9 Expert Indoor Garden Tips For Homeowners

What is your best tip to start an indoor garden? To help homeowners with their indoor gardens, we asked custom home builders and gardening enthusiasts this question for their best insights.

From investing in good lighting to researching the plant types you want, several strategies help indoor gardens blossom.

Here are 9 tips for homeowners and their indoor gardens:

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help
  • Invest in Good Lighting
  • Locate the Correct Soil Type
  • Study Up on Right Temperatures
  • Be Mindful of Pets
  • Provide Space for Growth
  • Research Plant Types You Want
  • Select the Best Environment
  • Create a Watering Schedule

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Hire someone with the right qualifications and experience to get this done properly (the same applies to building a custom home or renovating the home you are living in now!).

It is essential to find or create the appropriate space within your home to provide the environment for this specialized space.

Things to consider include natural light sources, the ability to control temperature and humidity, and proper airflow.

Rod Cullum, Cullum Homes

Invest in Good Lighting

As a gourmet cooking company, we know the value of using fresh ingredients in your cooking! Many of our customers like to have small gardens in their homes as they know fresh herbs are vital to any standout dish.

A tip I have for those looking to start is investing in a grow light setup. Investing in one of these will ensure your plants always have the perfect amount of light to grow regardless of where they are in your home.

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Brad Sacks, More Than Gourmet

Locate the Correct Soil Type

Nothing tastes better than freshly picked vegetables, herbs, and fruit. With an indoor garden, you can harvest healthy produce all year.

My best tip to start an indoor garden is to pick suitable soil. Rather than bringing dirt from outdoors to fill your containers, choose lightweight and sterile potting mixes that won’t pack down. This will enable your plant roots to grow deep and strong.

Maegan Griffin, Skin Pharm

Study Up on Right Temperatures

There are several benefits to having a garden, including feelings of calmness and stress relief. My best tip to start an indoor garden is to ensure your plants sit at the proper temperature.

Weather and temperature both affect many factors vital to plant growth. Keep in mind the ideal temperature is going to vary based on various plants.

Jeff Henretig, Apothecanna

Be Mindful of Pets

Assess your space first to ensure that nothing around the garden will be ruined if something happens to it, such as spilling dirt or water.

Another critical aspect of maintaining your garden is making sure your pets won’t get into it. Also, consider if the plants you are planting are safe for dogs, cats, etc., to be around or safe to consume if they are accidentally eaten.

Bill Wells, Wild One

Provide Space for Growth

First, find a suitable space. Indoor gardens need ample space for plants to grow and multiply.

Many indoor growers choose to place their garden in the sunniest place, no matter how many rooms. In theory, this is a good idea.

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After all, plants need sunlight! But, sometimes, the brightest room or corner of the home cannot provide enough light to grow rich fruits and vegetables.

Abby Ha, WeLLPCB

Research Plant Types You Want

When considering an indoor garden, the best tip is to create a detailed plan of what you would like to grow and decide what type of indoor garden you want? Things to consider:

1) Veg / Herb Garden, or Houseplants or a Mixture of Both

2) Indoor Hydroponics or Soil

3) Lighting Conditions – Will you need to provide supplemental lighting?

4) The amount of space available for your indoor garden. Now, you should have a pretty good idea of what you want to achieve with your indoor garden.

Michael Alves, HelloGardening

Select the Best Environment

The best tip I have for an indoor garden is about positioning your plants. Remember that the plant’s position is not fixed. As such, you can move the plants around several times until you find the perfect spot.

It is all about placing the plants in a strategic location to allow them to receive nutrients and water at the right time to increase their chances of survival.

Know the plants to place near a window, those to keep in the bathroom, etc. For instance, ferns survive in moist areas and would thrive in the bathroom.

Harriet Chan, CocoFinder

Create a Watering Schedule

My best tip to start an indoor garden is to determine how much and how often plants need to be watered.

You should consider the type of plants in your garden, location, time of year, and weather. You can then adjust how much water is necessary for your garden based on these factors.

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Shana Hall, Aurelle


When it comes to gardening, make the most of your space. If you don’t have a huge yard, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden. Allow your inventive green thumb to turn your house into an excellent place for herbs, veggies, and improved health.

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