How to Get Rid of Rats in Yard Without Harming Pets

When it comes to finding ways to get inside the house, mice are experts. While some people use rodents poisons to get rid of these pesky animals in the yard and the house, these poisons can be dangerous to pets.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to catch mice or chase them away without harming your pets at home.

Get Rid of Rat Solution:

How to Get Rid of Rats in Yard Without Harming Pets

1. Remove What Attract Rats in Your House

Common issues that keep rats going back into the house are unsecured trash cans or pet food leftovers open for the taking.

Rats go inside the house mainly because they are hungry. If you locate any part of the house that may be the source of food for these rodents, address the issue immediately.

2. Make Your Home Sufferable for Rats

Live Traps

Live trapping invading rats is among the easiest and most effective way to catch those pesky rats. Set up as many live traps as you want. However, you may need to check them from time to time to remove caught rats.

You can use a variety of bait when using live traps such as dry cat food or butter on crackers.

Organic Way

Spices (Pepper, Cinnamon, Mint)

Spices such as pepper, cinnamon, and peppermint can be useful in keeping invading mice out of the house. Rodents don’t like the strong smell of these spices.

You can combine cayenne pepper in water and vegetable oil and spray it in corners. You can also place cinnamon sticks in drawers. Mint plants are also useful for keeping rats out of the garden.

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Eco Defense Mice Repellent

This product is a useful option if you want a ready-made but all-natural to make your house free from invading rats for good. This solution features a natural and organic formula that isn’t harmful to pets.

The Eco Defense Natural Mice Repellent uses a combination of natural ingredients. It has a blend of peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, and castor oil that, together, has a smell that mice can’t stand.

Without any harsh chemicals included in the solution, it’s eco-friendly and safe for you and your pets. You can get rid of deer mice, house mice, country mice, field mice, and others.

Electronic Pug Repeller

This mice control and repeller feature a dual microchip system that produces ultrasonic sounds to agitate pests to chase them away. It can effectively repel rodents, rats, roaches, mosquitos, spiders, ants, and bugs.

The electronic repeller doesn’t use any chemicals or harmful poisons, so it’s safe for humans and pets. It comes in a compact size that is easy to use. You need to plug it in an outlet at home.

It doesn’t emit any bad smell and barely uses electricity.

3. Pet-Friendly Rat Poison

Tips to Successfully Setup Rat Trap

Make sure that your rat traps are effective in catching invading rodents.

  • Make sure that you position rat traps where you get a lot of rat traffic. If you are using a snap trap, set the snaps at 90 degrees from the wall with its trigger almost touching the surface.
  • If you are trapping roof rats, the best position is on tree limbs or under vegetation in the trellis or fence. Make sure you fasten them using wire.
  • If you are setting up the traps in a position parallel to the wall, you may need to set the traps in pairs to they can intercept rodents from both directions.
  • Place as many rat traps as possible. If you are trying to catch invading rats in a commercial establishment, you might need as many as 2 to 3 dozens of traps in place.
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How to Get Rid of Rats in Yard Without Harming Pets

Victor M241 Indoor Electronic Rat Trap

One of the best rat poison in the market that is not harmful to your pets is the Victor M241 Indoor Electronic Rat Trap. This product can kill as much as 50 rats for every set of its fully charged batteries. It is an ultimate rodent control that uses high voltage shock that is powerful to kill an invading rat.

The trap also boasts an advanced smart circuit technology that can sense and scan the rat as it goes into the tunnel. It then triggers that system to provide a high-voltage shock as the rodent steps into the electrified plate.

The design of this rat trap is convenient. It comes with a removable kill chamber for convenient and easy baiting and straightforward cleaning.

Victor M241 Indoor Electronic Humane Rat and Mouse Trap - No...
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Victor M241 Indoor Electronic Humane Rat and Mouse Trap - No...
  • Humane, High-Voltage Shock - Once inside, the circuit...
  • No Touch Disposal - The removable lid allows you to easily...
  • LED Alerts – A green LED light notifies you of a catch, so...

How to Rat-Proof Your Garden and Lawn

Eliminate Existing Rats in Your Garden

Use mechanical traps or poison baits. You can set up as many traps or baits as necessary. But if your garden has more rats than you can catch, seek out professional help immediately.

Repair Existing Cracks and Holes in Fences and Walls

Rat-proof your garden by repairing any damaged fences and walls where rats can enter the premises.

Periodically Spray Rat Repellant

Just because they are not there right now, doesn’t mean they can’t infest your yard if you are not careful. Spraying your garden with rat repellant is a smart practice never to give rats a chance to enter your yard.

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Make sure you spray the corners and secluded areas in the yard where rats usually go.

Use High-Gloss Paint in Pipes

Use high-gloss paint in pipes makes it difficult for rats to climb up and enter your lawn.

Keep Your Garden Clean at All Times

Make sure that all trash cans are correctly covered, and no foods are littering and rotting around.

Keep your lawn nicely trimmed and keep your junk in storage sheds where rats can enter.

Removing anything that attracts rats in your yard is the best way to prevent them from infesting your space.

How to Get Rid of Rats in Yard Without Harming Pets


Rats have a rapid breeding rate, and they can infest your house and yard in no time. Make sure that you rat-proof your home to catch and eliminate invading mice.

This guide should help you on how to get rid of rats in the yard without harming pets like using traps and pet-friendly rat poisons.

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