7 Hydroponic Grow Tents for Indoor Garden (#1 Is Top Pick!)

Hydroponic grow tents were specially introduced for indoor growers who love to plant small trees like herbs, tomatoes, and greens – but not having an outdoor, natural space. This article provides all information to understand what an indoor grow tent is and how it works for your small garden.

iPower GLTENTXS3 Grow Tent with Reflective Mylar 32' x 32' x...
1,149 Reviews
iPower GLTENTXS3 Grow Tent with Reflective Mylar 32" x 32" x...
  • Durable Material: iPower grow tent is made of high quality...
  • 99% Light Proof: Our heavy duty Zippers & Double Stitching...
  • Strong and Sturdy Structure: Strong metal poles and solid...

Of all tents for indoor growing we will introduce later on, the iPower GLTENTXS3 is the best overall.

The tent is built with quality materials and a sturdy frame, so you can rest assured about its durability over a long time of use. Plus, its price is very affordable for all in-house growers.

7 Best Grow Tents on The Market: In-depth Reviews

iPower GLTENTXS3 – Best Overall

iPower GLTENTXS3 Grow Tent with Reflective Mylar 32' x 32' x...
1,149 Reviews
iPower GLTENTXS3 Grow Tent with Reflective Mylar 32" x 32" x...
  • Durable Material: iPower grow tent is made of high quality...
  • 99% Light Proof: Our heavy duty Zippers & Double Stitching...
  • Strong and Sturdy Structure: Strong metal poles and solid...

Whenever you search for top-rated grow tents, you will always find the iPower GLTENTXS3 on the top list – considering that it gives a good balance of quality build, spacious closet, and average price.

This popular tent is made of Oxford fabric, noticeably lighter, and better at retaining colors than cotton canvas. It is robust against mold, mildew, and rot as well.

Together with an additional 98% reflective Mylar inner and double-stitching seams, the iPower GLTENTXS3 will create a favorable lighting environment for your greens and plants – without letting any light escape outside.

The downside is its thin and tiny zipper. It seems significantly small compared to the viper, making it hard to pull up and down.

What we like:

  • Lightweight and durable Oxford fabric
  • Super reflective material inside
  • Strong metal construction
  • Easy installation with guide
  • Not expensive for the quality

What can be improved?

  • Tiny and thin zipper

BloomGrow B07FF6PSW7 – Best Complete Grow Tent Kit

BloomGrow 32''x32''x63'' Grow Tent + 4'' Inline Fan Filter...
702 Reviews
BloomGrow 32''x32''x63'' Grow Tent + 4'' Inline Fan Filter...
  • 32''x32''x63'' Hydroponics 600D Mylar Grow Tent Room...
  • 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond mylar (enhance the...
  • Digital Hygrometer:High stability and accuracy.Display...

If you are green but serious about indoor plant growing, you will find yourself buying more and more accessories day by day. Then, why do you not buy the complete grow tent kit – BloomGrow 300W LED Light?

Besides the tent itself, the package provides a floor tray, LED grow light, a combo of exhaust fan carbon filter, hangers, digital hygrometer, etc. You can set up the kit ready for growing almost out of the package.

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The BloomGrow is built with canvas lined by the diamond Mylar fabric to increase the reflection to 96% and secured by zippers and double seams for overall durability.

Lighting accessories have room to improve, though. For example, the digital hygrometer may show a wrong display sometimes.

What we like:

  • Affordable for a kit
  • Complete accessories for growing
  • Reflective coating inner
  • Reliable zippers and seams
  • LED lighting source

What can be improved?

  • Some low-quality accessories

PYLYFE B085LG4QKW – Best Ventilation

It is vital to provide proper ventilation with the tent so that your plants will not be very hot or stressful.

With PYLYFE Mylar Hydroponic Tent, adequate ventilation is given. There are several circular double-sleeved holes for proper air circulation and even a port-built-in mesh screen from which you can check the plants without disturbing them.

We also appreciate its durable zippers and reflective coating in helping prevent light leakage.

A part of improving is the poles. They are thin and weak, unfortunately.

What we like

  • Multiple doors and vents
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Quality 600D Oxford cloth
  • Reflective Mylar lining
  • Removable foot tray for plant debris

What can be improved?

  • Thin and weak poles

Active B07BCLBXVH – Best for Mini – Environment

Active Gear Guy Mesh Drying Rack Dehydrator with 8 Stacked...
544 Reviews
Active Gear Guy Mesh Drying Rack Dehydrator with 8 Stacked...
  • Mesh Drying Rack: Hang our fully enclosed net box outdoors...
  • Easy to Use Garden Accessory: Add to your favorite gardening...
  • Great for Home Cultivation: Our Active Gear Guy drying tent...

At a glance, the Active Gear Guy looks completely different from other tents. It is small and with 8 separate compartments for greens like herbs, seeds, etc.

Such a good-sized tent saves you a significant growth space in your room and cuts down the overall cost. When not using it, you can even collapse the net and store it in a carrying case.

The net is completely enclosed to prevent insects, dust, or wind from damaging your crop yields. Meanwhile, the nylon mesh is adopted to maintain a breathable habitat.

All are good, except for the trim scissors included in those tent packages. They add extra cost but turn out to be useless to cut things.

What we like:

  • Compact and portable design
  • Ease of installation and light setup
  • A carrying case available
  • Fully enclosed compartments
  • Breathable nylon mesh material

What can be improved?

  • Dull trim scissors

Hongruilite B06XVBMKJH – Best Durability

What makes the Hongruilite 600D High Reflective Tent deserve to have a place in this grow tent review is its sturdy construction.

The frame is crafted with heavy-duty steel, along with paint-coated metal rods and solid plastic connectors. Once installed, the tent is supposed to stand stably and sturdily over time, even if you attach heavy top-quality equipment to its bar.

Other parts are similar to the tents mentioned above: the 600D light-proof Oxford cloth, reflective spill-proof Mylar coating, or the ventilation systems.

It wouldtiny have been better, though, if the seams are sealed. We detect several places that allow the lighting to come from outsides.

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What we like:

  • Spacious growing area
  • Building quality and materials
  • Lightproof oxford cloth
  • Reflective Mylar coating
  • Effortless setting up

What can be improved?

  • Not completely-sealed seams

PrimeGarden B075WXHP7X – Best for Low-Light Plants

PrimeGarden Hydroponic 32''x32''x63'' 600D High Reflective...
19 Reviews
PrimeGarden Hydroponic 32''x32''x63'' 600D High Reflective...
  • Hydroponic 32''x32''x63'' 600D High Reflective Mylar...
  • Durable: Heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth and...
  • 96% highly reflective waterproof Diamond Mylar(enhance the...

We recommend PrimeGarden Hydroponic Tent for growing plants that love living in an ambient environment, such as Aglaonema, spider plants, or Devil’s Ivy.

Unlike other tent options, the tent of PrimeGarden features an additional flap behind the zipper and holes to block the lumens from getting in and out.

Instead, the tent will use the 96% high-quality diamond Mylar material inner to maintain its powerful lighting environment internally.

When you desire to check on the lifespan of plants, you can unzip the observation window in the front.

The high price tag is our concern, though. It is as nearly expensive as the iPower GLTENTXS3, while its quality is not comparable.

What we like

  • Barely any light leakage
  • Study tent frame and operating equipment
  • Perfect space for growing
  • Straightforward installation
  • Convenient observation window

What can be improved?

  • More expensive than expected

MELONFARM B07YBTCB5S – Best Sized Option

It would help if you did not quit reading now since we will explore the list’s last grow tent. It is MELONFARM 2-in-1 600D. The 2-in-1 implication in its name means the tent can be divided into 2 separate chambers for plants!

The left-hand chamber is a growing area where mature trees develop. Simultaneously, there are two nursery sections on the left available to grow seeds or young plants.

600D Oxford cloth is similar to those above. There is even a polyester lining film to distribute light for the lifespan of plants effectively.

It sounds wonderful, yet you should not expect the tent to be cheap.

What we like:

  • Quality Oxford cloth
  • Reliable zippers and seams
  • Multi-chamber grow tent
  • Improved polyester lining film
  • Multiple tent ventilation windows

What can be improved?

  • Hefty price tag

A Grow Tent Buying Guide

Hydroponics tents, or for short, hydro tents, are an optimal growing environment to fit all operating equipment like lights, fan carbon filters, humidity tools, and nutrient reservoirs for plants to grow.

Simple as they are, not all of the tents are built the same. They are different in price ranges, sizes, materials, frames, and installation methods built for specific grow space and types of plants.

Get Started with a Suitable Tent Size

Where to grow your garden?

Foremost, you want to estimate the available space in your house for your crops. Choose a tent size accordingly and leave some space around to move around and supervise the plants.

What kinds of plants to accommodate in the tent?

Next to think about is the plants themselves. Will they grow vertically or horizontally?

In case your hydro system is for vertically growing trees, you might want to buy packages extendable in tent height.

Interestingly enough, the taller tents support indoor plants’ health since they maintain warmth in favorable gardening conditions.

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How many plants will you grow in your garden?

Tents for proper plant growth come in 3 sizes.

  • 48 x 24 x 60 inches are suitable for 8 tiny plants or 3 full-size ones.
  • 48 x 48 x 78 inches can accommodate twice as much – 16 small plants or 4 full-sized cannabis ones.
  • 25 petite plants or 8 full-size versions. It is 96 x 48 x 78 inches.

What is included in your hydroponic system?

Besides the plants, you need tent supplies to create a livable environment for them. Thus, make sure that the chosen ones have enough closets to install those pieces.

Next, Check Materials and Durability

Once you have already picked a size tent, you want to consider its materials. They vary from brand to brand, making a significant impact on the grow tents’ overall price and durability.

More importantly, the materials’ thickness will affect how light is absorbed and transferred to aromatic harvests.

PVC is a common fabric of cheap grow tents, yet we do not recommend it, thinking about how dangerous it can be to the environment and your family’s members.

Canvas, meanwhile, is more desirable. It is lightweight and durable at the same time. This material is created in various thicknesses marked as a “D” rating from 200D to 1680D. The higher “D” number means that, the thicker and stronger tents will become.

There is also a shiny reflective inner to help distribute the brightness more effectively. It is usually made of polyethylene terephthalate. The range of reflectivity varies from 50% to 99% – based on your plants and the surrounding environment.

Note that The Build Quality Is Also Important

A piece of heavy-duty canvas fabric is not enough to ensure that the grow tent will last for months to come. You want to check the overall construction as well.


Since it is necessary to hang several plant care essentials into the tent, the frame must be durable and stable enough.

We always recommend a steel skeleton rather than a plastic one, although some users complain that a steel frame is cumbersome and expensive.


Indoor grow tents often feature metal poles as well to provide extra security and stability under the frame.


Zippers are available to create a door to the tent so that you can go through and check up on the plants without messing up the settings.

Plastic zippers are commonly found in most tents; we recommend applying a thin lubricant or paraffin to extend their life.

Roof seams

Above the tent is a roof seam. This part adds extra pressure on the outer materials and can cause the seams to wear and tear.

You will like to invest in very durable materials to cope with that pressure. It is also helpful to pick up double-stitched seams for improved strength.

Ports & Vents

Be sure that you check access ports and vents carefully. Those accessories are necessary to create an optimal lighting and vestibule environment for the plants.

Let’s see how you can grow microgreens indoors easily:


For those who are still wondering which hydroponic grow tent to choose in the end, we highly recommend the iPower GLTENTXS. As we mentioned above, this tent offers an overall good quality build and price.

Otherwise, you can consider our buying guide to make your choice. Remember that a well-worthy buying option should have a suitable size for your physical space, a durable material, and a heavy-duty build.

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