Prepare Winter With The Best Small Greenhouse For You

Planting can give you peace and satisfaction after long working hours, but it would be such a pity if you have to give up the activities due to the effect of winter.

Worry not; if you can find your best small greenhouse for an unspacious garden or apartment, you are free to plant whatever you want all year round!

Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse for Indoor Outdoor, Small Plastic...
2,301 Reviews
Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse for Indoor Outdoor, Small Plastic...
  • Four-Tier Construction: Each greenhouse comes with 4...
  • Tough & Durable: Possessed with elector-coating, the tubes...
  • Roll-up Zippered Door: The Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse is designed...

We will be giving you the top 7 small greenhouse kit lists with various sizes, costs, and usage. In our opinion, the best greenhouse on the list is the Ohuhu mini greenhouse.

It has 4-tier stands that each can withhold up to 23 pounds and is convenient enough to grow and seed various plants. The compact yet tall design allows users to have a direct and broader vision of all their plants.

Furthermore, it’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage and hassle-free to carry around. If you wish to know more, let’s have a look now!

Which Are Our Top 7 Best Mini Greenhouse?

Ohuhu 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse – Best Overall

Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse for Indoor Outdoor, Small Plastic...
2,301 Reviews
Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse for Indoor Outdoor, Small Plastic...
  • Four-Tier Construction: Each greenhouse comes with 4...
  • Tough & Durable: Possessed with elector-coating, the tubes...
  • Roll-up Zippered Door: The Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse is designed...

The upright and portable greenhouse from Ohuhu is our first product, our most recommended one. Even though it states to be a mini indoor greenhouse that people can’t walk in, we find it spacious enough for various plants.

Since it’s just a compact greenhouse, it gets built stable by the metal frame and durable polyethylene material. It surely can resist cold weather, hold heat, and produce humidity. So, this kit also doubles as a reliable outdoor greenhouse.

With 62 inches in height and 26.7 inches in width, users have 4 shelves with a weight limit of 23.4 pounds. In other words, you can place at least up to 12 small seed pots per shelf, and they won’t crumble over.

The product best serves users who grow small to medium plant pots such as kumquat, ficus, or pothos.

If the weather is not so severe, using it all year round is not solid stable. That said, you’d better store it indoors in storms or snowfall.

Sometimes, you may encounter shelves sliding off. But it won’t be a big deal to keep them in place again.

What We Like

  • Compatible for all seasons
  • Portable
  • Mini but spacious
  • Durable polyethylene material

What Could Be Improved?

  • Frequent shelves sliding off

Best Choice Products Greenhouse SKY2533 – Best For The Value

Best Choice Products 40in Wide 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse,...
1,836 Reviews
Best Choice Products 40in Wide 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse,...
  • EXTRA WIDE DESIGN: A large yet versatile 40in growing space...
  • 2 ACCESS OPTIONS: Four zippers allow you to open the top or...
  • IDEAL GROWING ENVIRONMENT: A PE cover keeps your plants safe...

Our runner-up in this list is the greenhouse from The Best Choice brand. It’s said to be the product worth its price most for the spacious design, convenient four zippers, and durable rubber mallet that gets the joint secure together perfectly.

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It comes with a medium price range but excellent quality for users who wish to grow seeds or keep the vegetable warm in winter. Since its cover material is best to keep the humidity and temperature for the vegetable, you can effortlessly bring the greenhouse outdoor or indoor even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Not only does it support a more excellent bargain than the Ohuhu greenhouse, but its shelves’ sizes also give more room for little pots to grow, making it ideal for users with lots of small plants.

Compared to other products in the market, the plant house of The Best Choice provides extra-wide room and an ideal growing environment due to the transparent PE cover.

However, this kit shares the identical drawback with the Ohuhu – shelves falling off.

What We Like

  • 40-inches wide shelves
  • Excellent at preventing sunburn and frost
  • Durable and transparent polyethylene cover material

What Could Be Improved?

  • Shelves frequently fall off.

Ohuhu 3-Tiers 6 Shelves Greenhouse – Best For Outdoor

Greenhouse for Outdoors with Improved Transparent PVC Cover,...
227 Reviews
Greenhouse for Outdoors with Improved Transparent PVC Cover,...
  • Warm yet Ventilated: With the zippered roll-up door and 2...
  • Large space: Constructed with 6 wired shelves – 3 on each...
  • Rock-solid Stability: Structured with transparent thickened...

Ohuhu company once again participates in the list to be “the best small outdoor greenhouse.” It has a size of 56.3 x 28.7 x 76.8 inches (L x W x H) that can allow a person to walk inside and take care of the taller plants.

You can plant various types of trees and seeds in this house, from small ones such as Prayer Plants, Philodendron to medium trees like Snake Plant, Ficus, etc.

Usually, an excellent outdoor greenhouse requires considerable space, durable cover, and good ventilation. If people want to have an outdoor one, they will often go for a glass greenhouse. But this product’s transparent and thick PVC cover is so excellent.

Many garden owners opt for this product rather than a glass greenhouse for outdoor planting. It offers the plants sufficient sunlight, blocks rain, snow, frost in winter, keeps unwanted animals or insects away, and provides adequate ventilation without costing as much as the glass version.

If you are a stranger to greenhouse gardening, you might find it difficult to assemble this kit due to its unclear instruction. It is better to get some help.

What We Like

  • Thicken polyvinyl cover
  • Roll-up zipper door and window for cooling and ventilation
  • A walk-in design and ideal for medium plants

What Could Be Improved?

  • No explicit instruction for installation

Ikea Greenhouse 701-866 – Best For Short Ornamental Plants

No products found.

If you would like to go for a tiny greenhouse that only protects some of your plants from those evil insects or active pets, this Ikea small indoor greenhouse will be your go-to option.

It has a straightforward yet attractive design that will not take much space in your home but provides another artistry level to the plants. Built like a crystal-clear cupboard, this greenhouse with little cute flower pots can be an adorable decoration for your house.

Ikea greenhouse is easy to assemble, maintain, or clean since it has adjustable roof vents and compact dimensions of 17.72 x 13.72 (width x height). You won’t have to worry about getting rust in your wire or having heavy plants exceeding the limited weights for each shelf.

It’s best to have your small plants absorb more sunlight during the early spring with this bit of greenhouse.

The top glass is somewhat more fragile than the base. So be careful and gentle with it.

What We Like

  • Indoor/Outdoor greenhouse
  • Aluminum steel frame and polystyrene sheets on top and sides
  • Single compartment without any shelves.
  • Extra ventilation and humid controlling

What Can Be Improved?

  • The top glass is not secure to the bottom base
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VIVOSUN Greenhouse Tunnel – Best For Fruit Trees

VIVOSUN 10x7x7 Ft. Large Walk in Greenhouse, Greenhouse...
3,610 Reviews
VIVOSUN 10x7x7 Ft. Large Walk in Greenhouse, Greenhouse...
  • Heavy-duty Galvanized Steel Frame: Supported by a heavy-duty...
  • Roll-up Entrance and Windows: Zipped roll-up entrances...
  • Transparent Reinforced PE Cover: The tough, transparent,...

The first thing that comes to our minds when mentioning the Vivosun greenhouse is its durable construction. Many of their products have been conquered through tornadoes, snowstorms, or heavy rain.

The Vivosun greenhouse is simple to put together. Though it has big dimensions, it does not require any extra tool to set up the greenhouse on the ground.

Four long ground anchors and extra-long cover work together to keep the tent in place. And due to this, the airtight and humidity levels inside the tent also increase, which profits from nourishing the tropical plants, fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

And due to its dimensions, you can not only grow your exotic tropical fruits in the ground, but you can also seed these common trees of Tradescantia, Hoya, or Plectranthus on the rooftop for more sunlight absorption.

The only thing we don’t like about it is that the zipper comes in poor quality.

What We Like

  • Heavy-duty finished steel frame
  • 6-side windows for proper ventilation
  • Waterproof and transparent reinforce the cover
  • Double-stranded edge banding
  • Suitable for large plants

What Can Be Improved?

  • Imperfect zipper

GoOutdoor Labs Greenhouse – Most Economical Option

The GoOutdoor Labs greenhouse has a compact size, and it serves a small price as well. If your garden does not have a range of plants or flowers that grow consequently next to each other, you can purchase this product and use it per plant.

Each type of plant will be put in one little house, making it easier for you to classify (seedlings vs. grown plants, flowers vs. herbs, etc.) and take care of your garden.

You can fold this portable plant house easily and carry them around after finishing using it for each season. We also highly recommend this product for homeowners who only have several plants since it will keep their budget nice and neat.

Still, its construction may not be sturdy enough to resist extreme weather.

What We Like

  • Portable design
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Suitable for small plants
  • Indoor/outdoor usage
  • Thick and transparent PVC cover of 0.12 mm

What Can Be Improved?

  • Not a sturdy design

LaFlora Greenhouse – Best For Mini Polytunnel

LaFlora Mini Greenhouse Portable for Indoor Outdoor Gardens...
62 Reviews
LaFlora Mini Greenhouse Portable for Indoor Outdoor Gardens...
  • ❀【Easy to Assemble】Just fix with ground nails for...
  • ❀【Size】The size of portable greenhouse is 47"x24"x20".
  • ❀【Durable PVC Cover】Greenhouse made of high quality...

The final product we’re going to talk about is the greenhouse from the Laflora family. If you have plants growing directly from your garden soil, digging them up and putting them inside a greenhouse pot is not so ideal.

Moving frequently can damage the plant’s root system and lead to plants’ death. Luckily, the polytunnel greenhouse will help you solve this issue.

Laflora greenhouse allows users to protect their plants directly from the ground without adjusting their position and location. It will shield against harmful sun UV rays and resist heavy rain, the weight of snow, or insects.

This product is different from other polytunnel greenhouses for its easy setup, one-way cooling and ventilation, budget-friendly price, and universal sizes. Users who have those small decorative flowers in the front house’s door should purchase this polytunnel greenhouse in winter to protect them without any movement.

The biggest minus of the Laflora product is its interior PVC cover. This canvas is easy to tear apart if frequently exposed to harsh conditions.

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What We Like

  • Practical and easy to move around
  • Easy to assemble
  • Keep humidity, and reserve heat
  • High-quality zip

What Can Be Improved?

  • Transparent PVC cover is not very durable

Greenhouse Buying Guide

Types Of Greenhouse

Seed Propagator Greenhouse

Greenhouses for this type of plant start in February or March, allowing you to have your plants in the ground by May. You need to find the kind of greenhouse that can support your vegetables with enough humidity, warm temperature, and direct sunlight.

These miniature greenhouses are nothing more than trays with a clear condensation-proof or vented lid. Choose a heated tiny greenhouse if you wish to produce heat-loving vegetables like melons, aubergines, or tomatoes.

Cold Frame Greenhouse

Cold frames are often set up outside, yet they are light enough to be placed on a balcony. A cold frame’s roof is sloped to let in as much light as possible.

These structures, ranging from 50 cm to a meter squared, are mainly used to start plants early, either through direct sowing or using young seedlings. But a cold frame is ideal only for producing spring vegetables like radishes and lettuces that don’t take up a lot of space.

Upright Greenhouse

An upright greenhouse won’t take up much floor space if you want to store your potted plants for the winter. The simplest models consist of several shelves encased in a transparent cover with a zip opening.

Each of the shelves in the upright greenhouse will sustain up to 20 pounds approximately. So if you have heavy and tall plants, it’s better to purchase a cold frame or big polytunnel greenhouse.


Mini polytunnels are extremely practical and portable. Some hard plastic models are adjustable, which means you can arrange the pieces to make a tunnel that is the perfect length for your room.

If you have a range of plants outdoors that are vulnerable to move around, consider the polytunnels. A polytunnel will swipe away the cold winter of snow by keeping the heat inside.

Features To Consider


The size will determine whether you need an indoor or outdoor greenhouse.

Choose a small one of at least 42 inches wide or a bigger one of 96 inches wide. It will allow you to add staging (shelves) on both sides. To let plenty of light in, the height should be at least 60 inches tall.


The cheapest materials are polyethylene and PVC. They are ideal for very light greenhouses, but you can’t expect high longevity because UV radiation will eventually harm them.

To increase durability, choose the thickest plastic available. Most of the best greenhouses reviewed here are made of PVC since it’s portable and has a reasonable price.


Polycarbonate is a lightweight, hardy, and less costly alternative to glass that provides high thermal insulation and UV protection.

“Greenhouse- Stearns Farm CSA, Framingham” by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

This type of greenhouse has exceptional heat retention properties, which is fantastic news for any fruits and vegetables you want to plant.


The most transparent substance is greenhouse glass. It allows roughly 90% of light while inhibiting UV rays. For greenhouses, glass is the highest-quality, highest-priced option.

Because it is the heaviest, it can be the most difficult to install. The glass, however, will outlast any other plastic choice in terms of usable life if appropriately placed and safeguarded from shattering.

It is also the most traditional greenhouse among all types.

What are the pros and cons of the DIY mini greenhouse from Amazon after 3 months?


After a lengthy review, we hope you can spot the best small greenhouse for your garden or home. All of the items listed perform the same purpose; however, they are of varying quality.

If you want to track down your needs, you have to check the buying guides, including the size, covering material, and type of plant, to master your shopping experience.

Our go-to choice is undoubtedly the Ohuhu 4-Tiers Mini greenhouse with adequate room size, durable steel frame, and heavy-duty shelves. It can combat any kind of harsh weather conditions around four seasons and can still keep your plants safe and sound.

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