Top 6 Plants for Good Luck For Your House (according to Garden Experts)

There are many different types of feng shui plants that bring other uses. Each type of tree has various meanings, depending on the needs of each family.

We asked our garden experts for some suggestions about plants for good luck. And they are:

  1. Orchids
  2. Lucky Bamboo
  3. Jade Succulent
  4. Money Tree
  5. Citrus Trees
  6. Parlor Palm

Read our article to gain a deeper knowledge about them.

Adena Adams from The Sage Divine


Orchids are one of my favorite flowers that are said to promote luck. Specifically, it is believed that an orchid makes you lucky in love.

Many people have trouble keeping orchids alive, but they’re pretty easy to care for once you understand their peculiarities. For instance, orchids like sunlight, but only if it is in direct sunlight.

If you make the mistake of putting an orchid where it gets direct sun, it will end up with a scorched leaf or two.

Another thing that makes orchids finicky is that to bloom, they need to be in a place that is cooler at night than during the day. Sounds easy enough, right? But hot summer nights can result in blooming issues.

You’ll also need to make sure that you plant your orchids in soil that drains well for the best growing conditions. They need a decent amount of water, but at the same time, you need to let the soil dry a bit in between waterings occasionally.

And if you’re brave enough to grow orchids inside your home, then you should know that they only thrive when indoor humidity levels are between 50% and 70%.

If all the conditions above are right and you notice that your orchids have stopped blooming, then it means you should replant them.

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James Jennings from Home Garden HQ

Lucky Bamboo

It has been a staple in our home for generations and will surely stay the same for the years to come. Being a symbol of luck and prosperity, lucky bamboo is just a perfect good luck plant for anyone. 

Of all the lucky plants I have at home, my lucky bamboo is on top of my customer’s and friends’ lists. I’ve gifted one of my clients with this once, and I was surprised with the good luck it has brought to his family. 

So every time someone asks me which is the best lucky plant, I always recommend it. I like that I can easily mold it into shapes like a heart or spiral design. And the best part, it’s straightforward to take care of. 

Anyone can grow it and maintain it anywhere at home or even in the office. Just plant it in healthy soil and keep it slightly damp all the time. You just need to ensure not to let the soil dry up. 

And don’t overwater it either. You need to keep it out from direct sunlight at all costs not to scorch its leaves. To be precise, taking care of your bamboo plant is just like taking care of any plant. 

It’s very effortless to take care of, but it will take care of your luck big time.

Maria Potehina from Succulents Pal

Jade Succulent

One of my favorite plants for a home or even an office is Jade, also known as a “money tree.” The succulent is considered lucky!

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Jade succulent is a succulent that comes from the Crassula family. It is native to South Africa. They are also known as the “money plant” because of the jade color of the leaves.

The Jade tree is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Moreover, in China, the jade tree is a symbol of a prosperous marriage.

The succulent is a symbol of wealth because it resembles a fat gold coin.

The best way to care for a jade succulent is to provide it with an environment that mimics its natural habitat. It can be grown outdoors in filtered light or indoors as a houseplant.

How to take care of a Jade plant:

  •  Watered thoroughly when the soil is dry to the touch.
  •  Put it in a bright environment, but not in direct sunlight.
  •  Create a well-draining environment that is low in humidity.
  •  Fertilized approximately once a month during the growing season.
  •  Do not overwater.

Emma Sophie from Evergreenseeds

Money Tree

Originating from China, the Money Tree is believed to bring good luck and wealth to home. This belief is associated with the story of a poor farmer from Taiwan who prayed for money. He later found this plant and sold it to make money. 

The stem of this plant is braided, and it is believed that good luck is locked inside these braids and it is suggested to have about three to five of these plants at home, but make sure you have four Money Trees at home. It also brings peace into a home by purifying the air.

The best care-taking tip for Money Tree is to make sure that it is not placed under bright and direct sunlight. It requires medium to bright but indirect sunlight. It is suggested that you change the direction of the plant whenever you water them so that they only get the necessary amount of light.

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Bryan Mckenzie from Bumper Crop Times

Citrus trees 

According to Feng Shui, citrus trees are believed to be powerful money magnets if you grow them indoors. You can grow ornamental lime, lemon, and orange indoors in small pots and spots with bright sunlight exposure. 

Use a sandy well-draining potting mix to prevent sogginess and root overdrying. If you wish your tree to produce fruit but don’t want to wait years for the lemons to come, purchase an adult plant in the correct phase. 

Besides, you can quite easily train these plants to grow tall if you want. 

Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans) 

Aside from being one of the most popular houseplants worldwide, the elegant Parlor Palm is believed to improve balance in the house and is proven to purify air efficiently. 

Despite the strictness of Feng Shui rules, Parlor Palms are allowed in any spot of the house until it receives enough light and humidity. 

Adult palms reach 2 feet in height and can make a large round shrub in your home. Due to their configuration, you can also grow them in hanging baskets. 


Plants not only green space, purify the air, but some also help bring fortune and luck to the owner when planted. Above are our top 6 recommended plants for good luck.

Pick your favorite and plant it right away to attract good luck to your family.

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