47 Best DIY Small Space Kitchen Organization Ideas (For People on a Budget!)

Keeping the kitchen space clean doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, especially if you draw inspiration from these easy and practical kitchen organization ideas.

A well-organized kitchen and pantry are key to make the space inviting and healthy, but not all of us have enough space to store kitchen stuff.

If you want to take on some fun DIY projects, these kitchen organization ideas are perfect.

Get some inspirations from these organization hacks, and don’t hesitate to try any of them at home.

Best DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas for Small Space

#1 Unconventional Jar Storage

Get rid of the common clutter in the kitchen counter, including those cereal and bean jars. Instead, you can make this eco-friendly, efficient, and fancy organization hack. You can stick those jars below your overhang cabinets using magnets to make them look like they are floating in the air.

Check out how to make this project here.

#2 Pegboard for Pots and Cooking Utensils

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Pegboards make excellent and simple DIY projects if you want to maximize your vertical space for storage in the kitchen.

If you have an empty wall, simply prop a pegboard in there, and you get an instant place to hang your cooking your pots, pans, and other cooking utensils.

Plus, it makes everything quick to access while you are cooking, no need to go down the cabinet to find your favorite pan. Check out this project tutorial.

#3 Party Hats for Cooking Utensils

If you need an inexpensive way to hold and cooking utensils, getting those party hats from your kid’s previous birthday party will be useful. You can hang a couple of hats on the wall to hold your utensils.

If you don’t have party hats lying at home, they are also inexpensive to buy. Read the details here.

#4 Efficient Cutting Board Rack

It’s essential to keep cutting boards in a cool and dry area instead of leaving them lying around. After all, they are among the most susceptible to bacteria, especially when left unsafe and covered in moisture.

Here’s a smart and safe idea of a simple cutting board rack attached to a cabinet door. Check out the steps here.

#5 Contemporary Kitchen Storage Using Wood Panels

Add a little rustic aesthetic to your kitchen while putting in extra space to store your pots, pans, kitchen utensils, and other essentials. This cool kitchen storage hack is simple to make at home and doubles as a creative wall hanger.

Make this project using these steps.

#6 Decorative Spice Rack

Storing the spices and herbs that you use daily can be a challenging task. You don’t want to have a hard time finding the right spices while cooking, and that’s what usually happens when you store them inside cabinets.

Try making this DIY decorative spice rack instead, and you’ll have a more efficient way to store your favorite spices. Check out the details here.

#7 Vertical Storage for Cutting Boards

Stacking up those cutting boards take up so much space on your kitchen counter. Plus, they are not pretty to look at. If you are looking for the best way to organize them, you can create vertical storage inside one of your kitchen cabinets.

It makes it easier to find them that way too. Find out how to make this one here.

#8 Barbecue Sticks Knife Holder

Organizing your knives can be challenging without a knife holder. You don’t want it lying around somewhere and causing accidents.

You don’t need to buy a new and expensive knife holder when you can create one using bamboo sticks.

It is the cheapest knife block you can make, and you can even create it as big as you want, depending on how many skewers or the size of the container you are using. Check this guide on how to make one.

#9 Chalkboard Grocery List

A chalkboard is something you never thought you’d need in the kitchen unless you’re trying to find that sticky note where you wrote your grocery list or the recipe your mom gave to you.

Creating a chalkboard grocery lust is simple, using a wooden board and some chalkboard paint. Check out the steps here.

#10 Jars for Organizing Spices

Tidying up the kitchen can be a hassle when you’re dealing with different sizes and types of bottles of spices. If you want to get them properly organized, getting some cheap airtight jars is an excellent idea.

It’s easier to stack them on the rack that way, and you can even write names on the glass jars. Plus, the transparent jars and the names make it easier to find which spices you need to use.

Check out how to make this project here.

#11 Retractable Rack for Pans and Pots

It’s always a challenge to organize pans and pots in the kitchen, even with a cabinet. You always end up stacking them, which isn’t always pretty to look at as soon as you open that cabinet.

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Plus, it’s difficult to get a pan out once it gets buried under the other pots.

The simple solution to that is a quick retractable rack DIY.

You can attach hooks to hang pots and pans vertically to make it easier to get them out when you need one. Learn the steps here.

#12 Retractable Shelf for Goods

Cabinets are great, but they don’t make your canned goods or other things the most organized. Plus, it’s difficult to see or get something out once they get buried on the cabinet’s rearmost part.

That’s where retractable shelves in the pantry come it, making everything easy to see and putting your things at arm’s reach. Check this DIY tutorial here.

#13 Upcycled Tin Cans

Every time you run into empty tin cans at home, the first instinct is always to put them in the trash. However, they can be more functional than you think. Instead of throwing tin cans away, you can use them to store your kitchen utensils.

Clean and paint the up for an economical way to keep your utensils organized. You can be as creative with them, adding your art and style.

Check out this DIY project here.

#14 Frame Organizer for Cups

Organizing teacups can be a challenge, but they don’t need a simple DIY project using a large picture frame. Creating compartments to house your cups and mugs this way keeps them organized.

Plus, they will look more elegant this way than when stacked all over each other on the cabinet. Check out how to make this project here.

#15 Floating Shelf

Floating shelves have become a popular addition if you want extra storage space at home, and your kitchen can benefit from them too. Kitchen storage doesn’t have to be expensive, and if you don’t have the money for cabinets, floating shelves are the next best option.

They are mostly cheap, but an excellent way to hold your kitchen essentials. Plus, you can attach some hook at the bottom to double as a floating pan rack.

Read this on how to make this floating shelf.

#16 Universal Pegboard Rack

One of the best things about pegboards is they are extremely versatile. Plus, you can buy them cheap. Propping up a pegboard on your empty wall is a simple way to maximize the vertical space for hanging your every kitchen essential.

You can hang kitchen utensils, herb planters, and your dish towel with a couple of hooks. Check this tutorial on how to make this simple project.

#17 Hidden Kitchen Organizer

Keep your kitchen pristine by putting all those clutter in the right space. This space effective and discreet kitchen organizer is a fantastic way to start clearing the counters and the fridge of bits and pieces like shopping lists, receipts, and recipes.

You won’t have to look at a cluttered fridge door ever again when you make this DIY project.

#18 Printables for Storage Jars

Putting labels on your storage jars makes it a lot easier to find what you’re looking for. You can write the names of the jar’s contents and even other useful details in the kitchen, like the expiry dates of those cereals.

Get some free printables here for a fashionably organized kitchen.

#19 DIY Pull-Out Shelf

If you enjoy DIY projects and know your way around common power tools, making a pull-out shelf should be easy enough for you to do in one afternoon. It’s an excellent way to make use of otherwise unused tight spaces like beside the fridge.

You can store many things once you make this unique shelf, like canned goods or your jars of spices.

#20 Repurposed Vases and Jugs

Beautiful vases are fine inside a glass cabinet, but they can be more than pretty pieces for the show. If you need a simple kitchen organizer that doesn’t cost you anything, you can take out those pretty vases and jugs and make them your instant utensil organizers.

Pretty mugs would work excellently too. Check out more inspirations here.

#21 Simple Spice Rack

Countless of spice jars can be a challenge to organize. You need a simple cabinet designed to hold your jars of spices where you can easily see and get them when you need them for cooking.

This cheap but functional spice rack beats stacking the jars over each other in the cabinet or, worse, the kitchen counter. Check this tutorial to make this project.

#22 Storage Rack Beside the Counter

The sides of your kitchen counter are space left unused. If you need more storage space to organize your kitchen essentials, like jugs, jars, and extra utensils, you can put an additional counter on the sides.

It’s simple enough to use a couple of panel boards and boxes to hold the smaller utensils. Get the steps here.

#23 Upcycled Toolbox

Kitchen utensils can get messy when there are no specific places to store them. If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to organize your utensils while serving your guests, a repurposed toolbox will do the trick.

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You can paint and design it the way you like, creating a rusting but chic serving tray. Check out the steps here.

#24 Repurposed Wine Bottles

If you have several goblets lying around on the shelf unused, you can always use them to store and organize your kitchen utensils. That way, you don’t have to buy new and expensive utensil organizers, and you get to clean out a part of the cabinet to store other kitchen essentials.

Read this for more inspiration about this project.

#25 Vertical Spice Rack

Another simple way to organize your spices is to make a vertical spice rack. Most of those spice jars have tin lids. Place some magnets on top of the lids and put metal strips on the wall.

The magnets should keep the jars sticking on the metal, a unique way to organize your spices where you can see which spice is inside a specific jar. Get the project tutorial here.

#26 Baskets in Pegboards

Pegboards are the favorite for an easy and quick way to use that empty wall in the kitchen. Combined with some baskets, they can be like this beautiful pantry organizer. Wicker baskets and pegboards go hand in hand in keeping your kitchen organized and clean.

Check out how to make this project from here.

#27 Metal Bars on Cabinet Doors

So, you’re storing your pans and pots inside the cabinet, but where do their lids go? How about attaching some metal bars on the cabinet doors?

This tutorial makes use of the otherwise negligible space to hold and organize those lids.

#28 Hooks on the Cabinet Doors for Utensils

That side of the cabinet door is extra space you might not think you can use. However, putting some hooks will make it perfect for organizing smaller kitchen utensils.

Check out the steps here.

#29 Plate Rack Storage Over the Window

That often left that window space unused when you can put this unconventional plate rack storage there. It’s a perfect solution if you have inadequate storage space for your plates and saucers.

Plus, it looks elegant and keeps your plates where they aren’t at risk of breaking. Create this fancy DIY from this tutorial.

#30 Lazy Susan Organizer Hack

When you’re storing tons of stuff inside a cabinet, it can get hard to see everything inside.

However, it shouldn’t always have to be like that, especially with its Lazy Susan organizer hack to make life easier for you. It makes it more efficient to see everything and browse through the contents of your pantry.

Check out the project details here.

#31 Chalkboard Labels

Those boxes and jars need some chic labeling. You know that one of the critical parts of organizing your kitchen is to put labels on everything, and these chalkboard labels are the cutest.

It makes everything in the pantry and the kitchen well-designed and easier to access. Plus, it’s cheap enough to buy these chalkboard stickers.

Check out the steps here.

#32 Lazy Susan Rack

Lazy Susan is a perfect solution to keep everything inside a cabinet easily accessible. If you want a more efficient way to hack your kitchen cabinet, try making this simple but efficient Lazy Susan rack.

It would be an excellent makeover for your kitchen and pantry. Read the steps here.

#33 Wicker Basket Organizer

Wicker baskets have that country and rustic vibe that meets homey and clean aesthetic, making a fantastic organizer for all your kitchen essentials.

Buying a couple of wicker baskets from the dollar store wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, but they will look great in your kitchen. Plus, they will efficiently keep things organized.

Read this tutorial on how to transform your kitchen pantry.

#34 Mounted Lazy Susan for Utensils

Kitchen utensils lying around unkept don’t look great for your kitchen, and it’s unsafe too. If you want a simple DIY for storing all your utensils, this mounted Lazy Susan organizer is incredible.

It keeps your utensils well-organized inside a cabinet where they won’t attract bacteria build-up. Check this for more organization inspiration like this one.

#35 Drawer Dividers for Utensils and Silverware

If you ever owned a kitchen, you know that one of the most challenging things to organize are kitchen utensils and silverware. This simple drawer divider is the answer to your prayers of getting rid of the clutter. It keeps everything in place, tidying everything so you won’t have a hard time looking for spoons or forks anymore.

#36 DIY Wire Rack

A simple DIY rack can make your messy kitchen more appealing. You can clean your kitchen counter from the cluttered utensils, pans, towels, and every bit lying on the surface.

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Propping this wire rack on an unused kitchen wall will give you an instant place to hang your utensils, pots, pans, and everything else. Check out the steps to do this hack.

#37 Hanging Utensils

That empty wall space in your kitchen is only waiting for a couple of wire racks. This easy kitchen hack is perfect for decluttering your kitchen space.

You can hand your kitchen utensils here, so they don’t eat the space of your prepping table or kitchen counter. Here’s how to do it.

#38 DIY Cutlery Trays

If you have tons of cutlery and silverware cluttered in your kitchen drawer, it’s time to get some cheap plastic trays. These long plastic baskets are perfect for keeping your spoons, forks, and knives where they should be.

Now, it should be easier to find what silverware you are looking for. Check out more of this organization inspiration.

#39 Hanging Produce Racks

Make use of your pantry’s vertical space or that extra space under the shelf. Attaching some cheap hanging racks will give you more space to organize and store your fresh produce and other stuff.

Check out how to do this hack here.

#40 Binder Clip Racks

Binder clips are essential for organizing your papers in the office, but their use doesn’t end there. Your kitchen will find them functional too, especially for organizing all those packets if your pantry.

This binder clip rack hack is especially creative that you’d wonder why you haven’t ever tried them yet. Here’s how to achieve it.

#41 DIY Produce Storage Bins

Keep your veggies separate from your fruits with this efficient storage bin. If you love making simple DIY projects that home, this divided produce storage bin is simple enough to create.

Plus, it’s cheap than buying ready-made produce bins in the market. Here’s how to build it.

#42 Wire Magazine Produce Rack

If you have some extra wire magazine holders in your home office, get them out and bring them to the kitchen. This DIY produce rack using wire magazine holders is a fancy way to organize your products in the kitchen pantry.

It’s as simple as stacking them side by side and adding some labels to keep your onions separate from your tomatoes. If you don’t have wire magazine holders at home, they are cheap enough to buy at the dollar store.

Check out the steps here.

#43 Hanging Snacks Pantry

Keeping all those chips in the pantry organized can be a challenge. Most of the time, you end up simply stuffing them on the extra space in your cabinet.

However, this hanging snack pantry is simple enough to keep everything simple to reach. Plus, it keeps your favorite chips easily accessible.

Check out this project and more here.

#44 Tiered Basket Organizer

Keep your snacks and crackers well-organized.

Instead of stacking them haphazardly, keep them in this tiered basket organizer instead. It keeps things easier to access when you and the kids want a snack in the afternoon.

Here’s how to do it.

#45 Trash Bags on a Roll

Storing trash bags can be a chore, and it’s hard to find the right place in the kitchen to put them. This metal roll attached to the side of the cabinet is a perfect way to keep your trash bags in place.

Plus, it makes them accessible whenever you need a new one for your trash can. Here’s how to do it.

#46 Roll Organizer

Transform the cluttered part of your kitchen drawer, where you usually stuff all your plastic and aluminum wraps.

This simple hack of using a folder organizer as a plastic wrap holder that you would normally use in the office makes things well-organized. Here are the steps to do it.

#47 Horizontal Pegboard Organizer

Pegboards make excellent wall organizers, but you can place them horizontally on a sliding drawer to keep your other kitchen essentials organized. For example, it’s perfect for storing plastic wares like this one.

This DIY pegboard drawer is easy to make if you are ready to take on a DIY project. Check out the steps here.

#48 CD Rack Tupperware Lid Storage

It’s easier to store plastic wares as you can usually stack them to avoid clutter, but you can’t say the same when dealing with their lids.

If you want the best and cheapest organization trick for Tupperware lids, using a DIY CD rack lid storage like this one will save you the kitchen mess. Check out how to build it here.


Storing all your kitchen appliances and utensils doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t even have to get new shelving when you can make use of your existing kitchen space. Hopefully, you found some inspiration from our list of simple and cheap kitchen organization ideas and now planning on remodeling your kitchen without spending bucks.

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