Best Tiki Torches: Torch Set Reviews & Buying Guide

Here are the best tiki torches preferred for their ambient and functional lighting, reasonable prices, and durable constructions. Check those tiki lights now!

Out of many lights available, the best tiki torches are loved for their classic design and bright tiki fire. They will not only liven up surrounding areas at night but also fend off annoying mosquitoes and other insects.

Aityvert Solar Lights, 43' Flickering Flames Torch Lights...
5,565 Reviews
Aityvert Solar Lights, 43" Flickering Flames Torch Lights...
  • 🔥SOLAR POWERED TORCH LIGHTS : No oil.No fires.No...
  • 🔥EASY INSTALLATION : No wiring required,simply install...

Of all tiki torches on the list, the Aityvert Solar Lights are beautiful and realistic. The batteries are included and serve a very long life as the torches will automatically turn on and shut off to save more energy.

Keep reading to know how wonderful the tiki lights are!

Top 7 Best Tiki Torches to Buy

Aityvert Solar Lights 4-Pack – Best Overall

Aityvert Solar Lights, 43' Flickering Flames Torch Lights...
5,565 Reviews
Aityvert Solar Lights, 43" Flickering Flames Torch Lights...
  • 🔥SOLAR POWERED TORCH LIGHTS : No oil.No fires.No...
  • 🔥EASY INSTALLATION : No wiring required,simply install...

Running on a 2200mAh battery, each torch has 96 LEDs that automatically turn on to give off a pleasant and flame-light bright at dusk. In the very morning, the lights will turn off themselves to save energy.

Thus, Aityvert Solar Lights are safe and convenient without checking and getting soot and fuel all over your hands.

Aityvert tiki torches are very easy to install with adjustable stakes and ABS ground spike. Once installed, the lights will stay durable and waterproof over time.

However, batteries are not replaceable. If the batteries die, you will have to get rid of the whole set.

What we like:

  • A set of 4 bright solar lights
  • Durable and easy-to-install stakes and spike
  • Flickering LEDs that look like real flames
  • 2000mAh rechargeable batteries included

What can be improved?

  • Non-replaceable batteries

DIKAIDA 6PCs Solar Torch Lights – Best Batteries

Here come other solar-powered tiki torches as a safe alternative to the real oil flames.

These tiki torches offer similar features to the Aityvert Solar Lights. Thus we also find them bright and safe to use.

Moreover, there are 6 pieces on the package with a small extra in price. This set will be ideal for those having a large garden to light up.

The flames, however, are slightly orange rather than yellowish. As a result, the DIKAIDA Solar Torch Lights are less flame-like.

What we like:

  • Buy 1 get 6x LED lights
  • Built with waterproof ABS material
  • Feature a soft and mood-enhancing glow
  • Also, come with a rechargeable battery (2200mAh)

What can be improved?

  • More orange light than the real flame

TIKI Brand Herringbone Glass Torches – Best Tabletop Torches

TIKI Brand Table Torch Glass Herringbone Ivory - Decorative...
2,335 Reviews
TIKI Brand Table Torch Glass Herringbone Ivory - Decorative...
  • GLASS TABLE TORCH SET: Made from textured, molded glass,...
  • STRIKING DÉCOR: Group them together for a striking...
  • PERSONAL PARADISE: We can help you create an outdoor...

These tabletop tiki torches will be a must-have accessory if you plan for an outdoor camping or BBQ party.

1 fill of Citronella oil can deliver 4 hours of light. The torches are robust and warm, while they can also repel mosquitos and nighttime bugs so that you can enjoy the outdoor activities to the fullest.

When not in use, the wicks are secured by a metal snuffer. However, traveling the lights carefully because the glass is fragile.

What we like:

  • 3 textured glass torches
  • Tabletop design to set up and move around easily
  • Running on Citronella oil that can repel insects
  • Durable fiberglass wicks with safety suffer

What can be improved?

  • Fragile glass construction

Permande Solar Torch Lights 8-Pack – Best for Large Gardens

Permande Solar Torch Lights with Flickering Flame, Fire...
2,869 Reviews
Permande Solar Torch Lights with Flickering Flame, Fire...
  • Dancing Flames Design: This flame torch light is a safe...
  • Broad Application & Easy Installation: Flickering flame...
  • Solar Powered & Working All Night: The solar flame lights...

The Permande Solar Torch Lights are the best value for money because you will get 8 torches with similar investment in the Aityvert or DIKAIDA lights.

The lights are decent when turning on, and they will last up to 8 to 12-hour burn time out of a full charge.

We came across that the plastic stake is not as durable as some ABS stakes above. For that reason, you had better find a soft ground to install the torches.

What we like:

  • 8 solar lights coming out of the package
  • Easy-to-install spike and stakes
  • Bright LEDs that give off a soft light
  • 600mAh rechargeable batteries supported

What can be improved?

  • Not durable tiki torches over time

TIKI Brand 64-inch Swirl Metal Torch – Best Classic Design

TIKI Brand 64-inch Swirl Metal Torch with Blue Bubble Glass...
1,074 Reviews
TIKI Brand 64-inch Swirl Metal Torch with Blue Bubble Glass...
  • DURABLE, LONG LASTING TORCH: This torch features a stylish...
  • VERSATILE OUTDOOR DÉCOR: Designed with an easy to assemble...
  • PERSONAL PARADISE: We can help you create an outdoor...

This torch is a metal torch to install permanently on the ground rather than on tables.

This tiki torch is the best for the backyard or garden because of its simplistic regal design. All accessories like a Tiki torch stand, stakes, wicks, candles, snuffer are available to set up the lights out of the box.

Even better, the Citronella candle buckets are included that will provide a strong flame and keep the mosquitos away for up to 5 hours.

One thing we will suggest is to place the torch where there is little rain or wind. The pole is cheaply built.

What we like:

  • A stylish blue torch surrounded by spiraled metal
  • Four pieces of the pole that are 64 inches in height
  • Long-lasting wick to burn up to five hours per fill
  • A mental snuffer included for safety

What can be improved?

  • Cheap build that causes the short lifetime

TIKI Brand 66-Inch Island Torch – Best for Cold Weather

TIKI Brand Island King Outdoor TIKI Torch for Backyard,...
1,625 Reviews
TIKI Brand Island King Outdoor TIKI Torch for Backyard,...
  • LARGE FLAME TORCH: This big, bold torch has a contemporary...
  • EASY & MESS FREE: This torch comes with an attached magnetic...
  • PERSONAL PARADISE: We can help you create an outdoor...

We would rather use this Island Torch in winter than the Swirl Metal Torch above for 2 reasons.

Firstly, the torch is designed to be more durable over time, using quality metal.

Secondly, the bowl design can handle more Citronella oil by a slight twist to open the fill hole and pour the tiki torch fuel. The flame will then be 5 times bigger than usual – enough to warm up space in winter.

The enormous flame, nevertheless, can burn the wick. As a result, you need to exchange the wick and clean the burn frequently.

What we like:

  • Rustic design inspired by the torches in royal palaces
  • 5-time larger flame compared to traditional tiki torches
  • Easy filling thanks to the Twist & Pour technology
  • Affordable tiki torch for outdoor activities

What can be improved?

  • Possible overburn accidents

Matney Bamboo Torches 12-Pack – Best Budget

Matney Bamboo Tiki Torches for Outside Mosquitos Repellent -...
1,563 Reviews
Matney Bamboo Tiki Torches for Outside Mosquitos Repellent -...
  • BAMBOO Tiki TORCHES (60 INCH, 12 PACK) — Add functional...
  • 5 HOUR FLAME & BUG REPELLENT — Full flame lasts more than...
  • TWIST & POUR TECHNOLOGY — Refillable 16-oz canister last...

We find the Matney Metal Tiki Torch Set is a nice touch to any night events because it provides a warm and ambient setting. The citronella oil is recommended to enjoy a bug-free time.

Bamboo stakes are easy to install but not robust to withstand strong winds. Thus, you should only use this set contemporarily.

What we like:

  • 12 pieces of 60-inch tiki torches
  • A bamboo construction from the top to the stake base
  • Beautiful glow brightness for five hours
  • Refillable canister with a Twist and pour design

What can be improved?

  • Not robust enough to be permanent torches

How to Choose The Best Tiki Torches for Your House and Outdoor Activities?

Get started by considering the position of torches

You can consider its styles, materials, fuel, dimension,… to fit the surrounding environment.

We recommend the permanent torch lights for the patio, deck, or pathway to enjoy a dramatic brightness. Ensure that you place 2 torches at least 6 feet from each other and nearby stuff for safety.

You can also contemporarily install a tabletop torch for after-dark dining activities like a BBQ party. Nonetheless, keep the torch away from branches, umbrellas, or overhangs.

Next, understand the types of tiki torches

You can tell tiki lights apart based on their type of fuels and styles.

In terms of fuels, there are 4 options available.

Oil torches

The torches run on paraffin or kerosene oil filled from the top of the vessel under the wick. When used, the wick is burned and secured by the ring.

The oil models are good for the budget. They also provide a robust light.

Nonetheless, those torches are smelly and not environmentally-friendly.

Citronella-based torches

Citronella is, in fact, a type of oil fuel- so the citronella-based torches work as other oil models.

Interestingly enough, this oil creates little smoke and can even repel nighttime insects. Some torches have additional lemongrass to create a more decent smell.

On drawbacks, citronella is more expensive than common oil.

Gas/propane torches

Despite being less common, some best tiki torches are powered by natural gas. There are gas canisters or a small pressurized-propane tank and a valve to release the gas to feed out the light.

One noticeable benefit of gas tiki torches is to save time and effort in exchanging the wick. Besides, the light is brighter and more resistant to wind gusts.

On the other hand, propane and gas are expensive, not to mention extra adapter or tubing requirements.

Solar torches

Solar tiki torches are now on the trend for their safety. Rather than using flames that might cause burns and fire, solar models run on solar-powered LEDs.

We recommend these solar torches for families with kids or pets that are often curious about the torches. The lights are also energy-saving for the long term because batteries will charge through the sun.

The downside is that the torches are favorable in summer rather than in winter or cloudy weather. The beginning cost is also high.

In terms of styles, there are many materials available.

Bamboo tiki torches

Bamboo sets are the most common because of their beautiful rustic styles and budget-friendly cost.

However, bamboo is not durable over time, so you should consider if your areas often suffer from harsh weather.

Glass tiki torches

Glass torches look gorgeous where they present. You can add extra colors to create visual interest.

Nonetheless, these models are very fragile and pricey. Rather than install glass tiki lights outdoors, it would be best if you had them stick on the tabletop, for instance, to illuminate indoor dining tables.

Metal tiki torches

The most durable torches are made of metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, iron, etc. They also feature more uniform dimensions than traditional bamboo.

At the same time, metal torch lights are also the most expensive of the 3 styles.

Finally, know how to install the torches

Traditionally, the torches sit on poles stalked in the ground and filled with cement. This installation method is recommended if you wish to place the torches in place permanently.

Some advanced models feature adjustable poles or removable metal fuel canisters of fuel to make the installation more easily.

Otherwise, modern tabletop torches are suitable for outdoor activities because they are portable around a table.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it called tiki torches?

Back then, tiki torches were introduced in Polynesian culture as a tool in religious ceremonies to worship the gods of fire and light.

In the 1930s, a tiki torch became commercial when an American company called The Tiki Torch Corporation put the first metal torches on sales.

What are the applications of tiki torches?

Rather than their essential usage, tiki lights are also popular for repelling mosquitos and other bugs to illuminate the patio, backyard, or camping site.

The torches have become more and more stylish, making them ideal for decorating outdoor spaces and setting up a rustic mood for parties or community events.

Are tiki torches safe to use?

No, if you don’t install and light up torches properly – especially when it comes to oil torches.

Simply put, those torches are like large candles with open flames. They all possibly cause fire accidents due to winds or curious children or pets.

How to use tiki torches safely?

Please take notes of the following safety tips.

  • Choose the torches with safety features like a snuffer cap or electric models.
  • Keep a safe distance (6 to 8 feet) between torches and between flammable combustibles.
  • Tell your kids to stay safe from tiki torches because they are naturally curious about flames. Pets are, too.
  • Have an extinguishing safety solution available in case of a fire.
  • Maintain the tiki torches’ parts properly, following the instructions of the manufacturers.

How to fill tiki torch fuels?

The tiki sets run on different fuels such as oil, citronella-based oil, gas, and solar. Except for the last energy, the other three fuels require frequent fill and replacement.

It would help if you used a funnel to pour the fuel directly into the vessel of torches. Do not overfill it, and remember to return the cap then.

With non-used fuels, you can keep them on the torches, but make sure that they do not cause drip or tip. Otherwise, store the tiki torch fuels outside, but avoid freezing.

Do tiki torches with citronella oil repel mosquitoes?

Last Verdict

Above are some best tiki torches to light up and beautify your living spaces. Carefully consider the positions, fuels, and styles to make the best choice based on your demand.

And if you do not know what to choose, Aityvert Solar Lights 4-Pack is our suggestion. It features a flame-like and long-lasting brightness.

Thanks for your reading!

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