Home Security: Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

When it comes to your property’s safety and security during nighttime, home security is essential. A great way to add to your home security is with motion sensor lighting.

Since they light up quickly when movement is detected, they are an excellent deterrent for burglars. This article will discuss everything you need to know when buying a motion sensor light for your property.

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Review

LeonLite LED Security Lights

LEONLITE COB LED Security Light, Motion Sensor Flood Lights...
5,142 Reviews
LEONLITE COB LED Security Light, Motion Sensor Flood Lights...
  • ✅High-quality Motion Sensor: Equipped with superior motion...
  • ✅Triple Operation Modes: ON TIME mode allows manual...
  • ✅Durable and Lasting: IP65 waterproof rating ensures the...

This motion detection light from LeonLite is a good mix between power and performance.

Solar lights are probably the first thought that springs to mind when you think of power efficiency. This hardwired sensor light puts them to shame.

The LeonLite motion-activated security light qualifies for state and federal energy rebate incentives, and it can reduce your outdoor lighting energy costs by up to 86.7 percent.

Consider them outdoor lights that are both excellent for the environment and beneficial for your budget.

The motion detectors can sense movement from up to 70 feet. The 1,800 lumens produced by its dual solid technology floodlights are impressive. If you’re attempting to brighten up your dark yard, this light should not be overlooked.

Additional Benefits

  • Various finishes are available
  • Housing that is long-lasting and waterproof
  • The security light is brilliant and adjustable

LITOM Original Solar Lights

No products found.

You might require a low-cost solution if you plan to install several outdoor motion sensor lights on your property. The LITOM Original Solar Light is both incredibly functional and won’t break the bank.

You don’t have to plug these lights into your home because they operate on solar energy with backup power. They’re equipped with 24 LED lights that provide a 270-degree lighting range, 50% broader than other competing products.

The lights are weatherproof so that you may put them on your driveway or another open location. Another advantage is the high-efficiency solar panel, which allows them to charge up to three times faster than traditional solar lights.

Additional Benefits

  • Cost-effective
  • Solar electricity is used with backup power
  • A wider range of motion detectors than most counterparts

Baxia Technology Solar Motion Sensor Lights

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Outdoor Lights Wireless Security...
  • ☀ 【PIR Motion Lights & No Dim Mode】 Let your little...
  • ☀ 【Ultra-Bright Solar Powered Lights】 Fewer LED beads...
  • ☀ 【IP65 Waterproof & Heatproof】 If you are looking for...

Since these come in a four-pack, Baxia’s motion sensor lights are a fantastic choice for pathway lighting.

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This enables you to line a walkway or set of steps with consistent spacing to ensure complete illumination. While these lights can be mounted higher on a wall, we find they’re best for walkways.

Although these lights can’t be moved, the solar panels mounted on top provide steady nocturnal lighting without the need for complicated wiring.

Because the embedded PIR sensor detects heat sources similar to a warm body, these lights won’t turn on as falling leaves fly by.

These lights can tolerate both extreme cold and intense heat and are water-resistant. The best part is that a 30-day money-back guarantee backs them.

Additional Benefits

  • Money-back guarantee of 30 days
  • Body heat is detected using a PIR sensor
  • Affordability

Heath Zenith 150° Bayside Motion-Sensing Security Lantern

Heath/Zenith HZ-4132-BK 150-Degree Bayside Mission Style...
388 Reviews
Heath/Zenith HZ-4132-BK 150-Degree Bayside Mission Style...
  • Motion activated nighttime lighting which detects motion up...
  • Black finish metal construction with clear glass
  • Wall-mount installation

Several motion sensor lights are simple in design and come in a limited range of colours. You might choose something more aesthetically pleasing if you’re looking for outside lights for your porch or as landscape lighting.

The Heath Zenith Bayside Motion Sensing Lantern has a dark coating, and seeded glass on these light sconces make them a vintage touch to your home’s exterior.

They sense movement from up to 30 feet at 150 degrees and can be used with 60-watt incandescent lamps that need to be bought separately.

Additional Benefits

  • It can also be used as a regular light fixture
  • Excellent as outdoor decor
  • Easy to install

What Are Motion Sensor Lights?

Motion sensor lights are electronic gadgets that can detect infrared heat waves emitted by moving objects and illuminate them.

Many motion sensors used for outdoor lighting are susceptible to warmer mobile bodies such as humans, animals, and autos.

When the sensor detects movement in its range of view, an electric signal is sent, instantly turning on a light.

Many outdoor motion sensor lights include timers to adjust to control how long the light remains on. The sensor will automatically switch off unless it detects more motion.

Motion sensor lights often feature a semi-circular line of sight that can broaden up to 240 degrees and an expandable distance range that can reach 70 feet.

Some homeowners are hesitant to install motion sensor lights since they are worried about false alarms, which may occur when the light is activated by a passing vehicle or falling leaves, for instance.

Most false alarms can be avoided by modifying the distance range preset and adequately directing the detector to a precise angle of vision.

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Other outdoor motion sensor lights are meant to be used in the same way as regular manual lamps when you want the light to stay on or off independent of movement.

Returning to the motion-detecting functionality is usually as simple as double-flipping the switch.

Critical Advantages of Motion Sensor Lights

When you install motion sensor lights outside your property, you can profit in a variety of ways.

  • Security when you’re not present at your home: If you’re away at work or absent from home, the motion detectors automatically turn on the lights in your outdoor space if someone enters within range.
  • Prevents criminal activity: Statistics suggest that crime level is lower in households with motion sensor lighting than those without such devices.
  • An indicator that someone is outside: They give you a heads-up if someone is approaching your house, so you can check to see if it’s somebody you know and agree to open the door to.
  • Installation is straightforward and convenient: These lights are often simple to set up, so you may save time and money by not having to hire someone to do it for you.
  • Saves energy since they are not constantly turned on: Because these lights work, they are only activated when someone enters the range of the motion detector. This indicates that, unlike regular outdoor lights, they do not need to be kept on all the time, and you do not have to bother about switching them on and off.

How Motion Sensor Lights Work

When it comes to security lighting, there are 5 different types of sensors: active, passive, dual technology, occupancy and vacancy, and area reflective sensors.

Active Sensors

When active sensors perceive movement, they emit a signal. Signals of this nature include:

  • Ultrasonic: The most frequent sort used for security light is this one. It emits high-frequency sound waves to function.
  • Microwave: Electromagnetic radiation is emitted by this kind of sensor, which detects motion. This is perfect for areas with a lot of space.
  • Tomographic: Radio waves are used to detect movement in this kind of motion sensor.

Passive Sensors

A passive infrared motion sensor, otherwise known as PIR, is used to detect heat. In motion sensor lighting, this is a relatively prevalent technology.

If a living creature walks by, the motion detector light will switch due to the temperature difference.

Dual Technology Sensors

This sort of sensor detects movement using both ultrasonic and PIR technologies to switch on the security lights.

Because both detectors must be triggered for the light to switch on, dual technology sensors are great for larger locations and eliminate false alarms.

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Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors are meant to switch lights on automatically when they sense motion and shut them off after a predetermined duration has elapsed with no activity.

In busy locations like restrooms, classrooms, and workplaces, these motion detectors prove to be helpful.

Vacancy sensors, on the contrary, will switch off any lamps in an area that isn’t being used. The critical distinction between occupancy and vacancy detectors is that vacancy sensors need you to physically switch on the light when you walk into the room.

This device works well in locations with abundant natural sunlight during the daytime, such as workplaces and meeting rooms.

Area Reflective Sensors

LED lights emit infrared rays for this type of sensor to determine the area between the detector and its vicinity. If the sensor perceives any quick movement, it will be activated.

What to Consider When Buying Motion Sensor Lights

Certain security lights are better than others. Before placing an order, it’s critical to assess your security requirements. Here are some things to consider when choosing which motion sensor light is best for your household.


You can choose a lamp with a sensor range of just a few feet if you simply wish the motion sensor lights to switch on at the entryway. Passersby walking near the house or on an adjacent sidewalk won’t be inconvenienced by the lights switching on.

However, if you want to deter potential burglars in a more extensive property, a device with a more comprehensive range will be more advantageous to your safety. To determine your target range, measure your area.

Type of light

A significant proportion of security lights are LEDs, which are robust and eco-friendly. Incandescent lights are available on the market; however, they can become hot if used frequently.

Power source

The easiest to install are battery-operated lights, although they may not be suitable for folks who forget to change the batteries.

Solar security lights, which use energy generated by the sun, can solve this issue. Solar, on the other hand, isn’t great for places where there isn’t enough sunlight.

Hardwired setups are the most difficult to construct, but they eliminate the risk of batteries giving out or a lack of sunshine.


Find a device with higher lumens if you need a motion sensor light bulb to illuminate a greater area. A light bulb’s brightness is measured in lumens.

For instance, you might choose a lower number of lumens for lighting at the front entrance than you would if you intended to illuminate the entire lawn.


Outdoor motion sensor lights can be a great way to brighten up your property after nightfall.

Remember everything we have shared while shopping for an outdoor motion sensor light, whether for security, aesthetics, or other reasons, and you’ll find the perfect home security in no time!

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