Silver Philodendron: Guide To Growing, Caring & Propagating

Silver Philodendron is a historical bonsai. First grown in Victorian times as a houseplant, this unique philodendron is still popularly enjoyed as both hanging and table plants nowadays.

In today’s post, let’s explore all vital information to be mastered at growing, caring, and propagating this plant.

What Is Silver Philodendron?

Silver Philodendron, also called Silver Pothos, has the botanical name Scindapsus Pictus. It is neither a philodendron nor pothos species but belongs to the genus Scindapsus and is native to Southeast Asia.

The plant is impressive with its velvety green heart-shaped leaves decorated with many silver markings randomly laying on. These silvery plants can reach 10 feet in maturity.

In this video, Fern demonstrates how to take care of a Silver Philodendron:

Silver Philodendron Care


The Philodendron Silver plant is not picky in soil condition, but it will be best happy in the loose and well-drained ground. You can plant it in a commercial or homemade potting mix.

Organic materials recommended for homemade versions: peat or sphagnum moss (for nutrition) mixed with perlite or charcoal (for drainage).


Silver Pothos plants can tolerate slight dryness and won’t perform well in a long-lasting moisture condition.

It’s best to refer to your weather condition to set the watering schedule. Typically, you would water them when the top of the ground dehydrated and keep soaking until water comes out of drain holes.


Silver Spotted Philodendron enjoys medium to bright indirect light. Therefore, any space with dappled shade or soft light will be best for optimal growth.

It’s good to put the plant near the north and avoid west or east-facing windows. Except for the gentle morning sun or artificial light, you should use some sheer curtain to reduce any intense direct sunlight.


Being a tropical leafy plant but Silver Philodendron requires a 40 – 50% humidity level only, similar to the average home humidity.

To maintain proper humidity for this silvery plant, you can mist it every few days or add a pebble tray loaded with water under the pot.

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The ideal temperature for growing Silver Pothos is around 65°F – 80°F (18 – 26°C). Going under 60°F may cause struggles or even kill the plant.

If you are growing it outside, consider bringing it inside when the weather gets freeze and turn it back when it’s warmer.


The plant loves to be fed all year round except in the winter. Feed them monthly with a diluted regular houseplant fertilizer, especially in the growing season.

Common Problems With Silver Philodendron

Silver Philodendron leaves fall off

Reason: Low humidity.


  • Daily misting until the plant turns normal.
  • Place a moist-encouraging layer such as a pebbles tray filled with water under the planter.

Silver Philodendron leaves curling

Reasons: Under-watered or high temperature


  • Check the soil’s dryness and water the plant regularly.
  • Check whether your plant is facing direct solid sunlight or is located in a hot environment. If yes, move it to a proper space.

The edges of leaves turn brown

Reasons: Under-watered, sunburn, or excess fertilizer.


  • Adjust an appropriate watering routine.
  • Locate it in space with full artificial light or soft indirect sunlight.
  • Consider diluting the fertilizer to half or lower strength.

Leaves turn yellow and die

Reason: Over-watered or poor-drained, resulting in root rot.


  • Cut off any mushy, water-logged, or limp parts of the roots.
  • Move the plant to another container with enough holes and a good potting mix. Then maintain a standard care routine.

Propagating Silver Philodendron

As a tropical trailing plant with many vines, the best way to propagate a Silver Philodendron plant is to root stem cuttings in either ground or a cup of water.

Other ways to plant new Philodendron are root division, leaf parts, and seeds. To spread this plant is similar to any variety of Philodendron or Pothos.

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How to propagate Silver Philodendron from stem cutting:

  • Use a clean knife to cut a 5 – 6 inches long stem from any main vine. Make sure there are 2-3 leaves attached to it.
  • Place the stem into the soil or a cup of fresh water. Ensure that the node where the leaf meets the stem is underwater/ground, but no leaves are submerged.
  • Place your product in a warm place without direct sunlight. Replace the water if it gets cloudy or milky.
  • Insert the plant to the ground when new roots reach 1-2 inches in length.

The best time to reproduce your philodendron is in the spring, the plant’s growing season.

Top Tips For Growing A Healthy Silver Philodendron


This plant is toxic to people and pets when digested. Be careful to put it away from children and pets.


When the roots come out of the drain holes or appear over the soil’s surface, consider repotting it. The ideal time to repot is in spring or early summer. You should choose a one-size-larger pot to grow your plant.


As a vine cultivar, the best way to trim Silver Philodendron is to prune shears or simply pinch off the spindly vines.

If you aim for re-shaping a bushy and leggy plant, you should do it in spring or autumn. As for yellow leaves and spindly vines, you can discard them anytime around the year.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

How do you care for a Silver Philodendron?

1. Place the Philodendron potted plant on a high or low surface, near a window or away from drafts, but never place near an open oven.

2. Sunny spots are ideal if you want to produce more green leaves with fewer variegation of green and white needles on the leaves of the plant. 

3. When moving your plant for any reason always use pot holders or gloves because mites may be living in its leaves and can irritate your hands severely if not disposed of before touching anything else after exposure to the pot leafs.

How often should I water my silver philodendron?

After the plant has grown for about 6 months, one can safely water it once a week with enough water to wet the root ball.
Keeping your silver philodendron hydrated is essential to keeping its color fresh and attractive. Setting up at least 1 inch of gravel at the base will help hold more water.
If you have been watering 2-3 times a week, reduce this to 1 time a week. Sunday morning would be best as many gardeners would never touch their plants on Sunday anyway, and monitor how much soil moisture there is by sticking your finger in at least an inch deep. The stickier the dirt feels around your fingertip, the more moist it is and may not need any additional watering that day.


Above are our comprehensive list of Silver Philodendron essential care and growing tips for beginners. In a nutshell, the plant is low-maintenance and relatively easy to grow compared to most other tropical varieties.

Leave us a comment down below if you have any other creative tips. We would love to keep in touch with you!

Silver Philodendron: Guide To Growing, Caring & Propagating
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