Straight Shaft vs. Curved Shaft Trimmer – Which One is Better?

Choosing between a straight shaft vs. curved shaft trimmer can be a tricky job, especially without knowing the difference between them.

A string trimmer is an essential part of an outdoor toolset, efficient in keeping the weeds at bay and the outdoor space tidy. However, the variety of garden trimmers available make it confusing when choosing the ideal one to get. One of the primary differences between trimmers is their overall design, which can either be a curved or a straight shaft.

The difference in a straight shaft vs. curved shaft trimmer comes down to their versatility and what jobs are efficient for each type. Before buying a new one, check out which string trimmer is best for you and your intended purpose.

Straight Shaft vs. Curved Shaft Trimmer

Straight Shaft Trimmer: Pros and Cons

A string trimmer with a leveled shaft is more versatile and powerful than other trimmer models. The added shaft length allows it to tackle most trimming chores, perfect for all yard types and space areas.

Straight shaft trimmers are ideal for its reachability and versatility, ideal for garden beds, walkways, fence lines, and medium to large lawns.


Heavy Duty

Garden trimmers with a straight shaft are considerably more robust than the curved-shaft types. Because they produce more power, straight shaft trimmer is more efficient in tackling heavy-duty trimming jobs.

This type of string trimmer also provides enough power to make trimming chores quicker, ideal for dealing with denser bushes and large lawns.

Long Precision Reach

Straight shaft trimmers are considerably longer than other trimmer types. The extra length gives this trimmer type and edge when dealing with hard to reach places.

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The overall design of straight shafts makes it efficient for trimming below decks, under overhanging trees, and sharp garden corners. In terms of power, straight shaft line trimmers can either have a 2-cycle or a 4-cycle engine.

Versatile Application

Most string trimmers with straight shafts come with extra and interchangeable heads. It’s one reason why this trimmer type is a favorite, as it can do a variety of trimming jobs.

A straight shaft trimmer’s versatility includes accommodating the different thickness of blade lines, allowing it to handle all trimming jobs without issue.

Less Vibration

The extra length of straight shaft trimmers adds to its sturdiness, especially while working. It means that there is less vibration, which helps reduce fatigue and increase trimming precision.

Also, reduced vibration while working helps the trimmer parts last longer, making it more durable than other string trimmers.


Heavier Weight

The extra length of this string trimmer may be advantageous on getting more trimming jobs done, but it’s also excess weight. Straight shaft trimmers are considerably heavier than curved shaft types, making it more cumbersome to use.

The less vibration is advantageous, but the extra weight makes it heavier to carry and use for an extended period, especially for smaller people.

Throws Debris

Straight shaft trimmers usually spin the string trimmer counter-clockwise, which is efficient when trimming against a wall. However, it has the disadvantage of throwing debris back at you.

It’s essential to wear a complete proper gear when using this string trimmer, including goggles, to avoid accidents.

More Expensive

In most cases, straight shaft string trimmers are more expensive than other trimmer types. It’s primarily because of the powerful performance that this weed eater can provide. Plus, it offers versatility with the interchangeable trimmer heads, which adds to its overall upfront cost.

Straight Shaft Trimmer

Curved Shaft Trimmer: Pros and Cons

Line trimmers with curved shafts provide considerably lighter weight and better balance. They usually come with a 2-cycle engine and cut grass efficiently using a rhythmic pendulum swinging motion. This line trimmer features an arched drive cable and comes with relatively shorter shafts than other models.

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Contoured string trimmers are ideal for people with shorter stature, suitable for standard lawn maintenance, and trimming lawns flawlessly. It’s perfect for small to average-sized suburban yards.



Compared to straight shaft trimmers, those with curved design boasts a smaller and lighter build, making it lightweight and extra portable. The smaller frame makes curved shaft trimmers more maneuverable even for people with shorter stature. It’s light build also makes it easy and comfortable to use even in extended trimming periods.

Increased Control

The lightweight frame of curved shaft line trimmers makes them easier to handle and control. The excellent balance they provide also adds to their maneuverability, especially in close areas.

Relatively Pocket-Friendly

For those whose concern is the cost when buying weed eaters, a curved shaft trimmer is more pocket-friendly than the straight shaft one. A good deal usually costs half of what you need to spend on a straight shaft trimmer.


Hard to Keep the Head Level

One of the advantages of the heavier straight shaft trimmer is having less vibration. It means that curved shaft weed eaters’ lighter weight makes it prone to vibration, making it extra challenging to keep the trimmer head level.

Short Reach

This line trimmer has a considerably shorter shaft, which means it has limited reach compared to straight shaft trimmers. It would also be inconvenient for tall people to use as they would have to reach down while using the trimmer. It may be okay to use on smaller yards, but it can cause extreme fatigue after extended periods.

Curved Shaft Trimmer
Source: OPE Review

Which Is Best?

Choosing between the straight shaft vs. curved shaft trimmer can be tricky, as both types have their pros and cons.

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Straight shaft line trimmers are robust and produce less vibration, making it ideal for trimming hard to reach places and vast lawns. Meanwhile, curved shaft trimmers offer lighter weight and extreme maneuverability for smaller yards.

If budget is a primary consideration, then the curved shaft trimmer is the ideal option. However, if versatility is a must-have, then the straight shaft string trimmer is perfect.


String trimmers ultimately differ in their durability, performance, and ideal use. Curved shafts are for those on a tight budget and need a dependable weed eater for small yards. Meanwhile, straight shaft trimmers are more efficient in dealing with larger lawn areas when money isn’t an issue.

The budget, lawn size, and trimming chores will ultimately be the top considerations when choosing between the straight shaft vs. curved shaft trimmer.

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