11 Best Hydroponics Flowers For Your Garden

Are you planning for hydroponics flowers yet do not know which types to start with?

Then, you should be aware of the following 11 plants that are easily grown hydroponically with some simple gears. In the end, you can create a stunning indoor garden right at home.

Keep reading to unveil more about hydro flowering species!

#1. Roses – The Queen of Flowers

If you have an indoor place with a lot of direct sunlight, why don’t you use it for some roses? They will add an extra lively lifestyle to your house.

Now knowing about the hydro planting method rose cultivation becomes an effortless work.

11 Best Hydroponics Flowers For Your Garden

Prepare pruned stems with at least 5 leaves and dip them into freshwater holed ports – better with root nutrient or cloning solution. Then, place the roses under bright lights or a room temperature of 65 to 75 degrees.

You will see the root coming out after a couple of weeks.

#2. Petunias – Not Just Beautiful, But Easy to Grow

How wonderful it is to see the petunias repeatedly blooming on your windows’ hanging baskets! Their beautiful colors all bring about the vibe of summer.

11 Best Hydroponics Flowers For Your Garden

Interestingly enough, petunias are among the best hydroponics flowering options thinking that the flower requires drain conditions and as many bright lights as possible.

Check tips to plant petunias in water, and you will see!

#3. Lavender – It Grows 30% Better Using Hydroponics

The fact remains that hydroponic lavender can be lusher than one in soil. A variety of people do not know this fact.

11 Best Hydroponics Flowers For Your Garden

Based on your purposes and available spaces, you can choose either nutrient film technique, deep water culture, or aquaponics system for lavender to grow in.

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#4. Hydroponic Carnations – No Soil, No Mess

It is easy to grow carnations from seeds or cuttings, and for several weeks, you can get a bunch of flowers that are pleasing to the eye with a sweet smell.

11 Best Hydroponics Flowers For Your Garden

For your information, a deep-water-culture system is best suited for hydroponic carnations.

#5. Peace Lilies – Don’t Overwater Them

Next on today’s hydroponic flowers list is peace lily.

This plant is among the most favorite indoor flower options due to its elegant beauty. Not to mention, it is easy to grow without needing to water frequently.

11 Best Hydroponics Flowers For Your Garden

Ideally, you can grow the lily in a small aquarium and at an optimal temperature of 67 to 80 degrees. That’s enough!

Learn how to be successful with lily hydroponics flowering here.

#6. Orchids in Water – A New Growing Method to Learn

Orchids are the best flowers to grow hydroponically, especially when it comes to ailing families.

Serious growers increasingly adopt this method because of its convenience and foolproof-ness. All to prepare is a well-sized container, sterile tools, water, and a little patience.

11 Best Hydroponics Flowers For Your Garden

One helpful piece of information to bear in mind is that hydroponic orchids need much light and temperature between 60 and 80 degrees, along with high air circulation and humidity levels.

Ready to try out with a quick tutorial?

#7. Hoya – Turn Your Hoya into Semi-Hydroponics

Household gardeners complain that their Hoyas growth in the old-fashioned method often became a mess of perlite, peat-based potting, orchid bark, diseases, etc. It is dirty and less-blooming.

11 Best Hydroponics Flowers For Your Garden

When they applied this guide to plant Hoya semi-hydroponics, they have boasted unique colors and shapes ever since.

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You should also try!

#8. Daffodils – The Symbol of Coming Spring

Know it or not, the daffodils are celebrated by many artists to toss their heads in the energetic dance. It looks like a crown having 6 sepals and a unique scent.

11 Best Hydroponics Flowers For Your Garden

Optimal conditions for the flowers should be cool, dark, and dry. Read further on some tips to grow hydroponics daffodils.

#9. Freesia – Of All, This Is Our Most Favorite Sweet Smell

Similar to daffodils, freesias are also a bulbous flower that brings a joy touch of spring. They are available in a wide range of colors.

11 Best Hydroponics Flowers For Your Garden

More importantly, the flowers grow easily in your hydroponic garden. The roots possibly reach the nutrient solution having NPK elements; meanwhile, the corms are dry at all times.

#10. Chrysanthemums – Loved by Asian Households in Garden

Chrysanthemums are Japanese national flowers close to the meaning of happiness, love, and longevity. So, why don’t you grow some to give to your parents and grandparents?

11 Best Hydroponics Flowers For Your Garden

These flowers can live in water and without soil – as long as you provide about 15 hours of darkness and 9 hours of light!

#11. Amaryllis – The Last Recommendation But Not The Least!

A container of massive blooming amaryllis will become the focus of any room it is presenting. Interestingly enough, growing that plant hydroponically means no fuss with dirty soil or the like.

From our experience, amaryllis grows well even with a rudimentary gardening method where you only put its roots in the water and keep the stem up dry.

11 Best Hydroponics Flowers For Your Garden

Otherwise, a simple deep water culture system (water and nutrients in a mesh pot) will also do.

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Whenever you choose to start growing amaryllis hydroponically, check this guide first for more information.


Above are the top 11 hydroponics flowers to start gardening right at home and without soil. We have tried planning them and have been successful every time.

If you find this article helpful, do not hesitate to share it with anyone who needs it. Also, have no hesitation to let us know if you know other flowers that grow well with hydroponic methods. Your information will be beneficial to us all!

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