How to Kill a Pine Tree Effectively, Fast, and in Secret

It is essential to know how to kill a pine tree as they can grow like weeds. If you fail to get rid of them, your pasture land or lawn can look like a forest.

If pine trees grow in the wrong or undesirable areas, killing them is necessary to clear the space.

If you need a quick kill, then chemical is the way to go. Below is the best recommend herbicides for fast effect:

List of Effective Ways of Killing a Pine Tree

1. Kill Pine Trees with Copper Nails

Step 1: Get your supplies ready.

You need a hammer and a couple of copper nails. Get those that are long enough to penetrate to the roots of the pine tree.

This method takes around a year to make the pine tree sick, but it will eventually die.

Step 2: Clean out the base of the pine tree.

How to Kill a Pine Tree Effectively, Fast, and in Secret

Most people hammer the copper nails around the trunk of trees.

However, if you want to kill a pine tree without anyone knowing, target the roots instead. Before that, clear out the base of the tree so you can see which parts to aim.

Step 3: Hammer the nails into the root of the pine tree.

Hammer the copper nails on the roots at a marginal angle pointing downward. The deeper the nails going through it, the more effective it will be in killing the pine tree.

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Step 4: Continue hammering nails around the tree.

The chance of oxidation from the metal increases as you hammer more nails surrounding the tree. Continue hammering nails around it at ½ inch apart.

Step 5: Mulch the pine tree.

To make it less noticeable, cover the copper nails with mulch. It can either be mud, foliage, or weed cloth, which you can secure using more copper nails to the roots.

2. Poisoning Pine Trees Using Salt

Step 1: Ready your items.

You only need Epsom salt, a few liters of water, and a shovel. Sodium Chloride is a simple condiment that can dry out the source of water for pine trees in high dosages.

Step 2: Lightly excavate the surface around the tree.

Using a shovel, dig the ground around the pine tree to expose its roots for poisoning. Keep the soil near as you will need it for mulching later.

Step 3: Drill and make holes around the pine tree.

Use a drill to create holes in the ground around the base of the pine. Make the holes around a half-inch in diameter and drill 4 to 6 of them around the pine tree angled downwards.

Step 4: Pour a salt and water solution to the holes.

Mix 6 to 7 cups of Epsom salt to around 3 to 4 cups of water in a container. Combine them properly until the salt dissolves then start emptying the solution to fill the holes, refilling as they are absorbed.

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Step 5: Cover the base of the tree with soil.

To make the process less visible, use the discarded soil to cover the base of the tree, adding some mud or foliage if necessary.

3. Using Herbicide

Step 1: Choose a chemical to kill pine trees.

Many chemicals are effective in killing a pine tree. Some of the common ones include Glysophate, Imazypyr, Nitrogen Fertilizer, Metsulfuron, and 2,4-D.

Step 2: Expose the roots of the pine and drill hole in it.

Clean out the base of the pine tree to expose the roots, dig the ground using a shovel if necessary. Then use a drill to make a couple of holes in it at a 45-degree angle pointing downwards.

Step 3: Pour the herbicide and mulch the base.

Empty your chosen herbicide inside the holes. Allow it to settle until the solution is fully absorbed, refilling the gaps as necessary. Once done, cover the base of the pine with mud and foliage.


As pine trees continue to grow in inappropriate areas, it can cause a lot of damage to the property.

That’s why it’s necessary to kill them, and the best way is to poison the trees. Fortunately, there are countless effective ways on how to kill a pine tree without anybody knowing about it.

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