List of Easily-Grown Garden Plants

Many people dream of a small garden where beautiful plants can be grown. Imagine how the colours will be fragrant, and a variety of grass will be visually pleasing. However, not all people are ready to take care of plants, observe temperature regimes.

Does this mean that you should give up the garden? Of course not! Here is a list of easily-grown garden plants that you can buy today, suggested by John Milovich from ScamFighter

Queen Anne’s Lace

List of Easily-Grown Garden Plants

Here are some of the most beautiful and unpretentious flowers in the world. You don’t have to worry about watering these plants every day. Plus, seeds are very cheap.

This means you can buy a couple of boxes and create a mix of tiny white flowers. But the problem is that Queen Anne’s Lace is not available in all flower shops.


List of Easily-Grown Garden Plants

One of the most fantastic things about Peonies is that these flowers are incredibly unpretentious. You can use any soil and water your plants just a couple of times a week. In addition, the rhizome can generate new stems for 100 years.

Imagine that your favourite flower bed will bloom your whole life. If you cut off excess leaves and stems in time, then these flowers will delight you with their beauty for many decades.


List of Easily-Grown Garden Plants

You’ve probably heard of lavender fields in the Netherlands. Even though this type of plant requires a lot of sunlight, you don’t have to worry about the strength of the leaves.

Due to the deep rhizome, such a plant can receive moisture even during drought. Plant lavender along your garden paths and see how beautiful your backyard will be. In addition, the price for such a plant is quite reasonable. Your home budget probably won’t change if you buy some seeds or even a couple of shrubs.

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List of Easily-Grown Garden Plants

Antirrhinum, also known as Snapdragon, is a great flower for your garden. The main plus is unpretentiousness to the type of soil and temperature conditions. So even if your garden is hot during the day and cold at night, these flowers will not suffer.

Tall stems, beautiful long leaves, and bright buds are all that a flora lover needs. In addition, these flowers are pretty cheap so that you do not have to spend a lot of money.


List of Easily-Grown Garden Plants

These plants look a bit like hemp except for the large five-inch white flowers. The main plus is that Cleome is very cheap and can grow from early summer to December.

That is why you can buy these flowers to create a bright accent in your garden. In general, you will not need to use many biofertilizers or a specific soil moisture regime.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to turn your garden into something unique. It is worth noting that such plants also go well with gladioli and lilies. Create an unforgettable mix of flowers and see your garden or backyard become a work of art.


List of Easily-Grown Garden Plants

This plant has large, light green leaves with purple dots all over its surface. The main plus is that Caladium can grow equally well in the shade and direct sunlight. Depending on your preference, you can choose a plant with a specific colour.

The most popular are dark green and light green leaves. In addition, many florist companies can sell you seeds or flowers that you can plant in your garden.

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Black-Eyed Susan

List of Easily-Grown Garden Plants

If you love yellow flowers, then these golden daisies will decorate your garden. It’s worth noting that these are perennials, so you don’t have to buy new seeds every spring.

In addition, the flowering process lasts from early summer to October. That is why Black-Eyed Susan can become the pearl of your garden this year.

Maiden Grass

List of Easily-Grown Garden Plants

Let’s say you want to create a nice lawn with tall grass in the centre. There is one good option that is especially suitable for arid areas. Maiden Grass is very unpretentious and can grow up to four feet in height.

One of the main advantages is that such a plant does not need any particular type of soil. You can plant this herb anywhere.


List of Easily-Grown Garden Plants

One of the advantages of this flower is the large number of long leaves and soft orange buds at the top. These plants can be split at the rhizome and planted in different parts of your garden.

In addition, Daylily is a rather unpretentious type of flower that can withstand frost and summer heat. The final plus is the low price and the ability to buy seeds in almost any flower shop in the USA or Canada.

Yaupon Holly

List of Easily-Grown Garden Plants

Shrubs can also be a highlight of your garden. How about Yaupon Holly? The beautiful red berries grow abundantly on the branches and look great.

This is a Texas plant, so you can be sure that Yaupon Holly is not afraid of drought or hot climates.


As you can see, many great flowers and plants can be part of your garden. The above options are ideal for those who want to spend a minimum of time on daily routines, watering, and choosing the soil type.

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Choose an option for your garden, and you will not regret it. In addition, many of the above plants are perennial, so you don’t need to think about buying seeds every season.

List of Easily-Grown Garden Plants
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