6 Best Dandelion Weed Killers For Lawns (Organic & Chemical)

Weeds such as dandelion can easily affect your plant health. That is why the best dandelion killer is needed.

Otherwise, you will have to pick one by one dandelion regularly but still face a high possibility of them growing right back constantly. It will take you a ton of time and effort to complete the simple task.

For most home gardeners, the best dandelion killer is the Scotts TouchUp Weed Control with great performance over the dandelions and selective features that protect the lawn’s beauty. It stops the growth of dandelion for as long as possible, along with great spot treatment for greener and thicker lawn.

Additionally, it should be safe upon exposure to pets and children when they spend their free time in the backyard.

Top Reviews For The Best Dandelion Killer

Scotts TouchUp Weed Control – Best Selective

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  • Kill dandelion, clover, and other broadleaf weeds
  • Harm free to the lawn
  • Excellent ability of spot treating

What we love:

The Scotts TouchUp Weed Control will be a great recommendation for the best dandelion weed killer for your favorite flower bed.

This weed preventer works wonderfully in killing dandelion, clover, and other broadleaf weeds. The product also does not harm the lawns, so your lovely roses or perennial flowers won’t be damaged.

All the lawn weed would gradually die after three weeks without damaging any neighboring flowers. Its excellent ability of spot treating can make your garden greener and remain its long-lasting beauty.

The product offering all excellent features of a selective herbicide would allow you to take care of the garden from the tiniest details.

What can be improved?

The product is a bit pricey for those who live on a budget. But it is totally worth your investment when you are ready.

The video below shows the real effect of the product on dandelions.

Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer – Best Performance

Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer Ready-to-Use1 Refill...
1,955 Reviews
Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer Ready-to-Use1 Refill...
  • Kill weeds without harming your lawn (when used as directed)...
  • Delivers visible results in hours
  • Kills listed weeds down to the roots and won't harm the lawn...


  • Kills dandelions, chickweed
  • Take effects just after a few hours
  • Large coverage

What we love:

The Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer completes its job in getting rid of all of the dandelions, chickweed in just a few hours.

This best herbicide for dandelions offers great value for money with a large coverage over the lawn, up to 5000 square feet, with the support of attracted sprayers.

Additionally, the product also offers you complete weed eradication to the roots without harming the lawn. The product would work best when the seeds of dandelions are still young and developing.

What can be improved:

The unavailability in some states could be an obstacle for those who like brick-and-mortar stores. But online shopping could be an ideal replacement.

Spectracide Lawn Weed Killer – Best Convenience

Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer,...
2,618 Reviews
Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer,...
  • KILLS 470+ WEED TYPES AS LISTED: This product kills...
  • VISIBLE RESULTS IN 5 HOURS: The product kills by contact and...
  • KILLS LISTED WEEDS, NOT THE LAWN: Spectracide Weed Stop For...


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What we love:

If a multipurpose grass killer is the herbicide you are looking for, the Spectracide Weed preventer could be the best killer available. It can eliminate more than 470 types of weeds, ranging from broadleaf to grassy ones.

Additionally, this dandelion killer spray turns rainproof after a few hours of applying so that you will not have to worry about the rain washing it away.

The quick-flip hose-end sprayer is another plus. It is convenient to use whenever needed and is easily connected to the garden hose.

What can be improved?

In return, you need to apply this dandelion killer several times so that it can reach its full potential.

Preen Garden Weed Preventer + Plant Food – Best Pre-emergent

Preen 2164099 Garden Weed Preventer Plant Food, 13 lb....
  • Use anytime during the spring, summer, or fall in flower and...
  • It prevents weeds and feeds plants in one easy step
  • Balanced fertilizer promotes abundant blooms, increased...


  • Kill weeds from seeds
  • Great coverage
  • Work well in most seasons of the year

What we love:

This grass killer is an ideal pre-emergent herbicide to kill dandelion and other weeds like chickweed and ensure it will not grow back in 3 months.

However, it does not harm any plants, flowers, or even vegetables (in case you worry about edible greens.

It can cover up to 2080 square feet, making it ideal for large gardens or landscaped areas. You can apply it at any time of the year but try to avoid winter as it might be too cold for the product to take effect.

The Preen Garden Weed Preventer is a great preventative measure for maintaining your garden. All your plants will be under full protection with this excellent product.

What can be improved?

On the other hand, the label should be more detailed so that new gardeners could follow directions easier.

BioAdvanced Effective Fungicide with Disease Prevention Fungus Control for Lawns– Best Versatility

BioAdvanced Fungus Control for Lawns, Ready-to-Spray, 32 oz
  • FUNGICIDE: Fungus Control for lawns cures and prevents...
  • 30 DAY PROTECTION: Protects against lawn diseases for up to...
  • DISEASE CONTROL: Fungicide controls Red Threat, Brown Patch,...


  • Eliminate lawn weeds
  • Prevent growing back
  • Rainproof

What we love:

The Bioadvanced Effective Fungicide would be the best recommendation for gardeners who want a versatile mixture. It gets rid of all the lawn weeds and prevents unwanted ones from growing back again.

The herbicide’s effect can last up to a month without any further application. Moreover, its waterproof feature can last for hours if you are living in a rainy region.

Apart from all the competitive features, it will also protect your intended plants in the garden.

The Bioadvanced Effective Fungicide, with its high versatility, would achieve all the goals you have for a green and beautiful garden.

What can be improved?

In return, the product is unavailable in New York, restricting gardeners here purchasing it in-store. Regardless, shopping online is always within your reach.

Espoma Organic Weed Preventer – Best Spot Treating

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  • Organic
  • Make the lawn greener
  • Safe for pets and children

What we love:

The name has said all for itself. The Espoma, utilizing the corn gluten meal production, is an organic herbicide you seek.

It enhances the lawns’ green color and limits the weed growth by hindering all the possibilities from seedlings.

You only need to apply it twice a year, at the beginning of spring and fall. With its special granulated production, the Espoma is easy to apply.

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Besides, the persistent nitrogen encrypted in each pellet makes the lawn thicker and greener.

Despite its granulated form, the Espoma is completely safe for pets and children. So you need not worry about that.

The Espoma Organic Weed Preventer would be great for your backyard. Your children and pets can play freely in the garden with its outstanding features shortly after the application.

What can be improved?

Be aware that it can go off easily under careless preservation. You should put it in storage where it protects the product from the sun and humidity.

An Ultimate Buying Guide For The Best Dandelion Killer

Types Of Dandelion Killer

There are several types of dandelion killers that you need to know before making a purchase decision.

Selective Herbicides

This product would be the best spray for dandelions in your garden as it kills dandelions but does not harm other plants and keeps them safe and sound. As its name suggests, it selectively looks for the leaf weeds and eliminates them rather than destroy everything on its way.

Non-selective Herbicides

In contrast, the powerful non-selective type would be a great choice for eliminating all the leaf weeds in your sidewalks or driveway. It can provide you with a deep and comprehensive clean, bringing the clean route back for safe traveling.

How to remove dandelions from your garden?

The most conventional way to get rid of dandelions is by hand. If the pulling is too difficult, you can use additional support from broadleaf herbicides.

Moreover, the dandelion removal tool is always an available and helpful tool for gardeners. There are grass killers, such as claw weeder, weed extractor, weed torch, or bend remover for optimal weed control.

Another highly effective method for dandelion removal is herbicide application. It would be best to apply herbicide on a dry and sunny day. Now, get your weed killer ready!

  • Remember to wear protective gloves, goggles, and clothes during the process, as chemicals can be harmful when exposed to the skin.
  • Mix the chemicals in a pump sprayer with water and additional substances printed on the instructions.
  • Locate the dandelions and specifically spray the weed killer mixture onto them. Then wait for it to dry out. As the weed killers take effect, the dandelion’s foliages start to turn brown and gradually die.
  • When they have completely withered, you can pull out all the remains and start a new plant session after three days.

Important Features Of The Best Dandelion Killer

Organic or Inorganic

The best spray for dandelions is usually divided into two categories: organic and inorganic models.

The organic dandelion killer is completely safe and eco-friendly for children and pets. On the other hand, it would take longer to get rid of dandelions and require a greater application compound so it might be suitable for lawns enduring a smaller growing level of dandelions.

In terms of the inorganic type, the effect is more noticeable and significant. It could take effect much quicker, and you can see the results pretty much instantly.

In return, this dandelion weed killer type can be hazardous for pets and children. It would be best to wait for the chemicals to dry or wash away before letting them go and play in the garden.

Pre-emergent or post-emergent

A pre-emergent herbicide will prevent dandelions before they develop into full-sized plants. The product would eliminate those weeds from their seeds.

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You will take full prevention for your plants, limiting the dandelion growth and killing it before it causes any damage to the lawn—the best season for pre-emergent application is winter and autumn.

However, bear in mind that the product would not be effective when the plant has already been formed into shape.

It works opposite to post-emergence, which kills existing plants. It is an ideal choice for deep infestation control. However, post-emergence is unable to affect the seeds.

Depending on the situation, you can choose either type. There are also all-in-one lawn weed killers as an option if you are too confused to determine one final decision.

Get to know more about applying post-emergent herbicide:

Effectiveness And Durability

The best dandelion killer for lawns should show noticeable and real effects, especially if the product is equipped with weatherproof features. The effect can decrease significantly due to the impact of external weather elements.

For that reason, you should seek products with both great effectiveness and additional weatherproof characteristics.


The quantity of the mixture determines the price. The greater its volume, the more money you can save for each ounce. For example, one gallon can be more expensive than a quart but much more reasonably priced than 4 quarts in careful calculation.

If you choose what fits your budget, purchases for a gallon would be a wiser decision to make. You can set aside some extra bucks for another investment.

Dose size

A strong dose sized herbicide would be the best product to kill dandelions. You can achieve the desired results with only a couple of tablespoons of the mixture. In contrast, ones with weaker dose size can take up to half a quart to reach the same target.

If you want to check whether your purchase is worth the money, you should pay attention to the dose size information printed on the labels.

Liquid or Granular

The best weed killer for dandelions usually comes in liquid form placed in a sprayer for application. There are also granular and pellet models for you to choose from. Granular killers are quite easy to apply, but they can be harmful to animals.

For that reason, pet owners should consider it carefully before finalizing the buying decision.


This feature is vital if you are using selective herbicides. The persistence will inform you how long they will be active after application.

If the effect is long-lasting and prevents further growth of dandelion, the product is qualified. Otherwise, it is considered a non-persistent type.

Temperature threshold

Some dandelion killers do not work well with the heat, so you should check whether the product is suitable for the region or not.

The temperature threshold ranges from 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. However, some brands only work well at the maximum temperature of 80 degrees.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider this feature carefully before buying.

Multipurpose weed killer

If dandelion or broadleaf weeds are not the only types of plants you want to eliminate, the multipurpose weed killer is a great option.

With this kind of product, you will not have to buy another weed killer for killing other kinds of grass.


Additional features are usually one product’s selling points. It could be a hose port or effortless pumping. Some products even come with a measuring syringe for precise spraying.

In conclusion

All in all, the Scotts TouchUp Weed Control is the most versatile and highly qualified to become the best dandelion killer from all the detailed reviews. It is highly effective in the eliminating process and completely safe for the lawns.

With the step-by-step buying guide, we hope that you will sort out an ideal measure for yourself to bring back home the impeccable dandelion killer.

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