45 Lovely Garden Quotes (#37 Will Definitely Make You Smile)

A couple of garden quotes or short garden quotes can inspire you.

You may get some encouragement from famous gardeners’ quotes if you’re interested in quotes about gardens.

We’ve collected 45 of the most famous garden quotes on the internet, along with several shareable pictures to help you spread the word about your soul garden online.

Our article will be a fantastic present for you and your fascination for gardening. Let’s open your gift!

45 Lovely Garden Quotes

#1. “Use Plants To Bring Life.” – Douglas Wilson (Have you ever planted a tree?)

It is one of the meaningful quotes about plants. Trees are involved in people’s lives, both physically and mentally, so planting trees creates life.

#2. “A Weed Is A Plant That Has Mastered Every Survival Skill Except For Learning How To Grow In Rows.” – Doug Larson (It’s such an interesting fact that most of us miss it)

The quote shows both the strengths and weaknesses of a weed so that we humans can learn from them. What do you think about their strengths and weaknesses?

#3. “Show Me Your Garden And I Shall Tell You What You Are.” – Alfred Austin (Are you thinking about “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?)

Alfred Austin was not only talking about your real-life garden but also about your soul garden. Instead of judging a book by its cover, he used the garden.

#4. “Flowers Always Make People Better, Happier, And More Helpful; They Are Sunshine, Food, And Medicine For The Soul.” – Luther Burbank (Rise and shine, folks)

Flowers are the miracle gift that Mother Earth gave us. They are so gorgeous both mentally and physically.

Beauty is not all they get, and they are also a remedy for our souls. Do you agree with us?

#5. “Gardeners, I Think, Dream Bigger Dreams Than Emperors.” – Mary Cantwell (Wow!)

The gardening work has contributed to nurturing the hearts and minds of gardeners to be more open.

#6. “In The Spring, At The End Of The Day, You Should Smell Like Dirt.” – Margaret Atwood (Don’t you like that feeling when smelling like dirt?)

Spring is the season to plant trees. You should take advantage of this time to work hard and plant many trees during the day, so it is easy to understand that at the end of the day, “you should smell like dirt”.

Margaret also showed you the beauty of the spring and slightly reminded you to live to the fullest in every moment, especially in the most beautiful season of the year – springtime.

#7. “A Garden Requires Patient Labor And Attention. Plants Do Not Grow Merely To Satisfy Ambitions Or To Fulfill Good Intentions. They Thrive Because Someone Expends Effort On Them.” – Liberty Hyde Bailey (Put the best effort in everything you do)

This quote teaches you about the virtues of patience and working with your heart. It’s also about living life as people’s judgment but not your own life – a life that you always desire.

#8. “When The Flower Blooms, The Bees Come Uninvited.” Ramakrishna (It’s natural but it’s beautiful, right?)

It talks about an obvious fact and reminds you that good things will find their way to you if you do good things and work hard.

#9. “In Search Of My Mother’s Garden, I Found My Own.” – Alice Walker (How sweet it is!)

It is because you are kind and generous. Looking for good things for others, but you accidentally find good stuff for yourself on the way. Isn’t it an unexpected, pleasant surprise?

#10. “Little Things Seem Nothing, But They Give Peace, Like Those Meadow Flowers Which Individually Seem Odorless But All Together Perfume The Air.” – Georges Bernanos (Sounds peaceful, right?)

Live your life and appreciate every single thing around you, even the smallest ones like wildflowers, meadow flowers, or so.

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#11. “A Flower Falls, Even Though We Love It; And A Weed Grows, Even Though We Do Not Love It.” – Dogen (They are just like us as human beings)

No matter what you love or hate, things happen. What happens might be out of your control but how you react to it is in your own hands.

#12. “Weeds Are Flowers Too, Once You Get To Know Them.” – A. A. Milne (Sounds so cute, my friend)

You will eventually realize the beauty of things that you gradually feel familiar with. Don’t neglect the mundane things in life.

#13. “Isn’t It Enough To See That A Garden Is Beautiful Without Having To Believe That There Are Fairies At The Bottom Of It Too?” – Douglas Adams (Real world, real beauty)

You don’t have to see fairies or magic in the garden, but gardens initially have their beauty.

#14. “I Like Gardening – It’s A Place Where I Find Myself When I Need To Lose Myself.” – Alice Sebold (Easy to understand? Or not?)

Alice Sebold mastered the wordplay successfully, making you feel interested in pondering upon her words.

Moments of utmost silence and peace help you to contemplate better, right?

#15. “Gardeners Are Good At Nurturing, And They Have A Great Quality Of Patience, They’re Tender. They Have To Be Persistent.” – Ralph Fiennes (They’re such lovely words!)

It’s all about the gardeners’ virtues that you can practice when gardening.

#16. “I’ve Always Felt That Having A Garden Is Like Having A Good And Loyal Friend.” – C. Z. Guest (What do you first think about when hearing the phrase “loyal friend”?)

Who are the good friends you would like to introduce to your garden – your best natural friend?

#17. “Gardening Is How I Relax. It’s Another Form Of Creating And Playing With Colors.” – Oscar De La Renta (Gardening is also an art)

Gardening is a job or a chore and a delicate hobby that is full of colors and creations. Oscar de la Renta brought us a vivid color garden world.

#18. “You Have To Get Up And Plant The Seed And See If It Grows, But You Can’t Just Wait Around, You Have To Water It And Take Care Of It.” – Bootsy Collins (Don’t be lazy!)

It teaches you the lesson of life, to be successful, you can’t only do one thing and wait. The ability to multitask and be patient are excellent materials for almost every aspect of your life, not just gardening.

#19. “If A Tree Dies, Plant Another In Its Place.” – Carolus Linnaeus (It’s a positive thinking)

The quote gives us another point of view when unexpected things happen or when you fail.

Don’t give up. Stand up and move forward!

And don’t forget to put a big smile on your face.

#20. “Gardens Are Not Made By Singing ‘Oh, How Beautiful,’ And Sitting In The Shade.” – Rudyard Kipling (Once again, don’t be lazy!)

Nothing good nor success will ever come to lazy people, so work hard and work smart.

#21. “The Garden Suggests There Might Be A Place Where We Can Meet Nature Halfway.” – Michael Pollan (Wow!)

Michael Pollan just gave us the map to heaven. Do you feel excited about his map?

#22. “The Love Of Gardening Is A Seed Once Sown That Never Dies.” – Gertrude Jekyll (What’s that seed called?)

The love for gardening will last. You may find a commonality in the soul or common ground with those who love gardening.

And you must feel so lucky when you find harmony in the soul with someone in the past that had the same love for gardening as you.

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#23. “The Secret Of Improved Plant Breeding, Apart From Scientific Knowledge, Is Love.” – Luther Burbank (How cool that is!)

Another lesson of putting your heart into everything you do.

#24. “My Extravagance Is My Garden – It’s The First Thing I Look At Every Morning When I Wake Up. It Gives Me So Much Pleasure.” – Ina Garten (How about you? What’s your extravagance?)

Are you smiling, my friend? Do you enjoy your lovely garden in the same way as Ina Garten did?

#25. “What Is A Weed? A Plant Whose Virtues Have Never Been Discovered.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We think you agree with us that this quote has the same meaning as “Don’t judge the book by its cover/Don’t underestimate the mundane.”

#26. “Flowers Are Restful To Look At. They Have Neither Emotions Nor Conflicts.” – Sigmund Freud (Such a pure beauty they have!)

It is such a lovely quote, isn’t it? What do you see when looking at those beautiful flowers in your garden?

#27. “To Dwell Is To Garden.” – Martin Heidegger (Feel great)

Garden is our home sweet home. It’s also the shelter for our soul with the healing superpower.

#28. “He Plants Trees To Benefit Another Generation.” – Caecilius Statius (What a greater thought!)

Planting trees is building life.

#29. “I Do Some Of My Best Thinking While Pulling Weeds.” – Martha Smith (Do you feel the same?)


Pulling weeds is also removing the sorrow and negativity out of your soul.

Then, bringing you a refreshing mind. Do you agree with us, folks?

#30. “We Learn From Our Gardens To Deal With The Most Urgent Question Of The Time: How Much Is Enough?” – Wendell Berry (Did you learn the same thing?)

Gardening is a wonderful teacher. It makes us think and ask essential questions in life without even making us.

#31. “No One Will Understand A Japanese Garden Until You’ve Walked Through One, And You Hear The Crunch Underfoot, And You Smell It, And You Experience It Over Time. Now There’s No Photograph Or Any Movie That Can Give You That Experience.” – J. Carter Brown (Have you ever visited a Japanese garden?)

Living, experiencing are great ways for “taking pictures or filming” your life.

#32. “Trees And Plants Always Look Like The People They Live With, Somehow.” – Zora Neale Hurston (Like flowers, like owner)

Humans and vice versa influence trees. Don’t you think so?

#33. “A Good Garden May Have Some Weeds.” – Thomas Fuller (Beautiful imperfection!)

Nothing is perfect because sometimes imperfection is necessary and valuable as some weeds in a good garden.

#34. “Gardening Is Learning, Learning, Learning. That’s The Fun Of Them. You’re Always Learning.” – Helen Mirren (Do you like it?)

It is so interesting to learn in this way.

#35. “The Flower That Smells The Sweetest Is Shy And Lowly.” – William Wordsworth (So sweet!)


Humility is the sweet beauty.

#36. “No Occupation Is So Delightful To Me As The Culture Of The Earth, And No Culture Comparable To That Of The Garden.” – Thomas Jefferson (You got it?)

Do you think that the long history of gardening is as old as the formation of our ancient Earth?

#37. “The Glory Of Gardening: Hands In The Dirt, Head In The Sun, Heart With Nature. To Nurture A Garden Is To Feed Not Just On The Body, But The Soul” – Alfred Austin (It definitely makes you smile)

It is one of the best quotes about gardening. We bet you can relate when reading it.

#38. “It Is A Good Idea To Be Alone In A Garden At Dawn Or Dark So That All Its Shy Presences May Haunt You And Possess You In A Reverie Of Suspended Thought.” – James Douglas (Dawn or dark?)

Being alone in a garden at dawn or dark is a clever way to witness time reflection, your ego, and the time for yourself.

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#39. “I Enjoy Painting, Cutting The Lawn, And Working In The Garden When I Have Time. That’s Therapy For Me. I Enjoy Working With My Hands.” – Billy Williams (Feel so grateful!)

Physical activities are closely related to strengthening your brain.

Scientific studies prove this fact. You can read more about this topic here.

#40. “If A Person Cannot Love A Plant After He Has Pruned It, Then He Has Either Done A Poor Job Or Is Devoid Of Emotion.” – Liberty Hyde Bailey (Love is everything)

Just a tiny expression can tell a lot about that person. It reminds you to love everything you do.

#41. “Everyone Wants Instant Everything, And They Want Instant Success, But I Always Think You Should Treat Things In The Arts Like A Garden, And Let Them Grow.” – Penelope Keith (Everything needs time)

All things, in general, need time to be nurtured and cared for, so does gardening in particular. But, unfortunately, no sweet fruit comes in an eye blink.

#42. “I Read, Go For Walks And I Love To Garden. My Hands Are Such A Mess. People Think I Should Have Movie Star Hands, But They’re Just Gardening Ones. Always Slightly Grubby And With A Bit Of Dirt Under The Fingernails.” – Amanda Donohoe (Which one do you have?)

Such a comprehensive yet peaceful picture that will make any garden lover smile and see himself or herself in it.

#43. “There Is Nothing I Like Better At The End Of A Hot Summer’s Day Than Taking A Short Walk Around The Garden. You Can Smell The Heat Coming Up From The Earth To Meet The Cooler Night Air.” – Peter Mayle (Bet that you can smell it by just reading it)


What a surreal description! Have you ever experienced such a moment in your life, my friend?

It is genuinely an exciting occurrence that everyone should have in their life at least once.

#44. “Weather Means More When You Have A Garden. There’s Nothing Like Listening To A Shower And Thinking How It Is Soaking In Around Your Green Beans.” – Marcelene Cox (You have thing to care about)


Weather is simply not just the weather anymore when you have your garden. It’s like you have to take care of and protect your beloved babies and enjoy the happiness of watching them grow day by day.

#45. “There Is No Gardening Without Humility. Nature Is Constantly Sending Even Its Oldest Scholars To The Bottom Of The Class For Some Egregious Blunder.” – Alfred Austin (Deep one!)

This very last quote of the list is another excellent example of putting your heart into the work you do.

You do it with big love, with all of your heart; mother Earth will give you a gift like a gift we’re giving you now – the list of 45 gardening quotes.


You just went through the garden quotes journey with us. Congratulations! How do you feel now, dear? Do you enjoy your trip?

To help inspire you in your gardening, you can find lots of gardening quotes and sayings that will provide a kick in your mood.

Here we have gathered a selection of our favorite garden quotes to give you encouragement and inspiration.

Regardless of whether gardening directly impacts well-being or not, we hope that we were successful in putting a smile on your beautiful face.

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