Top 5 Easy Fruits To Grow For Making Desserts

Fruit desserts have so much range, you can do almost any dessert with fruits! From pies to ice cream, from cake to even cookies!

What makes the fruit even better is when you can grow it yourself. Fresh fruit is amazing, but you also get the satisfaction of watching them grow!

Here are my top 5 favorite fruits to grow myself that I can use in baking.


Raspberries are a wonderful fruit to grow and use in desserts! Raspberries need a lot of sun to grow, so make sure you pick a sunny spot.

It is also best to have a post and wire system for them so that they have something to hang on to while they grow. If you have a property line with a fence, you can grow the raspberries there.

Top 5 Fruits To Grow For Making Desserts

Like most plants, they should get watered regularly to keep hydrated. Each bush should also be planted about 3-4 feet apart from each other.

After you harvest the raspberries, don’t plan on using them right away, don’t wash them. They can be in the refrigerator for 3-5 days unwashed.


Strawberries are 1 of my favorite fruits to bake with. I use them in pies and cheesecakes mostly.

Before you plant your strawberries, you will want to find your gardening zone.

If you live in Zone 6 and northward, you should plant the strawberries in the spring. If you live in Zone 7 and southward, you should plant them in the fall.

You want to give the strawberry plants plenty of room, about 18” apart from each other. They need a lot of sun!

Top 5 Fruits To Grow For Making Desserts

They should also get about 1-1.5” of water weekly, and you want to try to not wet the leaves. Aim to get the ground wet, not the plants.

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Strawberries do not have to be grown in an in-ground garden. You can also plant them in a raised bed garden or in a container.

Harvest your strawberries in the morning, when it is cool out. Refrigerate them right away to keep them fresh.


Blueberries are a great fruit for scones and muffins.

Just like strawberries, you want to plant your blueberry plant in the spring if you are in the north and fall if you are in the south.

Blueberry plants have different classifications based on their height. You want to plant the best blueberry plant based on your zone.

  • Low Bush: 1-2 feet, hardy in zones 3-6.
  • Half High: 3-4 feet, hardy in zones 3-5
  • Highbush: 4-7 feet, hardy in zones 4-7
  • Rabbiteye: 10-15 feet, hardy in zones 7-10

Blueberries need a lot of sun to grow properly. You want to space out your plants 2-2.5 feet apart as well.

Top 5 Fruits To Grow For Making Desserts

You can plant blueberries in a pot, just make sure it is around 20-24 inches in diameter so the plant can grow properly.

You should harvest your blueberries in the morning when they reach their gorgeous blue color.

Cross pollinating your blueberry plants will give you a better yield. Plant at least 2 different blueberry varieties to get the best result!


Apples are probably the trickiest to grow, but so worth the effort! And as much as I love Honeycrisp Apples, they are the worst ones to grow.

You want to buy disease resistant apple trees, such as Liberty, Freedom, Sweet Sixteen, and Pristine (don’t you love how they name apple varieties?!).

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Apple trees do best with cross pollination, so you should plant a couple different kinds. As with anything you grow, make sure you pick what is best for your zone.

Top 5 Fruits To Grow For Making Desserts

Also make sure the tree will fit in your yard! Apple trees can get large, so make sure you have the space for them.

Make sure you also do your research on how to care for your apple tree. They need to be watered enough so it reaches the long roots, you will want to feed your tree with fertilizer, and you will need to prune the tree to keep it healthy.


Lemons will be a fun fruit to grow! They are sensitive to the cold, so if you live in the north like I do, you can grow your lemon tree indoors!

If you can plant the tree outside, plant them where they can get a lot of sunlight. If you plant the tree inside, have a container big enough for it to grow. They can grow up to 3-5 feet tail.

Top 5 Fruits To Grow For Making Desserts

Just like with apple trees, you want to make sure you give them enough water, fertilize them, and prune them to keep the lemon tree healthy.

Here are some great desserts that you can make with your fresh grown fruit!

Gluten Free Blueberry Lemon Scones-

Easy Apple Crisp-

Author Bio: Sydney is a Pastry Chef and founder of Eat Simply Sweet, a dessert focused food blog. When she’s not baking, she is spending time with her new family!

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