When is a Good Time to Buy a Lawn Mower?

Buying a new commercial lawnmower requires a lot of research on the item models, features, and prestigious manufacturers. Specifically, if you want to save as much money as possible, you must figure out a good time to buy a lawnmower.

Like most other seasonal items, a commercial lawnmower is cheapest when demand is at its lowest.

When is a Good Time to Buy a Lawn Mower?

When Do Mowers Go On Sale?

If it is the first time you buy lawn care equipment, the most common question that pops up in your mind must be, “When is the best time to buy a lawnmower?”

There is an ideal time of the year when electric mowers are at their lowest prices. The three following periods of the year prove to be an excellent time to buy a lawnmower.

The Middle of June

The best time to buy a riding lawn mower proves to be early summer months or late spring, so June may not seem like a good choice.

However, there is an ideal time in the middle of June when most commercial lawn mower shops offer fantastic lawn care equipment bargains, so keep an eye out for that.

The standard mower manufacturers and merchants will, in most cases, provide unique offers and amazing discounts in the week coming up to Father’s Day.

An electric lawnmower with valuable features is usually a great present for dads. Hence, most companies will increase their lawnmower sales by offering significant discounts, according to consumer reports.

End of August

The best month to buy a lawnmower is August, especially towards the end. However, many merchants will be prepping their storefronts for fresh fall arrivals by late August.

Because businesses need the warehouse space for new stocks in the upcoming season, most will give significant discounts on their high-end mowers to get them moving.

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Expensive mowers take up many storage rooms, so it’s more beneficial for retailers to let them go first and quickly. Even if the cuts aren’t as extreme in August, you’ll save a lot of money compared to buying an electric push mower throughout the summer.


Fall is by far the best time of year to buy a lawnmower, and you can be sure that you will receive some excellent lawn care equipment deals. The weather begins to chill in the autumn, and the mowing period is drawing to a close.

Thus, this is the time when lawnmower discount sales are at their lowest for most businesses.

Most stores are anxious to sell mowers from September to December, offering retail price cuts and high discounts. However, the primary reason remains that they need the room to stock up on other winter months supplies, i.e., a snowblower.

Furthermore, no merchant wants to keep a standard mower in stock because new lawn mower models are released during mowing seasons with new convenience features. As a result, a current model might end up not so current any longer.

Learn how to choose the best mower for your needs from Consumer Reports’ expert.

Why Are Mowers Cheaper At Different Times?

There are several reasons why grass mowers are cheaper at specific times compared to others.

Commercial lawn mower manufacturers usually come up with a strategic plan to predict consumer behaviors and demands.

This plan usually includes seasonal sale days and other promotional approaches with clear objectives and actions to sell new lawnmower models.

In this way, they carefully plan the regular price adjustment of their products when people regularly buy lawnmowers the most.

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The outcome is manufacturers sell more products while customers can buy their favorite self-propelled push mower at a perfect time and price.

Depending on the item model and its convenience features, the discount level would be different.

How To Buy An Amazing Lawn Mower At A Good Price?

Wait for End-of-Season Discount Sales

Many people ask the same question, “Do lawnmowers go on sale?” when they look for their very first item.

Retail pricing, like all other items, tends to adapt to the demand. As a result, you can anticipate costs to skyrocket when everyone wants a new standard mower. Conversely, you’re more likely to find a bargain when everyone already has one item in stock for their use.

Fall is usually towards the end of the mowing season, and thus most stores drop the prices of garden equipment. Wintertime woollies are more likely to be purchased than gardening tools.

Therefore, shop owners like to replace these bulky appliances with plenty of choices according to the seasonal demands.

Early September is an excellent time to start looking for an end-of-season lawn mower sale in the northern hemisphere. That’s when electric lawn mower shops will try to move their goods by offering attractive first, however.

Looking for a retailer that offers a low-price guarantee is a fantastic alternative. If you discover their goods cheaper elsewhere in 30 days, they’ll reimburse the difference. First, however, check the terms to see if there are any limitations on how it operates.

Utilize Holiday Bargains

During the summer, public holidays bring more time for you to jump in the garden – and more discount sales of gardening supplies.

To get a competitive advantage, retailers who want to increase profits frequently offer lawn mowers for sale. Father’s Day is a particular favorite, with many dads looking forward to receiving some gardening equipment.

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Finding a dealer that offers a low price guarantee, similar to end-of-season deals, should be a smart move. Often, read the warranty clauses to ensure you don’t end up losing money if anything goes wrong.

Look for Innovation

Commercial lawn mower manufacturers are still searching for new opportunities to improve their options. What is the reason for this?

Since there are specific customers who must possess the most up-to-date commercial lawn mower on the market, as a result, they can sell more products.

However, this presents a fantastic chance for savvy shoppers. Last week’s top-of-the-line commercial lawn mower is now less appealing than the current one.

Retailers are eager to get their hands on the trendy options, but they only have the same storage space.

What is the solution? To make room for the new mower, get rid of the old one with discounts. Hence, you can benefit from innovations.


Whenever you plan to buy a new self-propelled mower, you’ll be making a significant financial commitment. So it’s worth checking with the stores to see if their pricing has changed.

And if the answer is no, others would be willing to sweeten the deal with petrol or free accessories.

It’s an incredibly effective strategy if you decide to buy a riding lawnmower when the season comes to an end. Many retailers would value the additional storage space by selling the existing commercial lawnmower.

And if they can sell those out-of-season gardening supplies as well, that’s much more space- and cost-effective.


The above article has pointed out the good time to buy a lawnmower. You can use this information to acquire a commercial lawn mower purchase at a regular price.

Remember to keep an eye on holiday bargains and end-of-season electric lawnmower deals when manufacturers clear up their stock.

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