Small (Mini) Indoor Growing Ideas Design for Easy DIY Setup

Do you want to bring some greenery into your home during social distancing? Or do you want to spruce up your interior design game?

Small (Mini) Indoor Growing Ideas Design for Easy DIY Setup

41 Small (Mini) Indoor Growing Ideas Design for Easy DIY Setup

#1 A Japanese Moss Garden

These beauties are much easier to make than expected as they are basically a bulb wrapped in a piece of sheet moss and secured with twine. You can hang them from the rafters or leave them rested on the dining table.

Check out this tutorial for those beautiful arrangements.

#2 Hanging Terrarium Indoor Gardening

These hanging glass bowls take up little to no space while adding a stylish look to your home. All you need to prepare are a bowl, a succulent or an air plant.

Visit this link for a complete guide on terrarium plants, ideas & building kits!

#3 Container Garden

With a few pots, soil, and fertilizer, you can build a whole garden right inside your flat. This project is simple and works well with fresh produce and herbs.

Get a closer look at the how-to in this link!

#4 Cup Garden

With a simple mug or cup and creativity, you can build your tiny fairy garden. The most suitable plants for this project are cactuses and succulents as they do very well with minimal water.

Follow this step by step how-to to make a cup garden of your own.

#5 Mason Jar Herbs

If you want your room to have more of a natural feel, add these mason jars on your wall. They can also be very helpful if you cook.

Check out this detailed tutorial to create your very own indoor herb display.

#6 Microgreens

With minimal effort, you will have an organic source of microgreens for your salads, sandwiches, and other culinary adventures. This is a perfect project for a novice kitchen gardener.

Learn to grow microgreens with this article!

#7 Wine Rack Herbs

If you have a wine rack collecting dust on a shelf for long, turn it into a greenery display!

Check out this tutorial and get busy making one of these innovative beauties!

#8 Vegetable Scraps

Another easy indoor gardening idea is to regrow vegetable scraps as they will do anything to keep on growing. You can start with romaine lettuce, then try potatoes, onions, and even pineapples later.

Check out 5 easiest vegetables for this project here.

#9 Living Pallet Wall

If you are looking for a painting to make your wall less dull, maybe install a living pallet will be an even better idea. It will be a wow factor!

Visit this link for a detailed how-to!

#10 Vertical Garden

If you don’t have enough surfaces to put your new houseplants, a vertical garden should be your solution. You can simply repurpose ladders, pallets, and pipes for this creative project.

Pack even more greenery into your home with this tutorial!

#11 Bowl of Succulents

Succulents are the toughest warriors, therefore, you can grow them for your first mini, indoor garden. Not to mention that these enchanting bowls can add a whimsical feel to your house.

Learning how to make these beautiful bowls with this detailed guide!

#12 Germinate Some Seeds

If you have some seeds lying around, turn them into living greeneries. It isn’t magic, you can do it no matter your gardening skill level.

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Check out the how-to even if you have never grown anything before.

#13 Industrial Tiered Tabletop Succulent Garden

This is a super easy project as succulents are among the easiest plants to keep alive. Also, it’s so much fun to watch the succulents sprinkle around the house.

Utilize this vision with this tutorial!

#14 Herb Wreath

This is where you can make use of your creativity to create a summery wreath using favourite herbs. Imagine how impressed your guests would be seeing this lush garden wreath.

Visit this link to make your own fragrant herb wreath.

#15 Book Planters

This would look so good in your working room! All you need is an old book, grow plants in it, and make people wow at the outcome!

Grab your book, check out this link, and start making this creative planter.

#16 Zen Garden

Add some sense of peace and calm into your house by building a Zen garden. If you don’t want to water a plant or take care of something, this is an ideal project.

Bring some zen to your place with this tutorial!

#17 Water Garden

With this project, you can have fish and plants in your living room and you only need to change the water once a month.

Check out this link carefully to make sure your fish survives!

#18 Miniature Garden

You can create your inside garden, using mini plants, statues, rocks, whatever you think would look beautiful altogether.

Create your miniature garden with living plants following this tutorial!

#19 Simple Planter

Simple is the best, especially for those with a black thumb. This planter can fit inside any house and it is effortless to make.

Learn more about this fun idea with this article!

#20 Tree Branches

A tree branch with some hanging planters can incorporate rustic and natural elements into your house.

Learn the step-by-step how-to from a product designer to create one for your house.

#21 Chicken Garden

You can easily find gardening miniatures online at a reasonable price. With this project, we choose chickens to add to the planters as they look cute on tiny pebbles.

Follow this tutorial to add a chicken farm to your house.

#22 Recycled Upside Down Planters

This is a cute and cheap project but the outcome can be surprisingly good. With some leftover containers and nice fabrics, you can have such unique additions to your dining room.

Follow this detailed tutorial to make it work without any issue!

#23 Wall Mounted Plant Stands

Make your place more charming and stylish with these wall mounted planters. Just make sure to put them where it won’t bang your head.

Check out this blog for the detailed how-to!

#24 Fairy Garden Varieties

A quick search on the Internet can give you endless ideas to make a fairy garden. They might look fancy but in fact, they are inexpensive. You can even make use of unused, recycled materials lying around the house.

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Check out some of the best ideas in this link!

#25 Pallet Garden

Pallets are everywhere, so take the time to find one in good condition and use it for a beautiful indoor garden. Once the project completed, you can enjoy spring right on a balcony.

Follow this link to make this cheap vertical garden for your place.

#26 Gutters

Filling your work surface with greeneries has been a trend recently as technology and interior design meet the food garden. Gutters for salads and herbs will make your place more trendy and stylish.

Spruce up the porch or kitchen with this beauty, using this tutorial!

#27 Hanging Herb Garden

This can be your first step into the world of gardening thanks to its simplicity. It is among the easiest to make, but also most fulfilling when it’s all finished.

Build this great indoor vertical herb garden planter with the step-by-step tutorial!

#28 Coffee bag planter pots

Do you still keep your coffee bags because they are too cute to throw away? If yes, it’s time to turn them into environment-friendly planter post! All you need is just some bags, scissors, a needle, and thread.

Follow these steps to start the project when time allows.

#29 Windowsill Planters

Windows are the perfect place to put your cactus and succulents. T/his planter will liven up any space with its rustic and charming looks. Don’t forget to add pebbles for the finishing touch.

Grab your shipping pallets, it’s time to turn them into something beautiful with this tutorial!

#30 Paint Planters

If painting is right in your alley, you only need some old containers to light up your living space with cute planters. Your succulents will be thankful when you put your artistic skills into use.

Make a quick, easy, and colorfully vivid planter with this step by step how-to.

#31 Fairy Planter

This easy project is perfect to spend time with your kids. Why settle for a simple indoor garden why you can make a fairy one? Add in some rocks, sticks, and any little toys that your children love.

Help your kids create their very own unique fairy garden with this how-to.

#32 Chalkboard Planting Pots

If you love your old ceramic planters and want to add a fresh look to them, try chalkboard paint. You can write down the names, your favorite slogans, or simply some silly drawings to revive your old planters.

Get a deeper look at the idea with this blog.

#33 Succulent Garden Bowls

Do you have some beautiful bowls you rarely use simply because they look so good? Maybe you should turn them into a planter instead of hiding them on the shelf. It is an impressive way to show them off.

Look for your best looking bowl and follow these steps to make your best looking planter.

#34 Coffee Pot Terrarium

This will be a wow factor on your coffee table. With some air plants, some green moss, pebbles, and one or two decorations, you can create this cute terrarium for your place. Go with air plants as they almost never die, and they don’t overgrown either.

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Check out this link to learn how to make one for yourself.

#35 Garden Wall

If you are looking for an epic makeover for your wall, look into this project. With a Plywood sheet and some planks of pine, you can create this big indoor garden that doesn’t take much of your living space.

Check out this tutorial to learn all the steps!

#36 Indoor Succulent Garden With Mini Lights

With less than an hour, you can bring this fairy landscape into your living room. You can add in anything you like to give the tray more visual appeal.

Follow this tutorial, you don’t need green fingers to build this landscape.

#37 Succulent Driftwood Planter

This will be a unique, and stylish addition to your home living. If it’s hard to find driftwood, you can replace it with an old branch or piece of weathered wood for a similar look.

Bring rustic elegance to your house with this guide!

#38 Midcentury-Inspired Plant Stand

This fairly easy project can be used for your colorful succulents, your favorite herbs, or plants you grow to clean the air, expel the insects, make the room smell good.

Build this stylish yet minimalist plant stand following this tutorial.

#39 Simple Wall Planter

Making a wooden wall planter takes effort and skills. If you don’t have what it takes but are still keen on a wall planter, this project is for you. This inexpensive project requires only painted pails, wire, and some of your time.

Turn your house from boring to flourishing with this tutorial.

#40 Modular Concrete Planters

These planters provide endless possibilities of forming new shapes and patterns as you can arrange them in as many ways as you want. This is a fairly easy project as all you need is concrete mix and cardboard forms.

Check out the instruction to make one here.

#41 Vintage TV Planter

Do you have an old TV collecting dust for probably a decade in your storage? If yes, turn it into a treasure for your home living. You can repurpose it into a vintage TV planter for your colorful succulents. Finally something worth watching, eh?

Check out this blog to learn the how-to.

#42 Hip Herb Garden

You have a tiny left but still want some more greenery? If yes, this project is what you are looking for. The fabric is of your choice, you can add in some summer vibe or some vintage taste.

Check out what you need, as well as how to make on in this link!


Do any of these small indoor gardens look good in your place? Or do they inspire you to make one of your own?

If none of the ideas are appealing enough, you can still mix and match to find one that works the best for your living space. These mini indoor gardens are customizable to meet your requirements as well as preferences.

We hope with the tutorials provided, you can already figure out how to make an indoor garden for your house.

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