7 Best Roach Fogger For Home Buying Guide

Cockroaches infestation brings discomfort to home life.

The infestation affects the sanitation level and bears the high risk of transmitting diseases: E.coli, amoebiasis, salmonella, etc.

The best roach fogger can exterminate household pests and protect the home in the long run. In this guide, you will learn the key points when choosing a trustworthy roach fogger.

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Amongst the variety of pest control products on the market, our top choice is the MDXconcepts B07KBFBXVN Home Pest Control Spray.

MDXconcepts stands out for the safe organic formula, a wide range of pest controls, and an affordable price.

7 Best Roach Foggers Reviews

MDXconcepts B07KBFBXVN Home Pest Control Spray – Best Overall

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When applied, MDXconcepts product creates a thin mist, spreading through cracks and small spaces in the closets and cabinets to exterminate the nest completely.

Then, the remaining residue will continue to protect the treated areas from future re-infestation.

The certified organic roach fogger is safe for children and pets and can be a solution for indoor and outdoor environments.

However, the mist clears up quickly outdoors, so it may need reapplications after a short amount of time.

The ingredients include essential oils, leaving a pleasant fragrance after the treatment session.

What we like

  • An ideal solution for home insects
  • Certified natural ingredients
  • Resurgence prevention
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Long-lasting residual effect

What can be improved?

  • Multiple applications are required outdoor.

Hot Shot B0047P8G96 Bed Bug & Flea Fogger – Best For Furniture Protection


Bed bugs are challenging to handle because they can hide in tiny spaces around the house.

Hot Shot insecticide seeps into all types of enclosed spaces, from the attics, basements, cabins to even under the rugs, killing insects along the way.

Formulated with IGR, the fogger becomes fatal for insects of all stages.

Each 2-ounce can treats up to 2,000 cubic feet. With the 3-can package deal, Hot Shot can control cockroach populations for up to 7 months.

Hot Shot also comes with a 5-step bed bug extermination series for complete protection of apartments, cabinets, and furniture to extend the protection time.

What we like

  • Safe for enclosed spaces
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Alternative bed bug fogger
  • Solution for bugs at all growth stages
  • Budget-friendly deal

What can be improved?

  • Weak re-infestation protection
  • Small product volume

Harris B0056QWXLW Roach Killer – Best For Emergency Treatment

Harris Roach Killer, Liquid Spray with Odorless and...
7,584 Reviews
Harris Roach Killer, Liquid Spray with Odorless and...
  • Kills Roaches When Spray Dries - The spray will kill once...
  • Great Value - 1 Gallon allows for repeated applications on...
  • Odorless Formula - Odorless and non-staining formula will...


Harris Roach Killer is an economical solution with a competitive price for a large product volume.

The purchase comes with a removable sprayer to ensure the fogger mist reaches the gaps between walls and floors to eliminate cockroaches in deep hiding. Once applied, the formula will start taking effect immediately.

After every treatment, you can replace the sprayer with the lid to seal the product entirely for extended shelf life.

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The instruction manual includes easy-to-follow steps, making Harris suitable for beginners in home pest controls.

One drawback is that the formula may not be fatal for certain types of insects, such as German cockroaches, wood cockroaches, black carpet beetles, and termites.

What we like

  • Best bug fogger for critical infestation
  • Instantaneous result
  • Odorless formula
  • Stainless for furniture protection
  • Long shelf life.
  • EPA certified to be safe for home use

What can be improved?

  • Mild effect on difficult types of roaches

Raid B0052V8GU8 Concentrated Fogger – Best For Nest Extermination

Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Foggers, 4.5 oz (Pack of 3 x...
1,258 Reviews
Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Foggers, 4.5 oz (Pack of 3 x...
  • Kills ants, roaches & spiders
  • Penetrates into cracks & crevices to kill bugs where they...
  • Keeps killing for up 2 months


With active ingredients to disrupt the bugs’ nervous system, Raid Deep Reach Fogger penetrates cracks to kill and sterilize the bugs, preventing reproduction in the future. The formula also clears the home of ants and spiders.

Raid produces a thick mist that requires approximately 4 hours to clear up. Therefore, humans and pets need to evacuate from the area while the fogger is taking action.

The formula will leave a dry residue on the surfaces and continues the extermination effect for 2 months.

What we like

  • Stainless and odorless formula
  • Immediate effect
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Deep cracks and crevices penetrations
  • 2-month pest controls

What can be improved?

  • Thick mist
  • Poor packaging quality during the shipping process

Bengal B0015I3ESG Chemical Gold Roach Spray – Best For Cost Efficiency

Bengal Gold Roach Spray, Odorless Stain-Free Dry Aerosol...
7,300 Reviews
Bengal Gold Roach Spray, Odorless Stain-Free Dry Aerosol...
  • 11 OZ. INSECT KILLER SPRAY: Profeciently flushes, kills, and...
  • PREVENTS REINFESTATION: Contains an insect growth regulator...
  • REACHES HIDING BUGS: Dry, powerful spray penetrates deep...


Bengal Chemical Gold Roach Spray is formulated to kill multiple types of household insects: roaches, mosquitoes, ants, fleas, ticks, and works incredibly well on mature insects.

The IGR will stop the eggs and larvae from moving on to the next life stage, breaking the insect’s life cycle for complete home protection. Then, the residual action will maintain the effectiveness for the next 6 months.

During this period, Bengal requires no re-application. This feature makes the 11-ounce can worth the cost.

With a high chemical level in the ingredients, you should make sure the room is well ventilated before moving back in. Afterward, furniture needs to be clean off of the oily residue to prevent stains.

What we like

  • Odorless fogger
  • Quick action formula
  • Nest extermination
  • Treatment for fleas and spiders
  • Large surface area coverage

What can be improved?

  • Toxic ingredients

FMC B07TC5BQL8 Pyrethrin Fogger – Best For Commercial Buildings

FMC - 10058237 - Pyrethrin Fogger - Fogger - 5 oz
366 Reviews
FMC - 10058237 - Pyrethrin Fogger - Fogger - 5 oz
  • Indoor use only
  • Do not use more than one fogger per room.
  • Do not use in small enclosed spaces such as closets,...


Certified to meet the hospital and restaurant standards, FMC is a trustworthy indoor fogger. Each can is instructed to use in an open space with a minimum dimension of 25 square feet.

With Pyrethrin as the active ingredient, the formula works by targeting the insects’ nervous system. After each session, FMC has the residual effect of preventing re-infestation.

But note that the effect only stays for 10 weeks, which is shorter than the average duration. Another point is you will need to clean up the messy residue to avoid staining the surfaces.

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What we like

  • Easy to use
  • Pleasant odor
  • Low toxic ingredients
  • Safe for home and commercial buildings
  • Resurgence protection

What can be improved?

  • Short residual effect
  • Oil residue stains

Ortho B01N7KSXHX Home Defense – Best For Long-Term Protection

Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2...
78,995 Reviews
Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2...
  • Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2 is...
  • Provides a long-lasting bug barrier of up to 12 month...
  • Apply this pesticide anytime as a preventative treatment or...


Ortho Home Defense is designed with a one-touch activation sprayer that comes with a wand to reduce the user’s hand fatigue.

When triggered, the mist will spread continuously throughout the house, penetrating the tiny spaces to kill roaches on contact and destroy the nests.

Afterward, the fogger leaves an odorless bug barrier to protect the home for up to 12 months. The formula does not clog the wand so that you can use Ortho right away in the next treatment.

Moreover, the low toxin ingredients are safe for the kitchen and bathrooms. You can proceed to wash the dishes with regular soap.

What we like

  • Up to 5,000 square feet coverage
  • 12-month protection after the treatment
  • Detailed instructions
  • Lightweight mist
  • Non-clogged wand
  • Safe ingredients for kitchen and bathroom areas

What can be improved?

  • Not for adult roaches

Roach Fogger Buying Guide

What causes cockroaches infestations?

Cockroaches tend to live in dark, moist areas. Common spaces around the house, including behind the counters and cabinets, under the refrigerators, cracks in the walls and floors, even closed holes in the closets, are where roaches reside.

The Best Roach Fogger For Home Buying Guide

Unfortunately, having a clean home doesn’t guarantee you will never have roach infestations.

This insect can enter the house in various ways: clogged rain gutters, sewer systems, kitchen sinks, and in some cases, you can even find roaches in car interiors.

Depending on the climate, seasons with high moisture levels will be ideal for roaches to find shelter in your home.

Signs of roach infestation

  • The smell of roaches: Roaches have a distinctive pungent, oily smell. When roaches come in contact with flat surfaces or food, they leave behind this stench.
  • Roach feces: One of the most telltale signs of roaches is spotting their feces near food sources. Cockroaches feed on anything from plants, human food to garbage.
  • Spotting nymphs: When roaches reside in an area, they tend to stay there for a long time. They will proceed to breed and grow the nest at a quick pace. As a part of their lifecycle (which may last for months or years), dead roaches may be found around the house.
The Best Roach Fogger For Home Buying Guide
  • Gnawing marks or holes on food containers: Cockroaches find ways to consume the food by biting through the packages. You can find these marks on grocery bags, plastic containers, pet food packages, etc.

When you spot any of these signs, check behind and under the fridge, areas surrounding the cabinets, and clean up potential food sources to cut off their lifeline.

How to exterminate cockroaches?

Paying for a professional pest control service can be expensive. Using ready-made products to exterminate roaches at home is a more reasonable solution.

Overall, there are 4 effective roach killer options:

  • Roach baits: You can use baits to lure roaches into traps. Bait stations are worth considering and generally safe for humans and pets. Certain types of baits contain poison to save the trouble of exterminating roach traps.
  • Gel baits: Gel baits work through digestion. Once the roach eats the bait, it goes back to the nest and dies. The remaining scent will lure other roaches to consume it, spreading the effect throughout the nest.
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This roach killer requires approximately 24 hours to take effect and must be set up out of children and pets’ reach.

The Best Roach Fogger For Home Buying Guide
  • Roach bombs: You can place roach bombs at the center of the infested area; then, the bombs can release foggers by removing the seal on the top of the can.

Roach bombs are most effective against flying insects. On the flip side, the formula contains high toxic ingredients.

  • Roach spray: Roach spray usually comes with a handy container to help you cover the infested area. Once applied, the solutions will spread in the form of thin mist, penetrating cracks and crevices to eliminate cockroach infestations.

Do roach foggers work?

Cockroach foggers, also known as roach bombs, roach fumigators, or bug bombs, get rid of roaches by creating a fog of pesticide, covering the infested area.

Fogger products on the market can work on a wide range of insects, from American cockroaches to common household pests, such as fleas, ticks, water bugs to species of roaches that are difficult to handle.

Foggers for roaches use active ingredients to disrupt their nervous system; some include organic ingredients to have fewer toxins than botanical pesticides.

The Best Roach Fogger For Home Buying Guide

Manufacturers may include IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) in the formula to prevent insects from coming back by breaking their life cycle.

IGR works well on breaking the larvae’s molting process, stopping eggs from hatching, and preventing reproduction. The substance may not kill mature insects, but it can stop their reproductive organs.

What to look for in roach foggers?

Types of pest to eliminate

Besides household pests, certain species may have high resistance to regular products.

The category includes German roaches, wood roaches, moths, etc. You may need expert advice on pest controls before taking action.

Application frequency

You should measure the area in feet. Take note of each canister’s area and how many cans you need for each treatment session. This information will help you calculate the cost.

Safety level

It’s essential to know the products’ chemical level to maintain precautions, keeping humans and pets safe when applying the fogger.

The Best Roach Fogger For Home Buying Guide

For example, wet residue from cockroach bombs is harmful to pets when dried up. High toxic pesticides can kill ants, water bugs, mice, flies, etc.

In general, most roach foggers and indoor insecticides are safe for adults, but children and pets should evacuate from the treated area as the residue may affect the respiratory system.

How do you know how long to wait after pesticide spray? The average duration is between 2-4 hours. After the treatment session, open the doors and windows to clear the air.

Then, proceed to sanitize all surfaces to avoid children and pets coming in contact with the residue. Clean all dishes and surfaces with soap and warm water; this action also helps erase traces of the roaches previously residing there to prevent future re-infestation.

Let’s learn how to use roach foggers safely:


Our final answer for the best roach fogger is MDXconcepts B07KBFBXVN Home Pest Control Spray. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor treatments, offers a barrier to protect re-infestation, and the formula works through cracks and crevices effortlessly.

To sum up, the keynotes for choosing a fogger for roaches are the extermination of roach species, affordable price, and safety level.

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