The Best Pot For Snake Plant: Knowing What Your Plant Needs

When considering the best pot for snake plants, you may ask yourself, how big do snake plants get? Since this species can grow up to 4 feet tall, it is crucial to know which quality containers suit them the most.

Greenaholics Ceramic Plant Pots Indoor - 5.1 Inch White...
1,183 Reviews
Greenaholics Ceramic Plant Pots Indoor - 5.1 Inch White...
  • GIVE YOUR PLANTS A NEW HOME - Our medium sized pots have a...
  • DECORATE YOUR HOUSE IN STYLE - The modern white minimalist...
  • POTS THAT ARE MADE TO LAST - Our medium plants pots are made...

Greenaholic 5.1” Plant Pots and their medium size hold both top-heavy plants and small ones for decoration on tabletops. They also impress me with 4 different ceramic patterns in one package.

That is why this pot is currently the most satisfactory overall container for snake plants indoor and elegant house decoration. Find out what I have in store exclusively for you in this article to take care of snake plants.

In-depth Reviews of Top 7 Soil For Snake Plant

Greenaholic 5.1” Plant Pots B07G5YG28G – Best Overall

Greenaholics Ceramic Plant Pots Indoor - 5.1 Inch White...
1,183 Reviews
Greenaholics Ceramic Plant Pots Indoor - 5.1 Inch White...
  • GIVE YOUR PLANTS A NEW HOME - Our medium sized pots have a...
  • DECORATE YOUR HOUSE IN STYLE - The modern white minimalist...
  • POTS THAT ARE MADE TO LAST - Our medium plants pots are made...

The high-end ceramic Greenaholics 5.1” Plant Pots are baked in high temperatures for sturdiness and no color-fading. You will receive 4 stripe models (horizontal, spiral, tart paper, vertical) in a bundle.

Although its round diameter is in the average size, the item can hold both large succulents and deep-rooted medium herbs such as aloe vera, strawberries, etc., for fine decoration on modern tabletops.

I find this pot having bottom drain holes to promote better aeration at roots and attached drainage trays to prevent water spillage. Also, its connected saucer design minimizes water run-off from this unit.

Nonetheless, this kind of pot for snake plants cannot endure the winter without cracking and breaking down. It might be better to place the ceramic planter inside the house during cold seasons.

What we like

  • Premium material
  • Different designs
  • Diverse carriage
  • Root aeration
  • Blocks liquid spill

What can be improved?

  • Fragile exterior

Beebel Artificial Plant Potted B089W2QXNC – Best Faux Model

Beebel Artificial Plant Potted is a vigorous plant fiber with simulated foam soil and paper pulp below.

You can experience great convenience with the plastic plant for effortless house decoration and special occasions. Other pot models might fall apart when located outside but not this outdoor planter.

It does not require leaf cutting, sunlight exposure, or trimming with long-lasting unbroken leaves as an evergreen outdoor plant. It also eliminates your need to ask how often to water a snake plant.

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The bad news is this 16-inch fake plant is quite hard to arrange since it will return to the initial condition after you let go of the leaf. The brand may want to account for extra flexibility in its adjustment.

What we like

  • Full artificial set
  • High convenience
  • Outdoor use
  • Evergreen look
  • Very low-maintenance

What can be improved?

  • Inflexible arrangement

Greenaholics 4.3” Plant Pot B07G5YC4Q5 – Best for Small Greenery

Greenaholics White Plant Pot with Stand 4.3In Desktop Plant...
661 Reviews
Greenaholics White Plant Pot with Stand 4.3In Desktop Plant...
  • GIVE YOUR PLANTS A NEW HOME - Our medium sized pot has a 4.3...
  • THE BRUCE WILLIS OF PLANTER POTS - Our plant pot is made...

Undeniably, Greenaholics 4.3” Plant Pot is the best home you can get for a small snake plant. Its humble dimensions of 4.3 inches make the item fully compatible with the shorter variety of snake plants.

This pot for snake plant indoor brings a Nordic vibe to your space via its minimal appearance. I am fond of the smooth matte surface finish that is easy to wash while resisting stains from external impacts.

Lift the pot off the ground with its included bamboo stand, and you will know that it is also ideal for an office desk or coffee table. This elevated structure allows you to hang small plants in the product.

As much as the pot stand is beneficial for elevation, its leg build is uneven and causes instability. This accessory plays a significant role in the package, so it should have a better precision rate.

What we like

  • Ideal for short plants
  • Minimal look
  • Smooth surface
  • Bamboo stand
  • Hangable design

What can be improved?

  • Uneven legs

EdenHomes Plant Pot Set B07R7LVTP1 – Best Material

EdenProducts 14' Mid Century Modern Large Planter with...
1,117 Reviews
EdenProducts 14" Mid Century Modern Large Planter with...
  • Large Indoor Plant Stand: Elegant mid-century style plant...
  • Durable Fiberglass Pot: Cleverly designed 10 inch fiberglass...
  • Adjustable Heights: Stand and pot together sit 17" tall with...

EdenHomes Plant Pot Set offers a matching plant pot and stand to remove the need to find compatible pieces. You can screw 2 pieces of this corner together with the provided screw and screwdriver without even breaking a sweat.

Moreover, the sturdy bamboo stand height is adjustable for both outdoor and indoor gardens. For example, you can flip the 6-inch over to gain 2 inches more above the floor for this accessory.

Thanks to this simple assembly and perfect fit, it reduces the hassle of repotting a snake plant all over again once it matures. Its powerful fiberglass material can handle hard falls without leaving scratches.

Despite EdenHomes claiming that its unboxing experience is more pleasant than brands that pack their products with unsustainable materials, the potting set is still delivered inside a bunch of styrofoam.

What we like

  • Matching pieces
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile application
  • Height-adjustable stand
  • Strong material

What can be improved?

  • Non-recyclable package

Greenaholics 5.5” Plant Pot B07YG52Z3R – Best for Gifting

Greenaholics Medium Plant Pot - 5.5 Inch White Cylinder...
499 Reviews
Greenaholics Medium Plant Pot - 5.5 Inch White Cylinder...
  • GIVE YOUR PLANTS A NEW HOME - Our medium sized pots have a...
  • UNIQUE SNOWFLAKE DESIGN - Bored with the plain pots you...

This pick is another item from Greenaholics – a medium-sized 5.5” Plant Pot that is also suitable to hold deep-rooted herbs, Gerbera, small aloe vera, strawberries, or even a large snake plant.

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Its unique snowflake pattern on the exterior is exquisite to become a lovely present for family and friends. The included bamboo stand allows you to place the unit anywhere you want safely.

The best thing about this product is the attached drainage hole on the bottom and an extra silicone plug. Having such accessories below to support the pot means there will be no accidental water spillage.

As far as I am concerned, the pot and its stand do not fit each other appropriately. Any potted plant inside is likely to fall off with a slight bump because of this defective, incompatible design.

What we like

  • Diverse application
  • Adorable pattern
  • Ideal gifting
  • Bamboo stand
  • Prevents water spill

What can be improved?

  • Faulty construction

JUMPHIGH Plant Pot B08F7PXYBB – Best for Decoration

JUMPHIGH Plant Pots, 4.9 Inch Modern Nordic Style Ceramic...
35 Reviews
JUMPHIGH Plant Pots, 4.9 Inch Modern Nordic Style Ceramic...
  • ✿ Great Home/Garden Decor Piece ✿ - Featuring modern...
  • ✿ Dimension & Suitable Plants ✿ - 4.92W x 4.72H inch,...
  • ✿ Easy to Maintain ✿ - These planters are made of high...

JUMPHIGH Plant Pot is the most excellent decorative container on this review list. Though it can fit into any house corner with diverse decor styles, I would recommend its main modern Nordic design.

You might think it requires effort to maintain such a unit, but this pot is made from high-quality ceramic. Its purity glaze surface offers scratch resistance, a smooth touch, and a sturdy platform.

It is crucial to remember that this type of snake plant pot does not include any holes or tray for adequate drainage. Place some planter fillers made of ceramic inside it, and the potted plant will do fine.

Still, I detected some sharp ridges in its interior during use, where the glaze and/or pottery has been collected. This unexpected sharpness may cause you trouble trying to place a snake plant inside.

What we like

  • Highly decorative
  • Fine material
  • Premium quality
  • Optimal build
  • Filler compatibility

What can be improved?

  • Sharp ridges

Vivimee Plant Pots B08PV7M2DD – Best for Versatile Use

Vivimee 2 Pack Ceramic Flower Plant Pots, 5 Inch , Planter...
1,070 Reviews
Vivimee 2 Pack Ceramic Flower Plant Pots, 5 Inch , Planter...
  • A BREATHABLE POT – The large clay pots for plants are made...
  • PERFECT SIZE – 5.5 inch garden flower pots with drainage...
  • HANDMADE EMBOSSED PATTERN – These unique lovely plant pots...

The last pot for snake plants to consider purchasing is 2 packs of Vivimee Plant Pots. This attractive decor for indoor space from fired clay ensures sufficient air permeability for better plant growth.

Its delicate embossed flower pattern on the outside is handmade to bring this item a unique look in the house. Add the pot to any corner of the room, and it will enhance the overall ambiance.

As the perfect size with drainage holes for flower plants, you can place almost all kinds of greenery into this product, such as aloe vera, cacti, daisy, bromeliad, African violet, oxalis triangularis, etc.

Unfortunately, the plug does not seem to hold the inner water well since it trickles leakage on both pots. This set may only suit gardeners looking for a self-draining snake plant container.

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What we like

  • 2-pack bundle
  • Airflow promotion
  • Handmade pattern
  • Ideal size
  • Fits most plants

What can be improved?

  • Water leakage

A Buying Guide For Good Snake Plant Pot

Types of Pot For Snake Plants

Many people assume that a pot plays a small role in developing both outdoor and indoor plants. However, effective snake plant care cannot lack the massive support from a proper container.

Most snake plants do not require a deep pot because of their short roots that prefer laying close to the soil surface. This type of pot also includes more soil mass and is likely to result in over-watering.

On the other hand, taller varieties of snake plants will develop bigger and require larger pots. My tip is to choose 1 size up. For example, you want to pot a 10-inch snake plant in a 12-inch container.

Also, use a well-draining potting mix in a terracotta pot to solve how to pot a snake plant for gardening beginners. This foolproof combination will be the best tool to help you take care of the plant properly.

These are my tips based on my planting experience. Although there is a wide range of snake plant pots available on the market, make sure your greenery gets the best possible option.

Features to Look For


As mentioned earlier, a terracotta container will be most beneficial for snake plants. The potting soil inside such a pot dries out faster than a cheap plastic container, avoiding the risks of excess water.

Porcelain and ceramic materials are the most popular ones to build eye-catching home decor. Apart from the enhanced level of aesthetics, their stain-proof feature and smooth finish are a bonus.

Source: ProFlowers

Moreover, these snake plant pots have gone through baking in high heat for a more solid structure. They will endure external conditions better than vulnerable cotta clay pots and other cheaply-made items.

Another less common but equally effective potting material that I enjoy using is fiberglass – sturdy enough to survive hard falls without scratches and sudden changes in the surrounding temperature.


Besides knowing to choose a terracotta planter for your snake plant, you should also be highly aware of its dimensions and even the primary mounting type, for example, tabletop, office desk, floor standing.

Checking out its internal diameter is another way to help you define which pot has the perfect size to hold your greenery at home.

A round or cylinder shape is the best choice for a single hold, while a rectangle container will carry multiple plants at once. The pot height range in this article varies from at least 4.3 up to 5.5 inches.


Regardless of the snake plant pot size, most products will contain bottom drainage holes for proper water drainage of the tropical houseplants. It can also be a tray or plug to prevent spillage, as well as connected saucers.

In case there are no drainage accessories equipped to the pot, you may want to try installing a planter filler underneath it. Many pot packages offer a bamboo stand or holder for pot elevation off the ground.

If you’re just starting out with houseplants, here’s some great tips:

Final Words

I hope my in-depth reviews, personal advice, and experience have helped you learn to select the suitable pot size, material, provided accessories for different snake plant varieties and other species.

Undoubtedly, my preference will always go to Greenaholic 5.1” Plant Pots for their flexible compatibility with many plant sizes, as well as the appealing exterior and functional accessories for no extra cost.

Remember that the best pot for snake plants should come with drainage holes or an attached water tray to guarantee proper water care for strong snake plant growth.

Thank you for reading.

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