Can Rabbits Eat Radishes? – Crucial To Take Care Of Your Pets

Can rabbits eat radishes? The quick answer is Yes.

Both radishes and their green parts are safe for this fluffy-eared animal. The radish leaves edible for them can even be added to the daily eating routine.

Most rabbits relish eating radish leaves for the crunchy taste. If you give radish to rabbits, they will be happy indeed.

In today’s post, we will give you a comprehensive guideline about this kind of vegetable’s influence on bunnies.

Can Rabbits Eat Radishes? - Crucial To Take Care Of Your Pets

Can Rabbits Eat Radishes?

Moderation is the key: your bunny can eat radishes without any health harm as long as they eat at an adequate amount. As radishes have enormous starch content, it is better not to overfeed them to your pet rabbit.

Most radishes have a peppery taste, but some of them taste sweet too. The team at adds, as a member of the Brassica family, radishes have lots of nutrients like vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B6, Niacin, Riboflavin.

They are good for the bunny’s fur, body, and bones. A few parts of radish are okay for your bunny to consume once to twice a week.

Health Benefits Of Radishes For Rabbits

“Are radish leaves poisonous?” Definitely not!

On the contrary, radishes provide various health advantages for your bunny friends.

A Good Source Of Vitamin C

This type of vegetable is pretty high in Vitamin C. It is a vitamin that helps boost the protection of the body system to keep human bodies functioning correctly.

However, bunnies do not need it in their diets as their bodies naturally manufacture Vitamin C by themselves.

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Support Digestive System

As radishes are rich in dietary fibre, they can support the digestion of your bunnies. As hindgut fermenters, they need numerous fibres in their daily eating routine to keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy.

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

High content of isothiocyanate and glucosinolate is found in radishes. These chemicals are famous for their benefits in regulating blood sugar content.

This advantage comes in handy if your rabbit suffers from diabetes! To give you a complete overview of the nutrition benefits of radishes, we have created a nutrient content table as follow:


Amount per 100g of radishes





Vitamin C


Vitamin B6


Vitamin B5


Thiamine (B1)


Riboflavin (B2)








Niacin (B3)















66kJ; 16 kcal



Health Issues Of Feeding Radishes To Rabbits

Along with the benefits that radishes offer, you still need to caution on some health concerns when you feed these plants to bunnies.

  • Pesticides: Thoroughly wash radishes to ensure they don’t have remaining chemicals or pesticides harmful to your rabbits.
  • Oxalic Acid: Too much oxalic acid is incredibly detrimental to bunnies, so don’t give many radishes to your bunnies at once.
  • Overly Ripened: Stay away from rotten radishes – a culprit of gastrointestinal upset and diarrhoea.
  • Parasites: It is essential to check parasites in radishes to avoid potential parasite issues.
  • Baby Rabbits: They have a much more sensitive digestive system than adult rabbits. Thus, you should not give them radishes until about 12 weeks of age.
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Bad radishes have some simple signs you can notice include soggy and soft texture, having an off smell, and visual decays.

Watch this video to learn which rabbit foods are safe and which are not:

Types Of Radishes That Rabbits Can Eat

Radishes are available in different sizes and shapes. Of which, the most common varieties are French breakfast radishes, Daikon radishes, and watermelon radishes.

It is essential to consider taking a trip to the local farmer’s market or grocery stores to get the freshest radishes.

How Many Radishes Can A Rabbit Eat?

Whenever you introduce a new rabbit food into the daily diet of your pet bunnies, it is advisable to do it slowly. Relying on the bodyweight of your bunnies, the average portion for fresh radishes should be around ½ – 1 handful of radish.

You can start with the portion mentioned above and closely watch your bunnies afterwards. If they show any indigestion signs like diarrhoea, lethargy, constipation, or bloating, stop providing radishes to them instantly.

Otherwise, if they digest well and enjoy radishes, you are in luck! You can rest assured to feed them later as one of their daily vegetable servings yet frequently rotate them out too.

How To Feed Radishes To Rabbits?

Irrespective of which types of radish you opt for feeding your bunnies, always seek fresh vegetables. Accordingly, you can avoid the pesticides and waxes harmful to your bunny’s stomach.

Final Thoughts

So the answer to the question, “Can rabbit eat radishes?” is a big Yes. Radishes may have many further benefits, please feel free to let us know. Thank you for reading!

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