Top 7 Hydroponic Gardening Tower – Build Your Own Garden

Having a hydroponic gardening tower creates a bright, refreshing look to your home. Not to mention, tower gardens are easy to maintain, saving time for looking after the plants.

Moreover, this gardening method reduces plant diseases and provides crops without the burden of soil. The setup is friendly for various users, from experts, beginners to people who find gardening as a hobby.

In this article, you will find essential factors on how to choose a reliable hydroponic tower.

Mr. Stacky 5 Tiered Vertical Gardening Planter, Indoor &...
  • A Simple Space Saving Garden Solution: Plant & Stack
  • Grow More Healthy Organic Fruits/Veggies/Flowers @ Home...
  • Smart & Efficient: Watering The Top Pot Will Self Water The...

To conclude our research on the 7 best products on the market, the best option belongs to Mr. Stacky Large 5 Tier Vertical Garden Tower.

This reusable planter stands out for the intelligent water circulation system, which maintains sustainable plants’ growth. The food-graded materials have high durability, and the setup process is quick and straightforward. To top off these advantages, Mr. Stacky comes at an affordable price.

Best Hydroponic Gardening Towers Reviews

Mr. Stacky Large 5 Tier Vertical Garden Tower – Best Overall

Mr. Stacky 5 Tiered Vertical Gardening Planter, Indoor &...
  • A Simple Space Saving Garden Solution: Plant & Stack
  • Grow More Healthy Organic Fruits/Veggies/Flowers @ Home...
  • Smart & Efficient: Watering The Top Pot Will Self Water The...

Mr. Stacky is one of the veterans in building high-quality growing towers. This vertical plant tower maximizes the big pots made with polypropylene plastic, allowing you to grow up to 20 plants simultaneously.

The material guarantees food safety levels to grow anything from decorative plants to fresh fruits and vegetables. Plus, the opaque layers protect the roots from getting overheated by the lights. Every pot has a hole at the bottom to avoid disease related to over-watering.

The setup steps for Mr. Stacky are quick and beginner-friendly. The durable pots are reusable, which saves re-purchasing expenses.

However, the bottom tray does not have mobile wheels to utilize the lightweight material.

What we like

  • A capacity of 20 plant spots
  • Overwatering protection system
  • Food-graded materials
  • Easy to use
  • Cost efficiency

What can be improved?

  • No wheels for moving the tower

Aerospring Hydroponic Growing System – Best For Humid Climates

Aerospring Outdoor Vertical Hydroponic Growing System Kit,...
  • MOST USABLE OUTDOOR SYSTEM: Grow a variety of leafy greens,...
  • DESIGNED FOR HIGH-YIELD: The system is designed to deliver...

This unit offers an advanced system to allow smooth airflow throughout the pots, ensuring a well-ventilated system. Aerospring created this system with their signature technology to keep the plants healthy and maintain consistent growth.

The manufacturer includes the Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5 pump to deliver water to every pot. You will have complete control of the irrigation process by using the Wi-Fi enable timer. Each unit is made in Singapore and adheres to environmental standards.

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The assembly process is easy to understand thanks to the detailed instruction manual. The final result is a tower for 27 plants of your choice.

If you encounter any issue, Aerospring customer support will respond quickly to provide a suitable solution.

The only drawback of this vertical hydroponic garden is the thin plastic layer. This material can’t keep the pots together in harsh, windy conditions. You will need to move the tower indoor to avoid a messy clean-up time.

What we like

  • A capacity of 27 plants
  • Advanced system for air and water circulation
  • Controllable timer via Wi-Fi connection
  • Verified quality by the Singapore factory
  • Fast-responding customer support

What can be improved?

  • Weak materials

Nutrabinns Hydroponic Tower Growing Kit – Best For Edible Produce

Nutraponics Hydroponics Tower - Hydroponics Growing System...
  • Vertical Hydroponic System for Organic Farming: The...
  • Effortless Results Every Time: Specifically tailored to...
  • Highly Energy Efficient: With Nutraponics, you are in...

Nutrabinns stands out on the market for the remarkable capacity of 80 pots. The vertical hydroponic system works well in reusing the water resource. This feature utilizes water and energy in the long run, saving up to 66% of energy than traditional gardening methods.

These benefits give you a sustainable garden, bringing organic, plentiful food to the table all year long. Another plus point is that Nutrabinns’ technology is tested and verified by the laboratory to grow plants 3 times faster. Once the tower is set up, the sturdy build can last for a long time.

While the design is stylish and holds an impressive number of plants, users will need to clean the small pots thoroughly. A good time for cleaning is after every harvest.

What we like

  • A capacity of 80 pots
  • Quick setup process
  • Built-in water circulation system
  • 3-time faster growth rate
  • High energy efficiency
  • Durable material

What can be improved?

  • Long cleaning time for the small pots

XHSP 6-Layer Plastic Stackable Planter – Best For Sun Exposure

This vertical garden tower provides a neutral look to fit anywhere in the house, from the minimal living room to the lively terrace garden. You can move this product around the house with ease, thanks to the rustproof wheels.

Every unit has a balanced pot display to provide sufficient sunlight for the plants, boosting the photosynthesis process. The materials protect plants from external impacts. The compact size is also suitable for small apartments.

With one purchase, you will get enough space for 18 plants. The water control system allows water from the top plant to trickle down to the other pots. You can build an XHSP planter within 15 minutes with the beginner-friendly kit.

XHSP planter’s major drawback is the small holes at the bottom of each pot that prevents the water from flowing smoothly. This feature limits the potential of keeping a healthy moisture level.

What we like

  • A capacity of 18 stackable gardening pots
  • Portable and compact design
  • Neutral color
  • High-quality polypropylene plastic
  • Easy and quick to set up

What can be improved?

  • Small watering holes at the bottom of the pot

Mr. Stacky Indoor and Outdoor Gardening Planter – Best For Preserving Nutrients

Mr. Stacky 5 Tiered Vertical Gardening Planter, Indoor &...
  • A Simple Space Saving Garden Solution: Plant & Stack
  • Grow More Healthy Organic Fruits/Veggies/Flowers @ Home...
  • Smart & Efficient: Watering The Top Pot Will Self Water The...

This system allows you to plant up to 20 crops at home for a wide variety of food from the edible garden straight to the dining table.

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The spacious planting pockets hold a wide range of species, from carrots, lettuce, strawberries, and even potatoes.

The PVC water pipes are adjustable to the right height to absorb healthy sunlight. Whenever you need to clean the pipes, remove them with a straightforward step and clean them with a water hose.

Although Mr. Stacky’s planter is pricier than other products in the same category, there is no bottom tray to store the excess water.

What we like

  • A capacity of 20 pots
  • Beginner-friendly vertical design
  • Adjustable PVC pipe garden plant kit
  • Easy to maintain
  • Verified food safety by the USA manufacturer

What can be improved?

  • High price
  • No bottom tray

SuiteMade Aquaponics Grow Tower – Best For Herbs

SuiteMade PVC Vertical Grow Tower Add-on for Hydroponics,...
  • GROW MORE IN LESS SPACE: With the new sustainable and...
  • UP TO 4X INCREASE YIELDS: Assures an amazingly significant...
  • 16 BONUS NET POTS: You will get (16) high-quality and...

SuiteMade differentiates itself from the other brands by growing the plants 4 times stronger and faster. Combined with the minimal pot size, this product is the best choice for growing indoor herb garden seeds.

The tower protects up to 16 plants thanks to the heavy-duty PVC pots handcrafted in the USA after passing many stringent regulations. Each purchase includes 20 additional net pots so that you can have convenient replacements.

The adjustable chain gives users high flexibility to set up the watering system, which can be the rainfall or sprinkler type, depending on the plants’ needs. If you’d prefer hanging tower gardens, the chain can hold up to 20 pounds.

One factor to consider is the inclined pot design often has water spills.

What we like

  • A capacity of 16 plants with 20 bonus net pots
  • Simple assembly
  • Stylish cylinder design
  • Durable materials
  • Good value deal

What can be improved?

  • Water spills

YP Supplier Stackable Gardening Planter Set – Best For Small Spaces

5 Tier Black & Grey Stackable Strawberry Garden - Vertical...
  • Plant, Stack, and Grow More in Limited Space
  • 20 Plants Per 5-Tier Planter - Includes 5 Stackable Planters...
  • Easy to maintain all 20 plants by just watering the top pot

This multi-color planter breathes life into your home while storing 20 healthy plants. Every stackable layer has enough room for the plants to thrive under the sun.

The bottom tray stores excess water, providing a hassle-free gardening experience. This feature also balances the moisture level and decreases the risk of insect infestations.

YP Supplier understands that users may want to adjust the tower’s position to fit the plants’ needs, so they have built each unit with a lightweight material.

The minus point is the layers are not secured enough to withstand external impacts. When there is strong wind outside, you should move the planter indoor; otherwise, the layers will fall apart.

What we like

  • A capacity of 20 planting pockets
  • Spacious growth area
  • Easy to maintain
  • Eye-catching vertical design
  • Lightweight material

What can be improved?

  • Weak against external conditions

Hydroponic Gardening Tower Buying Guide

Types of tower gardens

Self-watering planter

This tower simulates an ecosystem by owning a water reservoir. Once water is poured on the highest pocket, it will follow the pipe to the other pots.

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The built-in pipe maintains water flow while the bottom tray preserves excess water. The tray protects the plants from getting flooded.

Overall, the closed system ensures plants get enough nutrients, so users don’t need to add organic components.

The drawback of this planter is that it may not be suitable for all kinds of plants. For example, succulents require a specific duration to dry out the soil between watering times.

The next point to note is users should watch out for any sign of mosquito infestations because the high moisture level is ideal for insects to live in and procreate.

Stand-alone tower garden

Most manufacturers include wheels in this planter design for a convenient mobile garden. Users simply need to decide on where the plant will fit in around the house.

Whether it is placed in the living room or the backyard, the weatherproof materials can last for a long time.

On the flip side, a vertical tower garden has uneven sun exposure, which results in some plants having slower growth than the others.

Wall garden

This garden setting is the best choice for encouraging photosynthesis because each plant has a balanced display.

The thick, natural wall of leaves blocks out external sounds, providing a relaxing atmosphere. Plus, the walls have a high decorative level with fresh blooms or vegetables.

However, wall gardens require a special setup. This installation includes special hanging wires or mounting accessories, a lighting system, additional water pipes, and so on.

A frequent professional care schedule is essential for maintaining healthy plants, making it slightly high maintenance.

The grow area

Choose the size of your tower based on the floor space that you have. An average tower garden requires up to 6sq. ft.

If you want to grow more plants in minimal floor space, consider choosing taller towers with adjustable pipes.

Large pot sizes can fit common edible produces and even fruits, while smaller pots offer sufficient space for herbs or flowers. Aeroponic garden systems stand at approximately 20 to 80 inches in height.

Types of plants

The best feature for hydroponics gardens is the ability to store various plants, except for large roots. Rosemary, tomatoes, strawberries, and even potatoes are common species.

Although bear in mind that each plant has its requirements for water, sunlight, and fertilizer. You will want to arrange acquired plants strategically as a result.

Deciding on the list of plants will help you choose the right tool for growing healthy crops and beautiful blooms.


Most garden towers are made from BPA-free plastic that follows the FDA guidelines for growing healthy food. Weatherproof materials support the plants greatly in withstanding the rainy season and heavy wind, which protects the roots and guarantees steady growth.


Vertical towers come in neutral colors so they can fit the landscape settings with ease. The pots’ design should minimize leaking issues while allowing enough air ventilation.

As for additional parts, brands may include a timer for automatic watering sessions, bottom trays, and extra pots. In many cases, you can install accessories to enhance plant growth. The category includes LED grow lights, cages for supporting the vines or bushy leaves, and so on.

This video shows you the simplest way to make a DIY hydroponic system:

Final Verdict

After considering the vertical grow towers’ benefits and weak points, our premium choice for a long-lasting hydroponic gardening tower is the Mr. Stacky Large 5 Tier Vertical Garden Tower.

The most crucial factor for choosing a suitable garden tower is understanding the plants you want to grow. Each product design offers certain advantages for the plants to thrive and become a productive garden.

If you are looking to grow an edible garden, prioritize planters with food-graded materials. Finally, a tower with a water circulation system utilizes energy at an affordable cost.

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