7 Best Trimmer Line for Edging Review and Buying Guide

With the best trimmer line for edging, doing landscaping maintenance is more convenient and hassle-free. String trimmers break and lose their cutting efficiency over time, especially when repeatedly hitting solid surfaces like rocks.

A string replacement is an arsenal for every newbie and professional landscaper in case the trimmer runs out. However, before buying a string replacement, make sure it’s compatible with the trimmer or edger on hand.

Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line .095-Inch...
4,598 Reviews
Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line .095-Inch...
  • High cutting efficiency – Magnum Gatorline allows you to...
  • Durable – High-strength inner core resists breakage which...
  • Square trimmer line – Slices through vegetation with a...

The Oregon 22-895 is a top-favorite for a trimmer line for edging with its Magnum Gatorline string that efficiently cuts through all grass types. It also fits different trimmer brands and models, both straight and curved units.

The 0.095-inch diameter of the string has optimum flexibility and durability with its dual-core for protection and breakage resistance. The aramid fiber reinforcement of the trimmer line is one of its best features, making the string robust in cutting through thick and overgrown turfs.

Best Trimmer Line for Edging

Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line

Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line .095-Inch...
4,598 Reviews
Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line .095-Inch...
  • High cutting efficiency – Magnum Gatorline allows you to...
  • Durable – High-strength inner core resists breakage which...
  • Square trimmer line – Slices through vegetation with a...


  • 0.095-inches diameter, 685-feet long
  • Square Magnum Gatorline ensures straighter and cleaner cuts with less effort
  • High-strength and durable inner core to resist breakage even against dense weeds
  • Incredible cutting power for medium landscape workloads
  • Fits both straight and curved trimmers
  • Works on fixed lines, automatic, and semi-automatic bump-feed heads
  • Quieter cutting operation than most trimmer lines
  • Low energy consumption

What We Like

Oregon 22-895 is an incredible trimmer line that fits both workloads required for both casual and professional landscapers. It is a medium-duty trimmer line that has strength and durability to get through different types of grass.

The trimmer line feature dual polymers, making it one of the strongest and the best trimmer line for edging. Both the inner and outer core are robust but flexible, with the outer part providing protection and the inner portion resisting breakage. The trimmer line also comes with aramid fiber reinforcement for better quality and performance.

The Magnum Gatorline trimmer line holds incredibly well against the wear and tear of obstacles like dry and rocky soil. Its flexibility makes it ready for the beating when used around sidewalks and fences. The Magnum Gatorline features a multi-sided and square-shaped trimmer line, which ensures straighter and cleaner cuts on the grass with minimal resistance.

This product has a 681-feet long spool, which can last for a long time. It can also work on different models and brands of trimmers and edges compatible with a 0.096-inch diameter.

What Can Be Improved?

The square shape of the Magnum Gatorline trimmer line is excellent for a cleaner and straighter turf. However, this shape is challenging to wind and feed on the trimmer. It’s hard to break this trimmer line, although it will start to bend after a while, which wouldn’t be efficient for edging.

Cyclone Commercial Grade Grass Trimmer Line

Desert Extrusion Cyclone CY065D1/2 .065' x 300' Commercial...
180 Reviews
Desert Extrusion Cyclone CY065D1/2 .065" x 300' Commercial...
  • Special copolymer formulation provides longer lasting...
  • Patented 6 bladed shape for added cutting power
  • Choice of landscaping professionals


  • 0.065-inch diameter, 300 feet long
  • Commercial grade trimmer line created for landscaping professionals
  • Patented 6-blade shape technology for extra cutting power to cut through most landscapes
  • Durable and robust material and construction for long service life
  • Unique copolymer nylon formulation ensures long-lasting cutting precision

What We Like

One of the best things about the Cyclone Grass Trimmer Line is its commercial-grade property, which is ideal for all landscaping works. The trimmer features a specialized copolymer formula, making it strong, durable, and long-lasting than others.

This commercial-grade trimmer line can do the heavy-duty cutting, thanks to its finely designed line shape. The trimmer line features a unique 6-bladed side that provides extra cutting power in tackling most landscape types. This line shape is also efficient for providing even and precise cutting for a perfectly manicured turf.

The 0.065 inches diameter of this trimmer line is a massive favorite of landscape professionals. It fits most trimmer heads, and the 300-feet spool is plentiful even for those using weed eaters daily. The trimmer line also features optimum versatility, thanks to its shape and size that can fit most edges and trimmers from various brands.

The Cyclone Commercial Grade Trimmer Line is compatible with both electric corded and cordless trimmers, thanks to its small diameter and lightweight. This trimmer line is also seamless to feed on different trimmers with its sleek shape and design. Plus, it has a durable and robust style that can take on thicker and larger weeds.

What Can Be Improved?

Because of its thinness and lightweight, the Cyclone Commercial Grade Trimmer Line is a weak string for gas trimmers. It also tends to burn up faster than other chains and melts over time, which is a chore to clean.

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It’s best to use this trimmer line for light to medium landscaping duties using an electric trimmer.

Rotary Item 12179 Vortex Trimmer Line

Rotary Item 12179, Vortex Trimmer Line .095 X 1140' , 5 Lb...
1,186 Reviews
Rotary Item 12179, Vortex Trimmer Line .095 X 1140' , 5 Lb...
  • Diameter: .095" (2.41mm)
  • Length: 1140' (347m)
  • 5 lb Spool


  • 0.095-inch diameter, 1140-feet long spool
  • Vortex shape design makes the line nearly indestructible
  • Cuts through grass precisely with less effort in less rpm
  • Doesn’t create a fan effect that blows out grass clippings like other trimmer lines
  • Can work on different types and height of grass
  • Level flight characteristic ensures clean and even cutting for both thin and thick turfs

What We Like

There is nothing much better than the heavy-duty replacement trimmer line from Rotary in terms of cutting through overgrown yards. The Rotary Item 12179 Vortex Trimmer Line can trim the lawn as if it’s nothing, no matter the grass type or height.

This Rotary Trimmer Line features a vortex shape, which is more aerodynamic compared to other line shapes. The slight twist in the trimmer line also helps in reducing turbulence, making this replacement string almost indestructible. Combined with its 0.095-inch diameter, this Rotary Vortex Trimmer Line can tackle light to heavy-duty landscape works with ease.

The material durability and flexibility of the trimmer line make it the best trimmer line for edging. It doesn’t easily get damaged when trimming near sidewalks and fences like other strings. In terms of cutting power, this Vortex Trimmer Line cuts straight and smooth grass, not the same choppy cuts from low-quality strings.

The Rotary Item 12179 Vortex has a 1,140 feet long replacement trimmer line, and with its nearly durable nature, this product is for a lifetime supply.

What Can Be Improved?

This heavy-duty trimmer line can turn an edger and trimmer into a bush-hog with little effort. However, it’s a large spool and won’t fit portable and slim designed units. This replacement trimmer line is ideal for use in bigger trimmers and like most gas-powered models.

Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line

Husqvarna 639005102 string trimmer line .095-Inch 140ft...
7,482 Reviews
Husqvarna 639005102 string trimmer line .095-Inch 140ft...
  • Includes one Husqvarna Titanium Force 140-Foot String...
  • Made For Durability: Round, dimpled, co-extruded weed eater...
  • Precision Manufacturing: Husqvarna weed eater string has an...


  • 0.095-inches diameter, 140 feet long spool
  • Ideal for gas-powered string trimmers
  • Standard trimmer line for professional landscape works
  • Quiet but powerful operation; 50% quieter compared to other trimmer lines
  • Durable and long-lasting material quality
  • Can fit most trimmer heads
  • Provides excellent balance and accelerates at a fast rate
  • Level flight characteristics for even and smoother turfs
  • Cuts through different types and height of grass
  • Includes free line cutter

What We Like

Husqvarna Titanium Force is one of the best trimmer lines for edging that will fit in most trimmer heads. It’s a medium-duty standard trimmer line that produces professional-quality turfs. At 0.095 inches diameter, the Husqvarna Titanium Force is thicker and more robust than conventional strings.

The nylon material of the trimmer line features a copolymer technology, making the string efficient in cutting through both thin and thick weeds. It also has a multi-edge design that slices through grasses whatever angle it hits them. This practical design makes edging and trimming works done faster, saving both time and gas.

Both the thickness and the lightweight of the trimmer line ensures a reduced sound output. The string operates with 50% less noise than other trimmer lines. It also features level flight characteristics for more level and cleaner cuts.

Another favorite characteristic of the Titanium Force Trimmer Line is its fast rate acceleration without bending, which ensures an even cutting output. This replacement spool is ideal for both amateur and professional landscape works that use gas-powered trimmers.

What Can Be Improved?

Despite the exceptional durability of the Husqvarna Titanium Force, this trimmer line will break once it hits solid surfaces like rocks or brick repeatedly.

It’s also an expensive trimmer line option. This product also has a relatively smaller width compared to commercial trimmer lines, which needs extra checking if it is compatible with the trimmer on hand.

Benair AF-100 String Trimmer Replacement

Benair Black+Decker Weed Eater, Compatible with AF-100,...
5,029 Reviews
Benair Black+Decker Weed Eater, Compatible with AF-100,...
  • ❤️ Compatible with most BLACK+DECKER string trimmers;
  • ❤️ Utilizes centrifugal force to feed the trimmer line...
  • ❤️ 30 feet replacement line is factory wound for a...


  • 0.065-inch diameter, 30 feet long spool
  • Premium nylon line
  • 3 reels inside the box
  • Spool replacement compatible with most Black and Decker string trimmer models
  • Auto Replacement feature for fast and quick reloading
  • Factory wound to give the reels high reliability
  • Cuts through overgrown and dense grass and weeds
  • Affordable string trimmer replacement

What We Like

In terms of a trimmer line for edging, the string trimmer line from Benair is one of the most affordable options. It’s a terrific AF-100 string replacement spool that is compatible with most Black and Decker trimmers and lawn edging units.

The 0.065-inch diameter of the trimmer line is enough for tackling light landscaping works precisely, thanks to its premium nylon material. This replacement for weed eaters has impressive power to cut through the densest and most overgrown grass and weeds without a lot of resistance.

One of the best features of this string trimmer alternative is its auto-feed design, which ensures quick and straightforward reloading. It has an insert-and-rotate replacement process. The string comes factory-wound as well to offer optimum reliability.

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The Benair AF-100 String Trimmer Replacement comes in a three-spool pack, with 30 feet long string in each spool. It’s a perfect string trimmer replacement to keep on-hand, especially with its affordability compared to other trimmer lines in the market.

What Can Be Improved?

The Benair AF-100 String Trimmer is a terrific and cheap replacement for compatible Black and Decker trimmers and edging units. However, it is only ideal for light landscaping jobs with its thin 0.065-inch diameter. The cutting power of this string is better for small and portable trimmers as it’s a weak trimmer line for most gas-powered models.

The product has quality control issues, as well. Some spools don’t auto-feed, which is a shame since it’s one of the best features of this string trimmer replacement.

Cyclone Desert Extrusion B0002YVU12 Commercial Trimmer Line

Desert Extrusion Cyclone CY095S3 .095' x 855' Commercial...
365 Reviews
Desert Extrusion Cyclone CY095S3 .095" x 855' Commercial...
  • 0.095 Inch Diameter and 855 Feet Long
  • Special copolymer formulation provides longer lasting...
  • Patented 6 bladed shape for added cutting power


  • Long-lasting length at 855 feet
  • 6 bladed shape texture for a strong cutting power
  • Solution for weeds, tall grass, and vines
  • Flexible use for home gardens or landscaping
  • Tangle-free design
  • Affordable price

What We Like

Cyclone Desert Extrusion offers the copolymer formulation to enhance strength and corrosion resistance.

The signature 6 bladed shape maximizes the cutting power for a wide range of weeds, including heavy weeds, vines, tall grass, and so on. This feature makes Cyclone the best trimmer line for landscaping professionals.

Users can move steadily throughout the garden for home gardens, as the commercial cutting power may be hard to control at first. The lines work on small gaps in the driveways and pavements without breaking.

Gardeners can utilize the notable 855-feet line for up to 5 years, saving time and refill expenses. Every treatment session ends with a hassle-free tidying process because these lines won’t get tangled up even after long hours.

Combined with the affordable price for a high volume, this product is a good value deal for the budget.

What Can Be Improved?

Gardeners need a well-ventilated space for storing this line. The material has a risk of melting in temperate climates.

Arnold Maxi Edge B0000CBI6B Commercial Trimmer

No products found.


  • Available in various dimensions and volumes
  • Replacement parts for standard gas string trimmers
  • Enhanced cutting power with the star-shaped design
  • Durable materials
  • Low price
  • 5 refills included

What We Like

Arnold Maxi Edge improved their signature products with advanced technology to work 3 times better than the regular economy counterparts.

The star-shaped design provides additional pressure, boosting the cutting power to trim heavy weed areas with ease. This product is the best weed trimmer line for 2-feet tall weed bushes.

The next factor that makes Arnold Maxi Edge stand out in the market is their line is compatible with all standard gas string trimmers. 

Plus, the product is available in various dimensions and lengths at a low price. This feature brings convenient choices and flexible use for gardeners.

Manufactured with sturdy materials, these star-shaped lines survive external impacts from hard surfaces easily.

Each package comes with the brand signature cutting blade to maintain the quality of the line. The purchase includes 5 refills, ensuring a long-lasting experience.

What Can Be Improved?

During the shipping process, the package is not secured enough. This results in the tangled lines, which require time to solve.

Buying Guide

A replacement trimmer line is excellent to have on hand in case the spool runs out. However, don’t pick up and buy the first trimmer line replacement available. Make sure it’s the right type and variety for the trimmer and landscaping work to do.

Best Trimmer Line for Edging Review and Buying Guide

Types of Trimmer Lines for Edging

The types of trimmer lines best used for edging will depend on the string shape, which features different cutting abilities and efficiency.

Round Trimmer Lines

Round-shaped strings are standard for a trimmer line for residential areas. This type is ideal for everyday use and can accomplish minimal landscape jobs. Round trimmer lines are the easiest to replace and feed through trimmer heads.

However, they do not do well in tackling heavy-duty yard works. It will break if it hits hard surfaces like rocks, pavements, and bricks.

Square Trimmer Lines

Square-shaped trimmer lines are a step ahead of the round type of string replacements. This type can handle sturdy and thick grass and weeds daily, making them ideal for both residential uses and professional gardeners doing medium-heavy yard jobs.

Square trimmer lines are also more durable than round trimmer lines in terms of hitting a hard surface. That advantage makes this type of string replacement the best trimmer line for edging.

Twisted Trimmer Lines

The twisted feature of this trimmer line adds a level of strength and efficiency to cut through thicker and heavier weeds than round trimmer lines. They also have a quieter operation and less vibration.

Twisted trimmer lines can do well with hard impact from solid surfaces without damage, which is an excellent feature for edging.

Multi-Sided Trimmer Lines

Multi-sided strings are the best trimmer line in terms of retaining its sharpness. It also ensures smoother lawns as it cuts through the grass regardless of the angle it hits them.

This type of trimmer line can cut through dense weeds and grass, but it’s the easiest to break once it hits large rocks or the sidewalk.

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Serrated Trimmer Lines

This type of trimmer line acts like teeth when trimming grass, giving the unit extra cutting power and efficiency. Serrated strings are best for use in commercial landscaping jobs that deal with overgrown and thick weeds. This trimmer line can complete heavy-duty works in an expansive turf in less time than other strings.

Best Trimmer Line for Edging Review and Buying Guide

Trimmer Compatibility

One of the first things to consider when buying a trimmer line for edging is its compatibility with the trimmer on hand. Many strings fit most trimmer brands and models, both electric and gas-powered units. However, some trimmer lines are thick and are not compatible with specific models.

In terms of compatibility, it’s smarter to check the features and specs of each trimmer line before buying.

Material Type

There are 3 common materials used for trimmer lines, plastic, nylon, and titanium.

Plastic strings are the cheapest option and are only ideal for most light-duty garden works in residential areas. Meanwhile, nylon trimmer lines are still affordable but are more reliable and more durable than plastic lines. They are also flexible and adapt well without breaking when it hits hard surfaces.

On the other hand, titanium is the best trimmer line for edging. It is a robust material with superior strength in cutting different types of grass or against obstructions like pavement, bricks, and rocks. Titanium strings also feature faster acceleration, quieter performance, and less fuel consumption, but comes with a higher price tag.

Best Trimmer Line for Edging Review and Buying Guide


The size or diameter of the trimmer line will determine the amount of load it can effectively and efficiently tackle. The thinner the string trimmer is, the less it can cut through the grass. The thicker the trimmer line becomes, the better it will be in handling heavy-duty landscaping jobs.

As a rule of thumb, a 0.065 to 0.080 inches diameter of string trimmer is best for light work or cutting through thin weeds on residential lawns. Meanwhile, 0.085 to 0.105 inches diameter strings can do medium duty works like cutting heavier and thicker grass on expansive turfs.

For heavy-duty work in full and open lawns or cutting through the overgrowth, opt for string trimmers with a minimum diameter of 0.110 inches.


Trimmer line replacements usually come in spools with varying lengths. It doesn’t have to be incredibly long for heavy-duty string trimmers as they won’t need frequent replacement. Meanwhile, a long string for a low price may not be best if it’s low quality.

Installation Method

Another feature to consider when buying a trimmer line for edging is its installation method. Convenience is a vital factor when replacing string trimmers, and they come in pre-cut lines or spools.

Pre-cut string trimmers come already sized ideally for every wind, which makes it easy to pull out and feed through the trimmer. The only downside is there is no extra cutting performance in each string. It needs frequent replacement once the trimmer loses its cutting efficiency.

Meanwhile, spool trimmers offer the most convenience as they are pre-installed, and there is no worry about making refills even a couple of days. They provide a pop-in-and-out installation method.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the twisted trimmer line better?

In terms of longevity, a twisted trimmer line is recommended in most trimmer line reviews because it lasts the longest. The quiet operation makes it the best string trimmer line for neighborhoods, especially in the morning. Plus, it works well on common garden weeds.

However, there are certain disadvantages. A twisted trimmer line can tangle itself when used because of the exterior shape, which can take gardeners some time to remove. Besides, the price is higher than average products.

Overall, the effectiveness level should also be based on the usage purpose. Gardeners need to identify the specific weeds to choose the suitable type and volume for the trimmer line.

What is the toughest trimmer line?

As the top heavy-duty trimmer line, the square trimmer line offers the highest durability.

This product doesn’t only handle tall garden weeds, but it can also withstand tough surfaces. The category includes bricks, concrete, rocks, etc. Homeowners can work with the square trimmer line through the pavement, driveway, and even the landscape decorations with ease.

Storing the coils of the line in suitable conditions will improve a great deal for durability. An ideal environment is a well-ventilated, dry area away from the sunlight. The lines don’t take up a lot of storage space. Users will only need to place them in the box and store them safely in a garage or warehouse.

Why does the trimmer line keep breaking?

There are 3 common reasons for a weak trimmer line:

1) Impact from solid surfaces: Depending on the design and materials, each product has its durability level against hard surfaces. Most home-use trimmer lines break easily upon contact with the pavement or rocks.

2) Mismatching the trimmer’s size: Even the best line trimmer has the breakage issue when it has the wrong lines. Manufacturers have exclusive lines that can only be compatible with their products. 
When buying replacements, gardeners need to check if the brand has the parts for purchase. Otherwise, choose the product with the correct size for the tools.

3) Corrosion from the climate: Dry seasons like the winter decrease the line quality at a fast pace. Frequently removing debris and grass helps maintain durability.


Having a trimmer line for edging makes the job easier and faster, and the Oregon 22-895 is the top option in terms of quality and value. It has excellent cutting quality and power for even and smooth turfs.

However, before buying the best trimmer line for edging, ensure its compatibility to the trimmer on hand, with the line size and thickness required for the landscaping job.

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