12 Wall Art Ideas for A Gorgeous Living Room (Number 6 is my favourite)

In this era, every day, you face difficult challenges and undergo a hectic schedule. You only find serenity at your nest.

You find a calm and peaceful milieu when you bring nature into your home. Throughout time, nature has always been the most outstanding teacher and inspiration for everyone. Using the natural tones in interiors creates a peaceful aura around the whole space.

So, turn your living room into a lush and relaxing retreat by bringing in the outdoor elements. Following are some garden wall art ideas that bring colours nature into your interiors.

Traditional Wall Art

Are you an art lover? Do you love traditional art? If yes, then you can display them on your living room wall. You can hang a beautiful painting depicting nature, posters or customized photo prints.

12 Wall Art Ideas for A Gorgeous Living Room (Number 6 is my favourite)
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Nature-inspired colours in the wall art will make a beautiful impact on your living room. Greenery lovers love art inspiring nature because they have learnt it from a very young age to appreciate mother nature.

Hang Laser-Cut Panels

Add a decorative touch to a living room wall with some laser cut panels. It is a stylish and contemporary way to add colour and pattern to space without appearing fussy.

You can choose panels in stainless steel or go for a bespoke steel design that can be coated with the colour of your choice. This is a classy way to give a stunning look to living room walls.

Grass Walls

The concept of grassy walls is in trend these days. Since nature is essential for greenery lovers, decorate your living room walls with grass. Though grass walls need high maintenance, it is worth it.

12 Wall Art Ideas for A Gorgeous Living Room (Number 6 is my favourite)
Source: ElephantStock

The beauty and relaxation of the grass wall pass, making the interiors vivacious. It also adds colour to your space. If you do not want to risk your interiors with a grass wall, try wallpaper with a green colour scheme.

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Potted Plants

Suppose you are a greenery lover, then why not include some plants in the wall decoration.

12 Wall Art Ideas for A Gorgeous Living Room (Number 6 is my favourite)
Source: ElephantStock

This is a unique but beautiful concept to grace the living room wall. It will make your space lively and stylish. Hanging the small plants on the living room wall is a great way to conceal lifeless walls.

Dazzle with Green Shade Tiles

You can make the living room alive by adding richly green shade glazed tiles on the accent wall. Stick to dark green colour for maximum effect and let natural light fall on the accent wall.

You can use unusually shaped tiles like triangular, hexagonal or rhombus for a textured finish. This will also impress your guests or anyone who enters your home.

Earthy Colours

Nowadays, more and more people are painting their walls with earthy colours to add a natural aspect to the living room. Colours like mustard, red clay, dark green, brown, in addition to caramel and chocolate shades, are widely used by nature-lovers.

12 Wall Art Ideas for A Gorgeous Living Room (Number 6 is my favourite)
Source: ElephantStock

These hues will add an earthy, natural, and sophisticated touch to your living room. If you paint walls with dark colours, ensure that you get natural light on the walls. It will offset the wall intensity.

Cute Bird Houses

Make the living room wall cute and colourful by using tiny coloured birdhouses. Mount birdhouses on the walls will give the illusion of a garden wall on the living room wall.

For natural or audio effects, you can also install a recorder with light bird chattering voices. Play them for artistic effects in the morning. It will make your mornings better and lively.

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Recycled Decorations

The garden wall art is for those people who love recycling old items. You can create some fantastic decoration items by using recycled old things. It will add a rustic touch to your living room.

For example, use old rusted windows or planters. Paint them and hang them on living room walls for decorating the accent wall.

Include Outdoor Objects 

If you wish to add an outdoor touch to your living area, try to include outdoor things in wall decorations. You can use items such as surfboards, ropes, poodles, or any other beach item.

12 Wall Art Ideas for A Gorgeous Living Room (Number 6 is my favourite)
Source: ElephantStock

It will give an authentic beach look to your living room walls. It will create an illusion of the beach in the living room and become a centrepiece of attraction.

Reflecting Mirrors

You can hang mirrors on the wall across the accent wall. The mirror is an excellent reflecting device. This will beautifully reflect the accent wall and creates an extravaganza wall décor item.

It will also create a cosy and homey ambience. Hang mirrors and frames of different sizes to look at the gallery wall.

Wrought Iron Wall Décor

Everyone knows the advantages of wrought iron. It is widely used in making gates, patio furniture, and fences. But the thing you don’t know is that you can also use wrought iron for wall decorations.

Yes, you can create beautiful curves, words or patterns on walls with wrought iron. You can also use it in modern or abstract art. The wrought iron wall décor will add uniqueness to your space.

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It can also become a topic of discussion for guests and makes the living room welcoming.

Grow a Living Wall

Are you inclined towards wildlife? If yes, then you can make most of your space by planting a living wall in your living room. You can spruce up a plain living room wall with a lush tapestry of foliage.

It will make an eye-catching feature of your living room. There are many ways to make a living wall, but the easiest is making a series of stackable planters. You can easily arrange them as per your living room space.

Grow them to get whatever look you desire. It is effortless to arrange and replant if required. For watering, water the top row and let the irrigation system work for rest.

Final Words

Home is not only made of bricks but also made of heart and soul. The more you love your space, the more it will spread positivity. You can only love your space if you find peace in it.

For peace, you can add natural elements to your space. They will make your home cosy and lively.

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