Top 9 Best Easy-to-care Floating Aquarium Plants for Your Aquarium (Expert Recommendations)

The greatest floating aquarium plants provide a natural vibe to your tank that nothing else can match. Something about the light and colours that they cast alters your entire viewpoint.

That’s why we asked our garden experts for some floating aquarium plants that are easy to care for. They are:

  1. Dwarf Water Lettuce
  2. Red Root Floaters
  3. Salvinia

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Dwarf Water Lettuce

Dwarf water lettuce is a very similar plant to Frogbit because it will produce runners out its floater is sides and create new tiny plants. Remember that the less flow you have with the floating plants, the more significant these guys will get.


So, if you have a lot of flow, they will stay small quiet. But if you have pretty much stagnant water, it will grow much more extensive. And this one is a bit more difficult to control than the Frogbit because it grows very quickly.

It requires medium light. Sometimes, it is a little finicky compared to other Aquariumplants which is much easier.

Red Root Floaters

Red root floater is like other tube plants. However, this one is more just like a creeping plant instead of like one single plant. That’ll produce a lot of leaves in a circle.

The leaves that come out from this is more like a wine-type plant. And it keeps growing lengthwise and then shooting up leaves from there. Its roots are red, hence the name red root floater.

Salvinia Cool

Salvinia, in general, has several different species, such as Salvinia minima and Salvinia blonde.

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Salvinia minima have destroyed several waterways. Salvinia minima can take over your aquarium just like it takes over waterways in the wild.

It also has weird leaf shapes that look like little bowls in general, which is a nutrient problem. If your tank is overstocked and you don’t have fish, it will destroy any nitrates in your tank, making your water cleaner.

How to Take Care of Aquarium Plants?

Aquarium plants do best in good lighting, all possible good nutrients which can come from fish waste, all in one liquid fertilizer and water changes once a week.

Remember not to get too much water on the leaves but let the high humidity and condensation fall on them. Also, they like slow-moving waters.

The roots of aquarium plants can range from very short to very long. Unfortunately, the roots break off incredibly easily when there’s a strong current or accidentally bump into them during water changes.

Luckily, if you have at least 1 or 2 surviving leaves with roots, you can grow a bunch more in no time.

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Amazon frogbit

Amazon frogbit is a trendy floating plant because of its looks. It has a mini lilypad feel that is quite appealing and fun to look at through the glass. This feature also allows for some exciting aqua scaping possibilities.

The plant has long roots that create a mesmerising look in a tank with a current. The leaves are sturdy, comprehensive, and relatively flat.

This floating plant for your tank won’t require much effort or constant care. It thrives in a wide range of water parameters, but it’s also easy to maintain.

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You won’t need to trim it to keep this plant in check constantly. It’s doesn’t grow wild but does have a broad base.

It’s wise to make sure the fish in your tank doesn’t need much light. Due to the design of the leaves, it does an excellent job of keeping the water dim. If that doesn’t work with the needs of your fish, decide on a different floating plant.

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Java Moss

Java Moss doesn’t need much care. It can adapt to any environment quickly. Also can be put along with any other varieties. It creates a stunning effect all the time.

Top 9 Best Easy-to-care Floating Aquarium Plants for Your Aquarium (Expert Recommendations)
“Java Moss” by AJC1 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

You have to fix an anchor to make the plant float. You can use a cork instead.

Water Sprite

This gives a classic look to your aquarium. Aquarists mostly opt for this. Fishes that need to hide make use of this plant. It acts as a safety blanket and reduces stress for many fishes around.

You just have to keep track of its growth. Trim it regularly to avoid difficulties.

Rotala Indica

It looks exciting, and it doesn’t look to be an aquatic plant. You could opt for this if you started feeling bored of classic plants.

“Rotala indica” by Adam Balzer is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

That green colour of leaves is the neat thing about this plant.


It’s an easily approachable one. It does not need much light for its growth, and just water temperatures are enough.

Like most of the others, look on to its development. Trim it often. This plant keeps oxygenating the plant and hence is keen while planting it.

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Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum)

The best thing about this plant is that it’s aesthetic and easy to cultivate. Whether you want just to plant them or let them float, this aquarium plant will still thrive.

Top 9 Best Easy-to-care Floating Aquarium Plants for Your Aquarium (Expert Recommendations)
“Hornwort” by John Game is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Also known as coontail, the hornwort mainly grows in North America and lakes to all other continents except Antarctica. This plant is also straightforward to acquire as it is inexpensive, grows rapidly, and is very attractive.

Most breeders hide it in breeding tanks to hide fry, and it is also an aesthetic touch to aquarium displays.


There’s a floating plant for any tank style! Remember to examine your water chemistry to verify that your plant has enough nitrate to thrive or supplement with nitrate.

If your new plant came from a fish-filled environment, it would need to be quarantined for two weeks before being introduced to your tank. Try it out, and let us know your results!

Top 9 Best Easy-to-care Floating Aquarium Plants for Your Aquarium (Expert Recommendations)
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