How Big Do Succulents Get? Home Gardening Guide

There is no easy way to answer questions about how big do succulents get as it depends on several factors. Succulents have tons of varieties with some bigger than the others once full grown. The size of these plants also highly depends on their growing conditions.

This gardening guide should help to give a view simpler on how big do succulents get.

How Big Do Succulents Get?

How Fast Do Succulents Grow? How Big Do Succulents Get?

Several influential factors affect how fast or slow succulents grow or how big they can get. That includes their variety or specie, growing conditions, and their dormancy.


Whether a succulent grows all year round or during a specific season only will affect how fast it grows and how big it can get.

Seasonal Types

Succulent plants, most of them, have seasonal growth patterns. This type of plants come in various species and varieties, but they can either be Summer Dormant or Winter Dormant.

The dormancy period in succulents is the cycle when their growth becomes extremely slow or no growth at all. During this time, plants will need minimal watering.

Summer dormant succulents or winter growers remain dormant from May to August. Varieties in this category include Aloe, Graptoveria, Haworthia, Kalanchoe, Crassula, Sedeco, Sansevieria, Sedum, Gasteria, Pachyveria, Avonia, Bulbine, and Cotyledon, among others.

Winter dormant succulents or summer growers, on the other hand, stays dormant between November and May. Species in this category include Agave, Cissus, Ficus, Echeveria, Fockea, Lithops, Moringa, Plumeria, Tillandsia, Plumeria, Jatropha, Adenia, Euphorbia, and Huernia, among others.

How Big Do Succulents Get? Home Gardening Guide


These plants are pretty low maintenance, to the delight of many novices and even experienced gardeners. It will depend on the ideal growing conditions if you want to know how big do succulents get. They can reach their mature size faster if they get enough nutrients to stimulate their growth.

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Although they can tolerate low-light conditions, succulent plants thrive best with bright but indirect sunlight. Choosing the best spot for your potted plants is essential to their growth.

They need light most of the day. Otherwise, succulents become leggy.

For indoor succulents, the best spot for them would be near windows where they can get natural light.


The most crucial requirement that affects the growth of succulents is the quality of the potting soil. Using standard soil mix is not ideal for succulents as they thrive best when planted of porous and sandy soil.

For succulents to grow fast, they need a well-draining soil mix with proper aeration. Giving them damp soil is not only unnecessary, but it could stunt the growth of succulent plants.


Succulents are hardy plants, mostly unbothered by common insects. However, some pests are harmful and can stunt their growth or kill them, like mealy bugs. They are the most tenacious enemy of succulents.


Climate will affect the growing cycle of succulents, similar to their dormancy period. Cold loving plants will thrive and grow faster when the weather is colder. However, the freezing temperature is not suitable for their growth.

Meanwhile, warm-loving succulents will get bigger during warmer climates. However, a too high temperature wouldn’t be ideal for them.

Feeding your succulent plants during their ideal growing weather will help them get bigger faster. It is essential to know the plant’s dormancy period so you can provide the nutrients to boost their growth when they need it.

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In terms of varieties to answer the question of how massive succulents can get, you can categorize them into two: the slow-growing and fast-growing succulents.

Fast-growing succulents include Echeveria, Graptoveria, Kalanchoe, Aloe, Sedum, Graptosedum, and Crassula. For example, with the right growing conditions during spring and summer, an echeveria plant can grow up to six to eight inches in one year. Most fast-growing succulent plants can grow as much each year.

Meanwhile, slow growers can only get as big as two to four inches every year, even with the best growing conditions and utmost care. Common slow-growing succulents include Gasteria and Haworthia.

How Big Do Succulents Get? Home Gardening Guide

How to Make Your Succulent Grow Fast and Healthy?

Providing conditions that will be favorable to their growth will help plants grow faster. Give them the best-growing state, and you will know how massive succulents can get, including enough water, temperature, and sunlight.

What to Do:

Give It Bright Sunlight

While succulents can grow indoors, they thrive best outdoors where they can get sunlight. Especially for succulent varieties in red, purple, and orange colors, they need ample sunlight to keep their vibrant hues.

Enough Water

Watering succulents is essential, but it doesn’t need much. The amount of water you need to provide will also depend on the weather condition. Your plants will need more water during summer than in winter.

When watering succulents, the rule of thumb is to wait for the soil to dry out first before watering again.

Choosing the Right Spot

When growing succulent plants indoors, choosing the right spot is essential to give them enough light requirements. The best place for them is near windows where they can get indirect sunlight for at least six full hours each day.

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If they don’t get enough light, succulents will start to stretch out and get taller, but thinner at the same time. If you see your plants getting elongated than usual, it’s a sign that they need more light.

Make a Long-Term Commitment

Especially for slow-growing plants, you need a long-term commitment to taking care of them. It takes a long time to see considerable growth, but committing to giving them the same level of care will keep them growing healthy.

What Not to Do:

Growing Them Together

Overcrowding succulents or cramming them up together in a small pot will stunt their growth. It can also encourage insect infestations and mold, which wouldn’t help with their growth.

Growing Unrealistic Varieties

One of the keys to growing succulents better is to identify your varieties first. That way, you know how much care they need and when. Expecting slow-growing plants to grow bigger faster by overwatering or putting a lot of fertilizer isn’t realistic.

Settling with Using Standard Soil Mix

Unlike other plants, standard soil mixes won’t cut it for succulents. They are the type of plants that withstands the harshest environment. Succulents grow better on desert-dweller mixes, low-nutrient, and well-draining soil.


Several factors determine how big succulents can get and how fast they grow. That includes getting the best growing condition with enough water and sunlight ideal for their variety.

This gardening guide should help answer your question on how big do succulents get and how to better care for them.

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