11 Best Plants For Office With No Windows (#1 Is Our Favorite)

Are you seeking the best plants for office with no windows? 

We are here to help you out as we know having greeneries in your offices can enhance your mood and spirit and even boost your productivity. 

We have compiled a list of ideal plants for your consideration. They can infuse life and color into your office.

11 Best Plants For Office With No Windows (#1 Is Our Favorite)

11 Best Plants For Office With No Windows

This section will provide you with the top 11 best plants for office, helping you decorate your office and purify the air.

#1. Snake Plant (The Best Ever Houseplant For Beginners)

This indoor plant has different names like sansevieria, bowstring hemp, snake tongue, or even devil’s tongue. It is one of the best office plants today.

It features tall green leaves with dark lines across them, resembling snakeskin.

11 Best Plants For Office With No Windows (#1 Is Our Favorite)

One of its plus points is that it does not require a lot of sunlight or water to thrive. Instead, it needs watering every 2-3 weeks only – ideal for an office environment with busy (office employee) bees.

That said, keep in mind to ensure the soil is entirely dry before you water it to hinder root rot. It is very susceptible to root rot from overwatering.

Check out how to grow snake plants in this video:

#2. ZZ Plant (Great For Raising Your Mood)

This office plant, or zamioculcasi, comes with small leaves with many foliages and a waxy texture. It can boost your mood whenever you come to your office every day.

It can thrive in drought-like and low-light conditions. That means you will not need to water it frequently. Every 2-3 weeks is the ideal time to water this tree.

11 Best Plants For Office With No Windows (#1 Is Our Favorite)

Remember to keep it away from bright natural light. Its leaves can curl up and turn yellow if they get too much sunlight.

Buy this plant here.

#3. Modern Bamboo (Bring A Good Feng Shui Fortune For You)

Bamboo is known as a luck symbol, which might be an ideal decoration for your office. Its best part is that it does not demand much on your end to make it grow.

11 Best Plants For Office With No Windows (#1 Is Our Favorite)

All you need to do is to stick it in a container that gets indirect sunlight or medium light and water it when its soil gets dry to the touch.

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#4. Aloe Vera (Our Favorite Ingredient For Healthy Drinks)

If you sit in the workplace without a window, aloe vera might be your best choice. Remember to put this double-duty plant somewhere with indirect light and water it every 2-3 weeks. 

11 Best Plants For Office With No Windows (#1 Is Our Favorite)

Once its leaves grow, you can cut them and squeeze out their gel for sores, burns, and bruises treatment.

#5. Peace Lily (Cute White Florals For A Feminine Touch)

Besides the good office plants with green leaves, you might want some flowers added to your space. In this case, the peace lily is right for you.

It is a plant known as spathiphyllum. Its white petals can catch your eyes while helping purify the air. 

Please keep in might to keep the flowers out of direct bright natural light.

11 Best Plants For Office With No Windows (#1 Is Our Favorite)

That said, it is best to put this indoor plant in a well-lit place. Water it every week and spritz its leaves occasionally, especially in the summer.

Some can reach 24 inches in height, while others can extend 40 inches high. Notably, peace lilies can work as natural air purifiers, so they don’t only please the eyes but your health as well!

See how to plant and care for peace lilies here!

#6. Dumb Cane (Amusing Plant Name You’ve Ever Heard)

Dumb cane might be another right plant for your workplace without a window. Besides its interesting name, it is also called dieffenbachia.

This plant comes with oversized and appealing leaves. And relying on the type of your dumb cane, it can have various lighting requirements. Some demand low natural light, while others need stronger sunlight.

11 Best Plants For Office With No Windows (#1 Is Our Favorite)

You undoubtedly don’t want a variety that can thrive in the bright direct sunlight, so please ensure you can pick up the best dumb cane for your low-light working environment.

One more thing we want you to note is that this plant is dangerous if ingested. So with that being said, you need to keep it far away from your pets (if any).

#7. Spider Plant (Make The Air Fresher)

Your office can look fresher and more natural with this spider plant. You can put it on your desk’s corner or in hanging pots. Accordingly, its spiderettes or long thin leaves can dangle with no disruption. 

11 Best Plants For Office With No Windows (#1 Is Our Favorite)

This sprawling tree can grow well in an indirect light environment. However, keep in mind to frequently water it to maintain the soil moisture all the time.

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#8. Philodendron Green (Unique Heart Leaves That Make Anyone Go “Aw”)

This plant features heart-shaped leaves, adding love and cuteness to your cubicle.

As preferring the moderate sunlight, it can grow in your office with no windows as long as you remember to water it once per week.

Its leaves look pretty appealing and can deal with many different lighting conditions without withering.

11 Best Plants For Office With No Windows (#1 Is Our Favorite)

Interestingly, it is one of the plants that thrive in artificial light to 10 ft long, ensuring you have enough office space for it.

And if you notice its leaves with big spaces between them and their stems looking quite slim, it’s time to change the location. In this case, it requires more light.

#9. Peperomia Obtusifolia (A Neat, Desk-Friendly Plant)

This plant also has another cute name – Baby Rubber Plant. It is a perfect choice for you to put on your desk thanks to its small size.  

11 Best Plants For Office With No Windows (#1 Is Our Favorite)

This green leaf tree can offer white flowers, adding to your office an adorable touch of color. What you need to do is to water it 1-2 times every week. 

Though it prefers bright light, it can still deal with dim environments. Another note is that if it gets more sun, please water it more.

#10. Monstera (Ideal Potted Plant To Fill A Large Space)

Should you have a floor area to fill, consider this potted plant. It is sometimes referred to as a Swiss Cheese Plant. 

11 Best Plants For Office With No Windows (#1 Is Our Favorite)

These no-light indoor plants can thrive in almost every place, even offices without windows or bright light.

To take care of it, keep in mind to water it whenever the soil’s top half layer is entirely dry. Then, you can offer it plant food monthly to help it grow more beautifully.

#11. Maidenhair Fern (Interesting Fan-Shaped Leaves)

One of the great indoor office plants we want to suggest is the Maidenhair Fern or adiantum. It comes with a look unlike other trees we covered above. It has tiny and sprouting green leaves coming in a vine.

As great-looking as it is, you need to take many precautions when growing it. For example, it is best not to use hard water. Instead, distilled water is a better choice.

11 Best Plants For Office With No Windows (#1 Is Our Favorite)

Besides, you have to keep the soil decently moist, or root rot can happen. Also, remember to offer humidity for it if possible.

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Lastly, please keep it away from bright light, and keep it in a space where moderate light’s prevalent.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Which plant is good for office desk?

Good question. It depends on what kind of environment you’re in and why you need a plant for your office desk. Here are some options:

-A peace lily thrives in full sun to medium light environments, and can help purify the air with it’s natural filtration system (the leaves).

-Philodendrons like bright to medium indirect light, absorb CO2 and produce oxygen, should be watered at least twice a week, and good for humid environments.

– Snake plants do best in low or very low light areas because they don’t require much photosynthesis to grow well so they can take brighter spots than other plants do if need be.

Is it good to have plants in the office?

Yes, it’s good to have plants in the office. Plants can be beneficial to your health and productivity!
Studies show that putting green plants in the office benefits workers by decreasing feelings of stress (according to one study, 22% less), increasing productivity (by 43%), increasing attentiveness (by 28%) and lowering levels of fatigue (by 46%). 
Also green spaces are shown to be more appealing than traditional blue screens, which is important for persuading customers. 
Giving people options like figs or spruce instead of crazy looking fish on their screens makes sense for investors who want people’s undivided attention. Having greenery around also increases oxygen levels which is very good for your employees. 

Final Thoughts

That’s all about our list of the best plants for office with no windows. Do you enjoy it? 

In a nutshell, offices without windows or direct sunlight can somehow affect your mood and spirit. Adding some plants that need no light can significantly improve the working spirit and leave the atmosphere fresher thanks to their air-purifying properties.

Anyway, don’t forget to let us know your ideas in the comment box below. And if you like our article, you can share it with other people.

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