pathway

To make your brick pathway less boring, add in crunched brick and some patterns! A red-brown pathway will add so much character to your green garden.

For more details, check out this link!

#43. Patio Pavers

If your concrete patio stones look so plain, it’s time to paint them to brighten up your garden!

For the tutorial, check out this link!


Have you enjoyed any of these 43 walkway ideas? Does any of them make you want to head to the nearby store right away?

To choose an ideal garden path, you will need to consider several factors such as the garden’s space, terrain, the plants/flowers you plan to grow near it or even your house style. It is recommended to learn more about the pros and cons of each material before you come up with a decision.

We hope that with our list of cheap walkway ideas, you can find at least one that suits your taste. Why hiring someone to do it while you can make one yourself, save money, and have fun all at the same time?

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