Top 8 White Flowering Bush for Garden Lovers (Expert Suggestions)

White-flowering shrubs are excellent for brightening gloomy spots in the landscape, and many have aromatic blossoms.

That is why we sought advice from gardening specialists. Some of them are:

  1. Hydrangeas
  2. Spirea
  3. Gardenia

Read our article to find out the rest species!

Jeremy Yamaguchi from Lawn Love

White roses

White roses are a timeless classic when it comes to an elegant, white-flowering bush.


Hydrangeas come in many colors, but Annabelle hydrangeas are beautiful, robust flowering shrubs.

You need a moist climate to grow them well. They don’t survive in arid regions. When the soil’s surface is dry, water the plant, monitor it regularly to ensure none of the growth is wilting and dying.

Keep in direct or partial sun, but be aware the more sun exposure, the more water it will need.

Ryan Smith from Ant & Garden Pest Control


In spring or early summer, the spirea shrub lets itself bloom with clustered white flowers that cascade through the arched branches, covering its green foliage.

Spireas love full sun, and once planted, make sure to give your plants a good watering. They are drought-tolerant once established.

Plant them in well-drained soil, as they don’t like their roots to get soaked. Apply mulch for nutrients. Spirea shrubs can grow as tall as 8 feet and wide as 10 feet.


The gardenia bush produces white flowers that emit soothing fragrance against a backdrop of glossy, dark green foliage.

Although this plant loves the heat, it grows best in full to partial shade. This is the reason it also thrives well as an indoor plant.

Gardenia loves being hydrated, so always keep the soil moist but not soggy. Excessive water may hinder the opening of flower buds and may even cause them to fall—plant gardenia when the weather is not extreme, such as in spring or fall.

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Jordan Collins from Two Lions 11 Ltd


The bush is also known as Clethra Alnifolia or pepper bush. This plant is intensely fragranced with a spicy smell and does a beautiful job attracting beautiful bees and butterflies to the garden.

They can do well in shady areas and enjoy moist soil. They can grow up to 8 feet tall and will be somewhere around 5 feet wide. It’s not too picky and can thrive with little care.

Tianshan Seven-Son Flower

If you’re wondering about the name, it comes from the fact that there are clusters of seven buds on this bush.

It could be described as a small tree that takes the form of a small vase. It gets up to 20 feet tall and offers small, white, sweet-scented flowers and dark green leaves.

It’s effortless to look after, but it does need a moderate climate to grow. It loves direct sunlight and can successfully grow in different soil conditions.

Pratibha from Instanthedge

Royal Star

Royal Star (Magnolia stellata ‘Royal Star’) is covered in double, white, fragrant blooms in spring, followed by dense green foliage through the summer and autumn.

The flower buds just before blooming are delightfully fuzzy and different as well. The white flowers are the main attraction for this variety.

Royal Star grows well in full sun to partial shade. It does best when not crowded.The seeding hole should be at least 3 times the width of the root ball or container and exactly as deep.

Water during times of drought and prune dead or infected branches when needed, but only after the tree has flowered. The best time to prune the Royal Star is in mid-summer.

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Cherry laurels

Cherry laurels are extremely popular broadleaf evergreen flowering bushes. They have beautiful white flowers in spring. They bloom in April-May.

The attractive black fruits developed on Cherry Laurels are bird-friendly but poisonous to humans and other animals. If wished, the growth of these fruits can be stopped by removing the flowers from the plants in spring.

Cherry laurel grows best in moist soil rich in organic matter. Good drainage is essential to the survival of Cherry Laurel.

It tolerates all light conditions from full sun to partial and even full shade, favoring more sun in cool climates and more shade in warmer areas.

Water Cherry Laurel enough to keep the soil moist but not soaked. Prune Cherry Laurel bushes in late spring or early summer after it grows.


Shrubs with beautiful white blooms are a fantastic way to liven up your landscape! Because the color represents freshness, brightness, and kindness, it adds a sense of calm to the environment.

Give it a try and let us know your result!

Top 8 White Flowering Bush
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