7 Best Rabbit Repellent For Keeping Rabbits Out Of Garden

Rabbits may look adorable and cuddly, but unlike their appearance, the damage they may cause to your garden is significant. Today’s article will help those who are having trouble with rabbits in their garden.

Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent Granular, Keep...
5,368 Reviews
Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent Granular, Keep...
  • REPELS DEER AND RABBITS: Deer and rabbits don’t have to...
  • GRANULAR FORMULA: Use to treat low-growing flower beds,...
  • RAIN-RESISTANT: Granules starts to work immediately.

How to keep rabbits out of yards might be difficult for you if you don’t have experience with those little bunnies. For the average home gardener, that answer would be the Liquid Fence 80266 Deer & Rabbit Repellent Granular.

This product is easy to use, effective, and harmless to plants and animals. You can apply it at any season and enjoy its long-lasting protection from rabbits – the speciality that many other rabbit repellents don’t offer.

This item also stands out because it can resist rain and daily sprinklers, making sure it can work all year round.

Top 7 Best Rabbit Repellent on the Market

Liquid Fence 80266 Deer & Rabbit Repellent Granular

Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent Granular, Keep...
5,368 Reviews
Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent Granular, Keep...
  • REPELS DEER AND RABBITS: Deer and rabbits don’t have to...
  • GRANULAR FORMULA: Use to treat low-growing flower beds,...
  • RAIN-RESISTANT: Granules starts to work immediately.


Thanks to ingredients such as putrescent egg solids and garlic, Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellents acts as an invisible barrier to deter bothersome rabbits in your garden.

This granular formula is ready to use so that you can spray it directly into the plants. It’s also ideal for treating both small and large areas as it can cover up to 1,000 sq feet. This product is a great answer to the question of how to keep rabbits from eating plants.

The fact is this rabbit deterrent smells awful, and you will need to put up with this odor during the application. You may also experience occasional leaks from the spray nozzle, requiring you to adjust the nozzle to spray consistently.

What We Like?

  • Ready-to-use
  • Covers up to 1,000 sq feet
  • Handheld bottles available in various styles
  • Harmless to plants and animals
  • Withstands rain

What Could Be Improved?

  • Pretty bad smell
  • Occasional leaks from the nozzle

Shake Away 5006258 Fox Urine Granules


This item is an effective repellent for small critters with its active ingredient “Fox Urine,” providing a harmless, natural way to reduce and often eliminate pest browsing problems.

The granules odor is time-released, a simple method to keep the rabbits out of your garden. Shake Away 5006258 is composed of a porous, swellable, inorganic mineral; thus, it is waterproof and weather-resistant.

However, this product doesn’t provide a long-lasting effect on deterrence. You will need to reapply it frequently to ward off rabbits successfully.

What we like

  • Non-harmful, non-toxic
  • Will not harm your property or garden beds
  • Resistant in normal weather conditions and irrigation
  • No mess, ready to apply granules!
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What should be improved?

  • Not long-lasting effect

Enviro Pro 11006 Rabbit Scram Repellent Granular

Enviro Pro 11006 Rabbit Scram Repellent Granular White Pail,...
899 Reviews
Enviro Pro 11006 Rabbit Scram Repellent Granular White Pail,...
  • Rabbit scram repellent granular white pail
  • No mixing is required and the granular formula is easily...
  • Rabbit Scram is not harmful to humans or animals


If you are wondering how to get rid of rabbits in your garden, Enviro Pro 11006 can be a good option for you. Unlike other rabbit repellents, this one doesn’t smell terrible when you spray it and doesn’t get washed off in the rain.

Plus, because it’s organic and contains natural ingredients, it’s not going to hurt the rabbits. You won’t need to mix anything as it’s always ready to use.

However, if the product usually gets wet, it could only last up to 1 month. It seems to be effective at first, but because you will need to reapply it constantly after rain and mowings, you will have to spend a lot of money on this rabbit repellent.

What We Like

  • Specially formulated for areas with serious rabbit problems
  • Requires no mixing
  • Easily sprinkled in any conditions
  • 4,560 sq feet coverage
  • Environmentally safe

What Should Be Improved?

  • Quick-to-fade effect in humid conditions

Safer Brand 5981 Critter Ridder Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Safer Brand Ready-to-Use Brand 5981 Critter Ridder Deer &...
483 Reviews
Safer Brand Ready-to-Use Brand 5981 Critter Ridder Deer &...
  • Proven to repel deer, rabbits, and squirrels
  • Protection for up to 90 days
  • Repels animals by scent and taste


This product’s dual-action formula can deter troublesome bunnies by unpleasant smells and tastes with its powerful but harmless ingredients, including putrescent egg and garlic.

It contains 2 layers of repelling protection, taking advantage of rabbits’ instinct and fear of predators to keep them out of your yard.

This item is proven to work effectively as a rabbit deterrent, but you might need to reapply the repellent from time to time, about once a month, to maintain this barrier.

What We Like

  • Fast-acting
  • Features a weather-resistant formula
  • Contains no harmful synthetic chemicals
  • Has no smell that human can detect when dried

What Should Be Improved?

  • Needs to reapply frequently

Bonide B004UB8JX0 Go Away! Deer & Rabbit Repellent


Bonide B004UB8JX0 Go Away! is a humane repellent because it deters rabbits without hurting or killing them as it contains hot cayenne pepper.

This product from Bonide is a humane and biodegradable repellent, which means it won’t harm flowers and plants in your garden either. You can apply this repellent directly to fruits, vegetables, and root crops.

The rabbit deterrent only works perfectly under normal weather conditions. If your plants and flowers usually get wet, you will need to buy several cans of it to recover the lawn.

What We Like

  • Lasts for two months without being humidified
  • Does not harm animals or plants
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

What Should Be Improved?

  • Doesn’t last long in humid conditions

Repellex 10001 1-Quart RTU Deer and Rabbit Repellent

Repellex 10001 1-Quart RTU Deer and Rabbit Repellent...
119 Reviews
Repellex 10001 1-Quart RTU Deer and Rabbit Repellent...
  • Actively repels deer and rabbits along with other yard pests...
  • Used on flowers and ornamentals; up to 90 days of coverage
  • Active ingredients are dried blood, hot pepper and garlic...


Repellex 10001 1-Quart RTU is made of natural active ingredients, including dried blood, hot pepper, and garlic oils. It means that this product will do no harm to the animals.

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As advertised, the product is durable and lasts a long time. It remains effective even after several weeks of rain and sprinkler soaking.

If we could change one thing about this fantastic offer, it must be the smell. The smell is rather sharp when you first apply it, but luckily the stink won’t remain long.

You should wear latex gloves as the spray may get on your hands.

What We Like

  • Offers 90 days of residual protection
  • Natural active ingredients
  • Easy to apply
  • Has a strong odor
  • Can stain white or light-colored plants

What Should Be Improved?

  • Not so pleasant smell

Nature’s Mace B07123NCZJ Rabbit Mace Concentrated Formula

Nature’s MACE Rabbit Repellent 40oz Concentrate/Covers...
915 Reviews
Nature’s MACE Rabbit Repellent 40oz Concentrate/Covers...
  • POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE REPELLANT: Our Rabbit MACE formula is...
  • 100% All-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our Rabbit repellent is strong...
  • SAFE FOR USE: Nature’s MACE products are bio-degradable...


Nature’s Mace B07123NCZJ is potent because it is created from a scientific combination of scents and odors found in nature. You can use this product on edible plants as it is biodegradable and non-toxic.

The technology applied in this product ensures that it lasts a long time, is waterproof, and odorless when dry. Therefore, your children and pets can go outside where you’ve sprayed once the liquid is dry.

However, there’s a point we think Nature’s Mace can improve to please more customers. It’s the mixed solution’s thickness. It is so thick that it could clog the filter on your sprayer, so you might need to buy a replacement filter from a third party.

What We Like

  • Can be used on edible plants
  • Natural active ingredients
  • Works in all seasons
  • Treats up to 28,000 sq feet
  • Safe for use

What Should Be Improved?

  • Needs a thinner layer

Rabbit Repellent Buying Guide

Facts About Rabbits

There are over 180 rabbit breeds worldwide, with lop paws, fur length, and rabbit height, distinguish these breeds.

Best Rabbit Repellent For Keeping Rabbits Out Of Garden

Rabbits graze and eat green, leafy plants, including fruit, vegetables, herbs, and weeds, as well as peas and beans. They also enjoy flowers and can wreak havoc on your prized ornamentals.

Usually, rabbits nibble on one plant, move a few steps, and take a bite on another plant. This action does not seem like a lot of harm if you have one rabbit in your garden.

The issue is that rabbits live in groups, and they breed quickly. You’ll get a lot more bunnies in no time if you have one in your yard. Therefore, it is important to get rid of rabbits immediately.

Think Like A Rabbit

Rabbits are prey species. Therefore, they switch to a hiding spot immediately when frightened. They usually search for tall grass, brush piles, and rock walls that provide shelter and hiding places.

Best Rabbit Repellent For Keeping Rabbits Out Of Garden

For that reason, the first stage in preventing rabbits from nesting is to tidy up the areas of your garden. To minimize locations for them to hide, you should also clear brush piles and stacks of stones.

Kinds Of Rabbit Repellents To Know

Natural Rabbit Repellent

Natural rabbit repellents are deterrents that don’t involve any chemicals in their formulas. Generally, you can DIY a repellent formula by following diverse simple recipes.

For example, you can mix cayenne pepper with garlic powder, 20 oz of water, and a moderate amount of dish soap. After that, shake everything together and sprinkle the mixture onto the plants’ leaves.

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The use of garlic cloves along the fence may be considered, but this method does not always succeed. Also, vinegar and ammonia are useful for keeping rabbits away.

Chemical Rabbit Repellent

Chemical repellents are deterrents that contain 1 or more synthetic chemicals. There are many chemical repellents on the market.

Best Rabbit Repellent For Keeping Rabbits Out Of Garden

Many research findings have shown that foliar sprays are the most powerful. These deterrents’ main aim is to make the plant taste unpleasant to the animals, and they will no longer want to eat from that area.

Many users opt for the chemical, ready-to-use sprays because they are convenient to use and control. They are very effective, but you should read the instructions carefully before spraying the stuff.

Electronic Rabbit Repellent

Designed to function whenever there is even a slight movement, electronic repellents contain a sensor that is triggered when animals are nearby. Therefore, you won’t need to worry that they will mistake you for the little critters.

They often look like sprinkler systems and are made to spray a flow of water that frightens the rabbits.

Additionally, ultrasound repellents are effective, which produce high-pitched sounds that only animals can detect. These sounds can prevent animals from entering your garden.

Physical Rabbit Repellent

Bunnies don’t burrow into the ground much. However, they can do so. Barriers like fencing or netting can help rabbits move around your property without damaging your plants.

You can roll out netting around a particular area of your garden or around the whole perimeter you want to protect.

Best Rabbit Repellent For Keeping Rabbits Out Of Garden

Netting must have verticals every 3 inches so that the rabbits can’t hop in. Because rabbits are tiny, they can jiggle into narrow areas.

Plants To Repel Rabbits

If you grow these plants in your garden, rabbits will no longer be a problem. Here are some plants you can consider to ward off those bunnies:

  • Nasturtiums
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Rhubarb
  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Geranium

What To Look For In The Best Rabbit Repellent?


One of the most important points to consider when shopping for a rabbit repellent is formula. You will find that this varies hugely, from a scram to a granular formula.

Most of the rabbit deterrents on the market take advantage of the predator-prey relationship to develop a natural, non-toxic method to keep rabbits out of your garden. You can consider this type of product if you don’t like using too many chemicals in your yard.

Weather Resistance

You want a rabbit repellent that’s high quality and effective in the long run – anything less than this will only fall apart.

Best Rabbit Repellent For Keeping Rabbits Out Of Garden

Make sure you consider if your product is resistant to rain and other weather conditions so that the effect will last a long time.

Environmental Friendliness

An environmentally-friendly product should be your priority when purchasing the best rabbit repellent. Remember to choose biodegradable items that will not harm animals, lawns, gardens, and other desirable plants.


If you’re investing in a high-quality rabbit repellent, look for a brand that provides a warranty.

You can rest assured with the warranty; anything that goes wrong will be covered. Not to mention, it shows that the brand is confident that its product does what it promises.

They present a preventative solution to keep rabbits and other critters from munching and destroying your vegetable garden:


We hope that our article has provided you with useful information about the best rabbit repellent and how to repel rabbits.

After reading the previous reviews, if you still don’t know what to buy, we highly recommend our top pick – the Liquid Fence 80266 Deer & Rabbit Repellent Granular. You will benefit from this versatile deterrent with many outstanding features.

After all, thank you for reading! We hope you will choose the right kind of repellent and stop the crunching problem you are suffering!

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