45 DIY Vegetable Garden Trellis Ideas

Does your vegetable garden look a bit messy? The fruits aren’t clean? It’s too difficult to pick? Leaves need more sunlight exposure? Or are garden trellises too unnecessarily expensive?

If you tick Yes to any of those questions, check out the list of garden trellis ideas below to add so much charm and functionality to your garden.

A trellis does more than just supporting your vegetables, it can also help reduce disease and insect damage, shape your garden in style, and save space. These DIY garden trellis ideas, including simple structures and elaborate designs, might sound like a scary project to conduct on your own, but they are in fact easy to do and we make sure you have detailed tutorials for each design.

Before digging into the details, let’s take a look at the most asked questions so you can know what to prepare or what is best for your vegetable garden.

Q: What can I use for a garden trellis?

A: You can make use of various materials such as bamboo, cedar boards, branches, cattle panels or old items that you no longer use as hangers, garden tools, etc. With some creativity, you can always find something that does the job and looks good in your garden.


Q: What are the best climbing plants for trellis?

A: These are 10 best options you can choose from for a small trellis.

– Decorative Gourds

– Josephine (Clematis)

– Tidal Wave (Petunias)

– Kentish Belle (Abutilon)

– Sweet Peas (Cupani)

– Heavenly Blue (Ipomoea)

– Flame Thrower (Nasturtium)

– Superstar Orange (Thunbergia Alata)

– Canary Creeper (Tropaeolum Peregrinum)

– Cup and Saucer (Cobaea Scandens)


45 DIY Vegetable Garden Trellis Ideas (With Pictures)

#1 T-Post Trellis

With 2 T-posts, some branches, and zip ties, you can create this low-cost rustic trellis. To make it look more impressive, you can also place the bigger branches on the bottom and smaller ones up top.

For the detailed tutorial, check out this link!

#2 Bike Rim

Have you thought of upcycling your broken bicycle? You might have never thought that its rims can create such a simple and practical trellis for your vegetables. All you need for this idea are old rims and garden twines.

For the step-by-step tutorial, check this link out!

#3 Privacy Fence Attached Trellis

Simply add some character to your boring privacy fence with cedar boards. Grow various vegetables vines directly in front to adorn this design as well as cover up the plain backdrop.

For more details, visit this link!

#4 Bean Pole Teepee

A teepee is one of the easiest to make for your garden. All you need are bamboo stakes, garden twines, and some work to bind them together. You can leave them rustic or you can also decorate to make it stand out. This teepee can also offer a great place for your kids.

For the detailed tutorial, visit this link!

#5 Wire Wall Trellis

Your brick wall will look so much more picturesque greenery with some vines growing up there. All you need are cable wire, masonry anchors, eye hooks, and a bit effort as it is extremely easy to install. The tutorial comes from a landscape architecture, check this out right here!

#6 Planter Box Trellis

This space-saving trellis helps add height and greenery to your garden. It is also portable thanks to the casters mounted on the bottom. Don’t forget to make some holes for drainage at the bottom to make sure your plants are healthy.

For the detailed tutorial, visit this link!

#7 Repurposed Old Garden Tools

This design will either make visitors laugh or admire your creativity. Depending on what you have on your storage, it might cost you almost nothing. You will only need to choose what tools can make a cool design, carve the wooden tools into stakes to help them stay firm, and you will get a simple but unique trellis.

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Visit this link for more details!

#8 Copper Trellis

A copper trellis will offer a modern look to your garden. Also, thanks to the color contrast, it will be photogenic. You don’t need to be a welder to conduct this project, some Gorilla Glue will help you do the job.

Visit this link for the more detailed tutorial!

#9 Coat Rack Trellis

If you have a coat rack left unwanted, do your vegetables a favor, turn it into a stylish trellis! If your coat rack is too boring, paint it any color of your choice for a burst of color to your outdoor space.

Check out this link for other creative ideas!

#10 Cattle Panel Trellis

With only two castle panels, you can make a big trellis for your raised vegetable beds. Train your beans, peas, cucumbers, and even heavier items to grow up vertically to save room for other vegetables.

For more details, visit here!

#11 Wooden Obelisk

If you need a tall and sturdy trellis, make an obelisk instead! This design is perfect roses, sweet peas, or even squash. This big project is easy and inexpensive to make and also can last for years. Paint this obelisk to any color of your choice to make it pop.

Check out this link for the step-by-step tutorial!

#12 Trellis Ladder

A trellis ladder can add so much impact to your front entry area. You can either repurpose your old ladder or make one yourself with bamboo, black birch saplings, or other beautiful branches, depending on the style of your garden.

For the tutorial, visit this link!

#13 Standing Trellis

Instead of paying $40 for the same trellis at a store, you can make one yourself for $10 only. This standing trellis is ideal for sweet peas and any types of climbing plants that are not so heavy.

Check out the tutorial here!

#14 French Trellis

If you need a tall trellis for your vines, climbing roses, or green beans to climb on, consider this French-styled trellis. These big trellises cost you about $25 for each and take 90 minutes to conduct. As the trellises are big and sturdy, you can use them for some other heavy plants.

For the step-by-step tutorial, check out this link!

#15 Old Window and Chicken Wire Trellis

If you have an old window and some chicken wire lying around the house for long, you can make a trellis for your vegetables and use it as a privacy screen.

Visit this link for more ideas!

#16 Wall Trellis

Make your dull wall more eye-catching with this tall and natural-looking trellis. The trellis can lean on or even be attached to the wall to help it stand stable. This project costs less than $20 and takes 1 hour to make.

Check the detailed tutorial here!

#17 Crib Rail Trellis

If you have old crib rails, they can become an economical trellis for your vegetables and plants. By adding stakes to the bottom, you can place this trellis wherever you want.

For more details, check out the tutorial here!

#18 Criss Cross Wall Trellis

This design takes time, money, and effort but the result will be satisfying. It will bring charm to your blank wall and supports to climbing plants like pink bower vines. Use can also use this trellis as a frame to make your artwork pop in the center.

For a detailed tutorial, visit this link!

#19 Bamboo Pole Trellis

This could be a project for your kids as it is easy to make and fun to play with. All you need for this simple design are bamboo poles and garden twine. This little trellis will help save space by packing a lot of peas into a small area.

For the step-by-step tutorial, visit this link!

#20 Rustic Hoop Trellis

This trellis doesn’t only act as a plant support but also a beautiful portal into the garden. This is a more complicated DIY project as it requires measuring, good tools, a bit of skill, and lots of creativity. It also takes time to form the hoop, but the result will be totally worth all the efforts.

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For the detailed tutorial, visit here!

#21 V-Shaped Trellis

If you need a sturdy trellis for heavy plants such as cucumber/pea/bean vines, consider this design. This adjustable trellis gets the vines off the ground and is more productive in less space.

If you have some old wood laying around the garden, get the tutorial to make this trellis yourself here!

#22 Wall-Mounted Wood Trellis

To make the trellis stay stable, you can also mount it on the wall. It might look like a window full of greenery, which adds nature and beauty to the wall.

For the step-by-step tutorial, check out this link!

#23 Freestanding Trellis

If you are looking for an easy, efficient, and, affordable option (about $5 in total), go for this idea! This tall trellis (the high can be customized to your needs) can give supports to your pea, squash, passion fruit plants.

For the detailed how-to, visit this link!

#24 Metal Trellis

This cute design can be a great decor for your garden. The house-shaped trellis can hold pots of beautiful flowers on its shelves and at the same time offer room for herbs or greenery to grow. It can even be used as your storage so whenever you need, you can just grab your garden tools right there.

For the step-by-step tutorial, visit this link!

#25 Wood Trellis Panel

Your wall will get more eye-catching with these wood trellis panels. Easy and affordable, these trellises can be done within 2 hours and at ~$35 for a panel. Make and one watch the plants grow, creating a noticeable difference on the patio.

For a more detailed how-to, check this link out!

#26 Pipe Trellis

You can make a stylish trellis from your old pipe (add some paint to make it pop). All you need are pipes, garden twine, and some bricks to keep it stable. This design is simple, long-lasting, and costs almost nothing.

For more details, visit this link!

#27 Trellis Planter

This design is perfect for beginners as it is easy to make and doesn’t cost much. It gives supports to your flowers/greenery and can also work as a privacy screen for your garden or patio. To make the building easier and faster, you can use pre-fabricated latticework.

For the detailed how-to, check this link out!

#28 Arched Pipe Trellis

This is another great idea to make trellises from pipes. The project is easy, fast, and inexpensive to make. This is a great example of how simple materials can create such awesome outcomes.

Visit this link for the step-by-step tutorial!

#29 Pallet Cucumber Trellis

To support your cukes, you can make a simple but functional trellis from a pallet. Cucumbers need a trellis to avoid insects and diseases found in the soil. But if you don’t have time to make a fancy one, this simple design can do the job already.

Check this link for the detailed tutorial!

#30 Natural Wood Trellis

This rustic design looks perfectly beautiful with greenery and some colorful flowers (especially red roses) climbing up it, giving off an extra whimsical touch. Made of natural wood, it would blend in with your garden, patio, or balcony.

Visit this link for the tutorial!

#31 Chevron Lattice Trellis

A lattice is an ideal option if you want to add more height to your space. A Chevron lattice trellis, especially a black one, will bring a slightly modern flair to your garden. It can also be used to hold pots of flowers/plants for a more artistic look.

For the detailed how-to, check out this link!

#32 Bike Wheel Trellis

If you can collect lots of bike wheels, this project might get you interested. This is quite a big scale trellis and will be the focal point of your garden once finished.

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For the detailed tutorial, visit this link!

#33 Pergola

This project isn’t as complicated as it looks. Once finished, the pergola can offer shadow, a beautiful portal to the garden, and obviously supports to your vegetable or fruiting vines such as grapes, roses, or wisterias.

For the step-by-step tutorial, check this link out!

#34 Lighting Trellis

If you have nicely shaped vegetable vines you want to show off, you can set some lights on it. The vegetables will also benefit from the support of the trellis.

For the tutorial, check this link out!

#35 Honeycomb Trellis

This hexagon-shaped honeycomb trellis will become a sturdy framework for your heavy vegetables. Not to mention that it adds serious zing to your garden.

For more details, visit this link!

#36 Twigs and Twists

This design is ideal for heavy vegetables such as cucumbers, peonies, tomatoes, and pea pods. The twigs might look thin but don’t underestimate its ability to support the weight.

Visit this link for more details.

#37 Fancy Trellis

This design might scare off any beginners but in fact, it is not so difficult to make. However, unless you have exactly what is shown in the photo, you might have to spend a bit to get all the materials ready.

For the detailed tutorial, check this link out!

#38 Canopy

This fancy looking trellis canopy was built from scrap metal from an a/c unit or you can use chicken wire instead. Once filled up with growing plants, this canopy will add an interesting flair to the garden.

For more details, visit here!

#39 Scrap Board Vertical Container Trellis

This design isn’t complicated at all but can add so much charm to your garden. It is also the perfect option for those who want to grow numerous types of plants without taking up too much space.

For the detailed how-to, check this link!

#40 Wooden Planter

Don’t underestimate the thin wire, it can hold the weight of your vegetables just fine. This wooden planter will be a cutie in your front porch or even in a side garden.

For the detailed how-to, click this link!

#41 Branch Trellis In A Pot

This project takes about 2 hours and can be done by beginners. If you can collect the branches yourself and you already have a pot, it costs you nothing financially.

For the how-to, check this link out!

#42 Squash Arch Trellis

Your squash needs a reliable arch and it might cost a lot to buy one. You can make an inexpensive one on your own using pipes instead.

Visit this link if you are interested!

#43 Elegant Garden Trellis

This beautiful and elegant trellis might look too complicated for you, however, a beginner can make one with the tutorial given below. If you have lumber, give this design and you won’t regret it.

Visit this link for the how-to!

#44 Japanese Wood Lattice Trellis

If you want a Japanese look in your garden, this design might be for you. This elegant and beautiful trellis requires time and patience but once done, it will wow your neighbors.

For the tutorial, visit this link!

#45 Squash And Melon Trellis

Coming from a master gardener, this design allows you to grow both squash and melon in the desert. Not to mention that this trellis can support up to hundreds of pounds.

For the how-to, check out this link!

Have you enjoyed any of the vegetable garden trellis ideas above? Or has any of them inspired you to create one on your own?

As long as you have time and passion for DIY, you can always turn the ideas into reality, adding charm and function to your space. Start digging into your storage, looking for something that might work, and building a trellis that fits your garden and vegetables the best.

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