7 Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer For A Healthy Garden

If you want fresh and green beautiful lawns, you will need to find the best organic lawn fertilizer. The good plant food must be strong enough to work effectively, balanced in nutrients to feed the whole garden, and safe for your children.

However, choosing a good one is not an easy task as many unethical companies try to distort the quality of their product to boost sales. Thus, keep reading the organic lawn fertilizer reviews to know the most suitable one.

Espoma EOFW30 Organic Fall Fertilizer, 30-Pound
182 Reviews
Espoma EOFW30 Organic Fall Fertilizer, 30-Pound
  • 8-0-5 fertilizer analysis - 30 lb. bag
  • All natural winterizer lawn fertilizer
  • Extra potash for next year's spring greening

Our top pick is the Espoma Organic Fall Winterizer. The product is incredibly safe for kids and pets because it comprises feather meal poultry manures and sulfate of potash.

As the plant food is chemical-free, it is environmentally-friendly.

One impressive feature is the 8-0-6 formulation. The product can provide long-lasting nitrogen, promoting thicker lawns and vigorous growth in the long term.

The Top 7 Best Organic Grass Fertilizers

Espoma Organic Fall Winterizer: Best For Overall

Espoma EOFW30 Organic Fall Fertilizer, 30-Pound
182 Reviews
Espoma EOFW30 Organic Fall Fertilizer, 30-Pound
  • 8-0-5 fertilizer analysis - 30 lb. bag
  • All natural winterizer lawn fertilizer
  • Extra potash for next year's spring greening

You don’t have to worry about your children’s and pets’ negative impacts when you use the Espoma. The producer utilizes the feather meal poultry manure and sulfate of potash to create the fertilizer, ensuring users’ and the environment’s safety.

Created with the 8-0-6 formula, the lawn care products will promote your lawn’s health and slowly release nitrogen 2.5 slower than a traditional lawn fertilizer. This essential substance will encourage a thicker lawn and stimulate the growth of plants without burning.

Besides, the manufacturer fortifies the plant food with potassium. This feature supports the plant to withstand the summer’s drought conditions, resist the winter’s hardiness, and improve greening in the spring.

However, some customers complain that animal abuse was involved in the production.

What we like

  • 8-0-6 formula
  • Child and pet-friendly
  • Slow-release nitrogen

What can be improved?

  • Animal abuse

Milorganite Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer: Best For Deep Green

One impressive feature of this pick is that the manufacturer uses four percent iron in the product. This characteristic allows the grass to be greener, making a flush lawn.

The product contains all 15 growth elements, helping produce a vigorous, healthy turf.

You don’t need to wait for a particular time to apply the product. This organic lawn food is an all-season fertilizer you can use at any time.

Unlike other products, the Milorganite does not dehydrate tender grass plants. It will make your lawn always fresh.

Because the product contains iron, it can have adverse impacts on human health. The heavy metals are not likely to dissipate, and they will accumulate over time.

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When children play on the grass, they may suffer from stomach pain, constipation, nausea, and vomiting.

What we like

  • Deep green
  • Apply anytime
  • 15 growth elements

What can be improved?

  • Iron accumulation

Safer Brand Lawn Restore Fertilizer: Best For Long-lasting Coverage

Safer Brand 9334 Lawn Restore Fertilizer – 25 lb
  • Revitalizes lawn to a thick turf by strengthening root...
  • Lawns will green up within 3 to 5 days
  • Promotes a robust root system for a healthier lawn

This plant food can last up to 8 weeks in the soil, giving a slow and steady release of nutrients.

Interestingly, the product will enrich the soil structure and offer nutrients to the billions of beneficial soil microbes. As a result, these microscopic organisms will thrive and provide nutrients to your grass.

Using this plant food is straightforward, and you only need to perform a one-step application, regardless of the seasons. All you have to do is distribute the fertilizer in your wanted areas and enjoy a long-term fresh garden.

Unfortunately, the product can bring along an unbearable smell. It will take you a while to get used to this unpleasant odor.

What we like

  • Benefit the micro-organisms
  • Child and pet-friendly
  • Long-lasting coverage up to eight weeks

What can be improved?

  • Unbearable smell

Simple Lawn Solutions Micro Booster: Best For Micronutrients

Organic Micronutrient Booster- Complete Plant & Turf...
966 Reviews
Organic Micronutrient Booster- Complete Plant & Turf...
  • Micro Booster is a Concentrated Liquid Micronutrient Blend...
  • Feed your Lawn, Garden, and Indoor Plants With with a Blend...
  • Micro Booster can be used on any Grass Type Including St....

The product features a combination of chelated micronutrients, including manganese, zinc, iron, magnesium, and sulfur.

The mineral content will help increase the plants’ immune system, avoiding mineral deficiencies. Also, this exquisite plant supplement will enhance the color of your lawn and turf.

There is no need to worry about the product’s quality because the Simple Lawn Solutions is a family company with 24 years of experience in agriculture. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, some customers claimed that it would have been better if the product had contained cobalt, boron, copper, and molybdenum. The missing micronutrients, especially boron, are necessary for plant growth and seed development.

What we like

  • Chelated micronutrients
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Enhances immune system

What can be improved?

  • Lack of several micronutrients

Scotts Natural Lawn Food: Best For Safety

There is no need to wait for a long time after the application. You can immediately walk on your grass after you sprayed the Scotts Natural Lawn Food.

The manufacturer formulates the product with natural ingredients. Besides, this fertilizer is OMRI-listed.

Thus, your kids will be safe playing on the grass after the usage. Scotts even states that the plant food can be used around your kids and pets.

For the best result, you should use the product with a Scotts drop or rotary spreader. After you use the fertilizer, your grass will become greener within 1 to 3 weeks (depending on the weather conditions).

The product is not available in Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Washington, and Wisconsin.

What we like

  • Safe to children and pets
  • No waiting time after the application
  • Builds thick, green lawn naturally

What can be improved?

  • Slow results
  • Not available in some states

Simple Lawn Solutions Phosphorus-Free Lawn Food: Best For Quick Grass Growth

Superior 15-0-15 Liquid Fertilizer Nitrogen & Potash Lawn...
2,661 Reviews
Superior 15-0-15 Liquid Fertilizer Nitrogen & Potash Lawn...
  • Liquid Lawn Fertilizer: Contains no phosphorus and has a...
  • The Power of Nitrogen & Potassium Blended with Humic Acid:...
  • Blended with 15% Nitrogen. Nitrogen is a major component of...

The Simple Lawn Solutions Phosphorus-Free Lawn Food features a 15-0-15 NPK formula, which means 15% nitrogen, 15% potassium, and phosphorus-free. This characteristic enhances the photosynthesis, leading to a fast-growing process.

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Furthermore, the fertilizer contains feed-grade ingredients, including humic acids, potash, and sulfur. These pure liquid nutrients will allow lawn health and strength’s development.

The humid content will help the plant root receive water and nutrients. Hence, even if your yard has sandy soils, your lawn will still grow vigorously.

Though the product has many benefits, its design is unfortunately not well-made. When you attach the hose to the package and turn on the water, you may notice a leak, causing uneven distribution.

What we like

  • 15-0-15 NPK formula
  • Feed grade ingredients
  • Great for sandy soil

What can be improved?

  • Poor package

Simple Lawn Solutions Complete Lawn Food: Best For Root Development

Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK - Lawn Food Quality Liquid...
10,127 Reviews
Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK - Lawn Food Quality Liquid...
  • Complete NPK Lawn Food: 16-4-8 is the perfect blend of key...
  • Contains High Quality Feed Grade Ingredients: Nourish your...
  • Easy To Use: Designed to be easily applied. This complete...

One unique feature of this Simple Lawn Solutions Complete Lawn Food is that it contains seaweed and fish. Seaweed, a storehouse of over 60 nutrients and amino acids, can improve stronger and deeper roots compared to the conventional lawn care.

Meanwhile, the fish can provide the products with trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, and omega oils. These substances will allow a healthier lawn.

Like the previous one, this fertilizer has a high amount of nitrogen and potassium (16 and 8%). This feature will enable your grass to grow quickly.

It also contains 4% of phosphorus to strengthen the plant roots. However, this chemical can build up in your soil and start leaching into nearby bodies of water, leading to cultural eutrophication.

What we like

  • Contain seaweed and fish
  • Strong root system
  • Quick growing process

What can be improved?

  • Not environmentally-friendly

Buying Guides For Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Types Of Fertilizers

Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer For A Healthy Garden

Organic And Synthetic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers stem from naturally-occurring sources. They contain plant products, such as alfalfa meal, waste products, or dead material.

One bonus for organic lawn care is the safety for pets and children. They also feed the soil and grass.

Synthetic products are from chemicals from a lab setting. These chemical lawn fertilizers can have more and purer NPK than their organic counterparts.

However, they can cause plant burning when you overuse them. Synthetic fertilizers can also have more negative effects on the environment compared to the organic ones.

Granules Vs. Liquid Lawn Fertilizers

Granular fertilizers are like a pebble when it is dry. They are easy to use but will not do the job until they’ve been wet.

Once encountered with water, the granules will break down and release the nutrients. You will find this type convenient as you can use it at any time during the day.

Liquid fertilizers are a combination of water-soluble and liquid forms. You can use a hose-end to dilute and spray the plant food across the garden.

Unfortunately, you may need to use these in the morning. It will help the products access to moisture and vaporize during the day.

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Quick-Release Vs. Slow Release

Slow-release fertilizers will take more time to release nutrition. They will break down slowly and keep feeding the plants for a longer period.

A quick-release fertilizer is inclined to provide the nutrition for a couple of days. After a few days, they may be flushed out by the rain or watering routine.

Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer For A Healthy Garden

Why Should One Make An Organic Leap?

With a large amount of nitrogen salts, a synthetic fertilizer can sometimes burn the grass if exposed to sunlight, making your grass brown.

The organic plant foods, on the other hand, is more soil-dependent. This kind of product usually takes more time to hold the nitrogen, which will not make the grass burn.

Besides, the best organic fertilizer for grass improves a healthier soil content for a long period. Therefore, it allows better growth and reduces the risk of run-off or leaching into the soil, consequently having adverse impacts on the ecosystem.

Reading Fertilizer Numbers

When you look at a fertilizer label, you may notice that there are 3 numbers. They will tell you the proportion of available macronutrients by weight in the package.

The first number is nitrogen (N) content. The substance will aid in photosynthesis and spurs rapid growth.

The second is phosphorus (P) content. The chemical assists in healthy root enhancement, flowering, and fruiting.

The third is potassium (K) content, strengthening stems and developing good grassroots.

The pack with 12-4-16 comprises 12% nitrogen, 4% phosphorous, and 16% potassium. To determine each bag’s amount, you will multiply the percentage by the bag’s weight.

For organic products, they will have a lower NPK than their synthetic counterparts. It means that organic plant foods take more time to show results.

However, they will feed the grass for a longer time and be more eco-friendly.

Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer For A Healthy Garden

What Type Of Lawn Have You Got?

It is necessary to know your grass type when you select optimized plant foods. Not to mention, some weed and feed varieties aim at grasses rather than weeds; thus, they may kill off your lawns.

Besides, some products can fertilize your lawn without causing any damage to the weeds. They can still provide your grass enough nutrients, but you need to use the hand-pulling method for weed removal.

When To Fertilize Your Healthy Lawn?

Depending on different products, you may have to use more or less.

There are some all-season fertilizers you can apply at any time throughout the year. In contrast, seasonal blends are suitable for a particular time.

The seasonal blends can be more effective as they are designed to suit the environment of that time. Meanwhile, all-season products enable you to use it without the need to wait for the best condition.


When buying a fertilizer, you may need to look at the brand because on such a diluted market, there may be low-quality or counterfeit products..

You can consider some prestigious brands, such as Ringer Lawn Restore vs Milorganite, which are considered the best organic lawn fertilizer brands.

It will help put your mind at ease about the product’s efficiency and safety.

What are the Benefits of an Organic Lawn? Let’s see:


All in all, the best organic lawn fertilizer is the Espoma Organic Fall Winterizer. The product has all features one can possibly desire from a lawn food, including the 8-0-6 formula, slow nitrogen release, and safe fertilizer.

However, the final decision on the most suitable plant food depends on you. To make a wise purchase, feel free to refer to the criteria above, such as types of fertilizers and grass, brands, NPK content, and desired time to spray the product.

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