41 DIY Cheap, Easy Compost Bins Plans to Build & Make Your Own

Do you know you can kill 3 birds with one stone? By making a compost bin, you can save money, add nutrients to your gardening, and help out the environment!

Why send stuff to a landfill when you can turn them into nutrient-rich soil for your vegetable or flower gardening? Begin composting today with these 41 cheap and easy DIY compost bins that everyone can make, whether a gardening beginner or a pro.

41 DIY Cheap, Easy Compost Bins Plans to Build & Make Your Own

41 DIY Cheap, Easy Compost Bins Plans

#1 Two Bin Compost Bin

All you need for this project is several old pallets or some left over lumber. The bins in the photo are two feet tall (60cm) and three feet (90cm) by three feet (90cm) in diameter. However, you can alter the dimensions based on your actual needs.

Check out the tutorial for this perfect idea in case you want to organize your compost!

#2 Compost Bin Out of Shipping Pallets

If you don’t need to organize your trash, this is a simpler project that takes less than 1 hour. As the pallet’s structure allows ventilation, this is the cheapest, easiest functional compost bin.

All you have to do is to look for repurposed pallets, zip ties, and follow this useful guideline.

#3 Repurposed Trash Can

If you have an used trash can that you want to turn into a compost bin, grab a drill and paddle drill bit for this easy project. If you don’t want to see a trash can in your beautiful garden, paint it with any color of your choice so it can blend in wonderfully.

Breathe new life to your old trash can with this tutorial!

#4 Compost Bin from Plastic Box

If you have an old plastic box lying somewhere in the storage, it’s time to turn it into an useful compost bin. Don’t forget to add a lid to keep the soil moist and prevent critters.

With this tutorial and a drill, you can have your own compost bin within an hour!

#5 Three Bin Compost Bin

If you have a big garden, you might need this ultimate three bin compost bin to create enough nutrient rich soil. It is going to take lots of room in your backyard, so turn it into a nice decor by painting it!

Check out this link to learn how to make one for your homestead!

#6 Kitchen Compost Bin

If you need a tiny compost bin for your kitchen, look for a sealable container. Use a piece of paper to cover it, create holes on it with a drill, then your compost bin is ready for work!

Visit this link for a more detailed tutorial if you haven’t figured out how to do it!

#7 Terracotta Compost Collection

This fancy compost bin cannot be cheap, but it will be a wonderful addition to your garden! This rotatable and stackable composting station will act as an artistic display and the source of beneficial nutrients to your garden.

Learn how to make one with this detailed guideline!

#8 Cinder Block Compost Bin

With a collection of concrete blocks, you can build a functional open-face compost system to turn and aerate the compost. You can also add ventilation, or pest control for changing seasons.

Get your blocks ready and follow this tutorial to start building one for your garden!

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#9 Three Tiered Worm Compost Bin

It’s time to make your worms work! With this compost bin, worms will be used to create nutrient rich soil. You will need a drill, a saw, and some other tools, but don’t sweat it yet, it is extremely easy and quick to make.

Follow this how-to and you can finish it less than a weekend.

#10 Spinning Compost Tumbler

Save your time and energies by giving gravity a job. With this spinning compost tumbler, you can flip decomposing materials effortlessly.

Make one this weekend with this tutorial, it isn’t complicated as it looks!

#11 Cardboard Box Composter

Cardboard boxes are everywhere so this project might cost you nothing. But your compost bin won’t be able to stay strong in the rain, so don’t go for it unless it’s always sunny where you live.

Check out the 5 steps to build a compost bin out of cardboard boxes in this link!

#12 Wine Barrel Compost Tumbler

If you have some wine barrels lying around, turn it into an useful compost tumbler! Not to mention that a wine barrel will make your garden much more stylish!

Follow this guide to make a compost tumbler that’s fast, cheap, and easy!

#13 Super Simple Homemade Compost Tumbler

If you are into a tumbler but looking for a more budget option, this project is perfect for you!

This simple tumbler can be made of a cylindrical metal or plastic garbage can, with some bungee cord. The process is easy and doesn’t take long, as long as you have the necessary tools and materials in hands.

Check out this set of step-by-step instructions to build one when time allows!

#14 Five Gallon Bucket Compost Bin

If you don’t have enough room, try making a compact one with a homestead essential, a 5 gallon bucket. With one hour spent on the project, you will have a compost bin to use for years to come. It sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Follow this tutorial to make sure your 1 hour long project will be a success!

#15 Efficient Wooden Compost Bin

This three-bin system is a compost factory that can churn out rich soil in a fraction of the time. It looks complicated, but all you need are the tools, materials, and couple of hours to make one on your own.

Visit this link for a step-by-step tutorial!

#16 Wire Panel Compost Bin

This open air bin will fasten the decomposition, creating lots of nutrient soil for your gardening. It can also act as a piece of art, making your garden more stylish.

Check out this tutorial to build one yourself, don’t forget to adjust the design depending on the local climate.

#17 Double-Decker Drum Composter

For a lot quicker composting process, this simple handmade composter is a perfect solution.

Build this efficient system for your backyard using this detailed tutorial!

#18 Cedar Compost Bin

If you have access to cedar posts, this is a really practical compost bin idea. With this system, organic matter comes in from the top and eventually, compost comes out at the bottom.

For a more detailed how-to, visit this article!

#19 Decorative Brick Compost Bin

If you are looking for both a decor and a compost bin while having bricks lying around the backyard, this idea is perfect for you! The wireframe is added for compost access and good airflow.

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Follow this step-by-step guideline to have a great addition to your well-manicured homestead!

#20 Willow Composter

You can easily gather all the materials in your environment such as branch cuttings from trees or bushes. This is an organic system and eventually it will also be composted.

Visit this tutorial for a flower bed and use it as a composter instead!

#21 Low Heat Retaining DIY Compost Tumbler

With this project, you can make use of the natural heat from the ground to fasten the decomposing process, particularly during the cold winter months.

Visit this link to start building a quick, cheap and efficient tumbling composting system.

#22 Compost Bin Out of Old Tires

If you see used tires littering the sidewalks, grab some as they can be used for multiple garden projects, including a functional compost bin.

With this simple guideline, you can build your composting system within hours.

#23 Steel Drum Compost Tumbler

This simple and cheap compost tumbler can turn and empty compost with ease as well as prevent rats or mice. With some recycled materials, you can build this system for your backyard.

Build this fast composter with this tutorial!

#24 Drum Style Compost Bin

This is another drum bin, but with fence wire instead for better air flow. With a couple of hours and about less than $20, you can build this system and stop worrying about how to turn or stir the compost from time to time.

Check out this step-by-step tutorial to build one this weekend!

#25 Wheelie Bin Composter

Your old wheelie bin can come back to life as a composter. With its wheels, you can drag the bin around your homestead effortlessly.

Save your time and energy by building one, using this how-to!

#26 Compost Cage with PVC Pipes

Turning your compost and aerating it can be a pain you don’t want to deal it. And the solution is extremely simple, add in some PVC pipes!

Check out this article to learn more about the hack!

#27 Timber Post Compost

If you need to create lots of compost, this project can be of help. Once finished, you can stash here all of your trash, including kitchen waste, as well as anything compostable you need to throw away.

Learn how to make this huge composter with this detailed guide.

#28 Upcycled Tire And Drum Bin

As both old tires and drums are easy to get, you might be interested in this simple but efficient project. By putting together, you will have a functional compost bin that can be rotated easily to mix things up.

#29 Chicken Manure Tumbling Composter

If you have chicken running around your backyard, this project is going to turn their waste into an endless supply of the world’s best organic fertilizer!

Stop wasting your chicken manure by building the system with this detailed tutorial!

#30 Log Compost Bin

This is the chance to put the logs lying around your backyard into use. This is a super simple build design so you can complete the project within a weekday.

Follow this guide to make sure everything works smoothly!

#31 Super Easy DIY Compost Bin

You won’t need to do much as long as you have the milk crates available at home. All you need to do is to cover the bottom, as well as the top, to make sure no compost fall out.

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Check out this tutorial if you want more details how to make one.

#32 Barrel WheelBarrow Compost Tumbler

This whole system is built for ultimate convenience. The wheelbarrow is put under the lifted barrel compost tumbler to dump the finished product.

Follow this detailed how-to to build one for your homestead.

#33 Old Refrigerator Worm Composting Bin

If you have an old fridge laying in the storage, bring it back to life with this project. The fridge will work as a great insulated box for the worms.

Learn how to create this wonderful composter with this tutorial!

#34 Ultimate Compost Bin

If you are looking for a sturdy compost bin that can handle tons of composting for many years to come, build this project.

Follow this tutorial to start building when the good weather arrives.

#35 Wood Barrel Compost Bin

This will be an impressive addition to your backyard. This project is 100% natural and you can customize it to your heart desires.

To learn how to make one, check out this link!

#36 Easy Indoor Vermicomposting Bin

If you don’t have a lot of space outside, this indoor compost bin will be your solution. Don’t forget to put a pan underneath to catch the soil

If it looks perfect for your place, check out this detailed tutorial!

#37 Lattice Designed Bin

If you can access some extra-thick lattice panels, this design can bring some aesthetics to your backyard. With some paint, you can turn these bins into beautiful decors.

Get a nice backdrop to your flower gardens with this how-to!

#38 Mini Worm-Composting Bins

This is a fun project to get your kids involved. These mini composters are extremely easy to make, and it can also teach your kids the importance of composting.

Print this tutorial out and organize a day with your kids in the garden!

#39 Open Compost Pile

You don’t need to build a bin for composting. You can actually create an open compost pile anywhere in your yard as it is easier to mix and monitor.

#40 Wooden Pallet Planks and Wire Mesh Compost Bin

With only wood and wire, you can create a functional composting bin for your homestead. For faster composting process, wire mesh is put around the frame to ensure better air circulation.

Check out this video for a more detailed how-to.

#41 Teapot Compost Bin

This project is going to wow everyone visiting your garden. If you don’t want to settle for something ordinary, this design is going to be your pride!

Learn more about the project in this blog!


Have any of these ideas captured your attention? Or are you convinced enough to make your own compost bins?

A composter can help enrich soil, retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests for your gardening. Most of these compost bins are easy to make and don’t require any special tools or skills.

We hope with this extensive list, you can already figure out how to make a compost bin yourself.

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