7 Best Organic Fertilizer For Vegetables (Granular And Liquid)

Whether you are doing horticulture for the first time or already a pro in the field, you may get a little confused with such a wide range of products on the current market.

Miracle-Gro Shake 'N Feed Tomato, Fruit & Vegetable Plant...
9,365 Reviews
Miracle-Gro Shake 'N Feed Tomato, Fruit & Vegetable Plant...
  • Contains natural ingredients to feed microbes in the soil
  • Specially formulated with micronutrients to help plants grow...
  • Feeds up to 3 months

After a close inspection into some of the top offers, our premium choice belongs to the Miracle-Gro Shake’n Feed. Its high-value formula and great versatility differentiate it from other candidates.

Besides a great ingredient list that caters to various vegetables’ most vital needs, this product features a micro-texture that takes no time to absorb in the soils. The container’s convenient design is also a huge plus for easy application.

This article will guide you through the most popular fertilizers with their outstanding features as well as limitations.

In-depth Reviews Of Top 7 Organic Fertilizers For Vegetables

Miracle-Gro Shake’n Feed – Best Overall

Miracle-Gro Shake 'N Feed Tomato, Fruit & Vegetable Plant...
9,365 Reviews
Miracle-Gro Shake 'N Feed Tomato, Fruit & Vegetable Plant...
  • Contains natural ingredients to feed microbes in the soil
  • Specially formulated with micronutrients to help plants grow...
  • Feeds up to 3 months

This Miracle-Gro Shake’n Feed Fertilizer is an all-purpose product formulated with 100% organic micronutrients from feather meal and bone meal to boost your gardens’ beauty and blooming growth.

Applicable for both vegetables and flowers, this pick’s tiny granulated texture allows it to absorb quickly in the soils and effectively reach the plant’s root. The 3-month lasting effect for each application will relieve you of an over-frequent routine of fertilization.

What further increases the value of this first pick is its effortless application and storage. All you need is to shake and feed without mixing or diluting it with water.

The product’s calcium component is a wonderful add-on to build stronger cell walls for the vegetables. However, its potent effect may be excessive for young shrubs or small seedlings without the right application techniques.

What we like

  • 100% natural and organic ingredients
  • Integrated with micronutrients for quick and efficient absorption
  • A generous source of trace minerals helps to eliminate disorders in edible vegetables
  • Easy use with applicator cap
  • Accommodate up to 3 months of feeding

What can be improved?

  • May be too powerful for seedlings and you

Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizer – Best For In-Season Growth

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Utilizing a non-GMO formula that contains no chicken manure or sewage sludge, this option promises to produce more tasty vegetables with higher nutrition value. The optimum level of each nutrient also eliminates the need for additional synthetic fertilizers.

Another huge benefit of this natural product comes from its pro-biotic elements. The 7 strains of soil microbes with ecto and endo mycorrhizae breed excellent results in drought tolerance and enhanced plant performance.

This pick may take you a while to achieve seeing effects because of its dry construction. A proper application and long time among uses are hence needed.

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What we like

  • Contains neither chicken manures nor sewage sludge
  • A slow-releasing formula for fast access and lasts for months
  • Pet and child safe
  • Consistent premium quality

What can be improved?

  • It may take a short delay before seeing results.

Down to Earth Organic Vegetable Fertilizer – Best For Root Promotion

Down to Earth Organic Vegetable Garden Fertilizer 4-4-4, 5lb
2,442 Reviews
Down to Earth Organic Vegetable Garden Fertilizer 4-4-4, 5lb
  • Down to Earth Vegetable Garden is a five pound box of all...
  • This veggie fertilizer provides the perfect start for your...
  • Vegetable Garden Fertilizer is full of powerful nutrition to...

The most striking plus of this capable product is its 4-4-4 formula. This equal ratio ensures an exceptional balance in fundamental nutrients, which works miracles for spring greens and fragrant herbs.

Besides providing a perfect start for your young and new vegetables, this powerful product allows a versatile mixing with other protection formulas to cover both backyard gardens and small farms.

If we can change one thing about this fantastic offer, it would be a wider range of weight and size. As it is only best for use within 1 year, the only available size of 5 lb may be too much for a typical backyard garden.

What we like

  • A well-balanced 4-4-4 formula
  • Effective nurture and cultivate roots and young plants
  • Versatile mix for various garden sizes
  • 100% organic
  • Recycling paper bag

What can be improved

  • Only available in one size

Fox Farm Liquid Plant Food – Best For Quick Result

FoxFarm Grow Big Soil Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer, 1...
1,546 Reviews
FoxFarm Grow Big Soil Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer, 1...
  • Grow big is an organic based concentrate
  • Comprehensive blend of major, minor, and micro nutrients
  • Great for roses, tomatoes, veggies, flowers, fruits, herbs...

This Fox Farm liquid plant food is a typical example of a powerful, flexible, and nutritious product.

The concentrate fertilizer is second-to-none in promoting lush growth and earthworm castings. An easy and extra-uniform application will enhance its potent effect on the entire garden bed.

Another feature of this unit that wins our heart is its Norwegian kelp and a composition of vital micronutrients. This special combination will boost more abundant vegetables and bud development in the long run.

The most common concern about FoxFarm liquid is that its ingredient list is not 100% organic. The addition of several chemicals increases its potent effect yet simultaneously decreases the product’s safety to some extent.

What we like

  • Exceptional speed in penetration into soils and delivering fast-acting effects
  • Special formula for bud enhancement and earthworm promotion
  • Uniform and effortless application
  • Affordable for large-scale use
  • Wonderful for big plant boosting

What can be improved?

  • The ingredient list has some chemical components

Burpee Organic Granular Plant Food – Best For Soil Health

Burpee Organic Tomato & Vegetable Granular Plant Food, 4 lb
16,669 Reviews
Burpee Organic Tomato & Vegetable Granular Plant Food, 4 lb
  • Burpee Organic All Purpose Granular Plant Food is formulated...
  • The easy-to-apply granules release essential nutrients...
  • Contains nutrients, plants will produce superior results...

Enjoy healthy garden soils and a wholesome nutrition value with this Burpee Organic granular fertilizer. Though it is described on the package to be a specialized product for tomatoes, this unit works great to improve the entire garden bed.

The great variety of nutrients, including rich calcium and others, effectively foster microorganisms to enrich the soils and boost healthy root growth. Its continuous stream of 3 months will send out vigorous foliage and succulent deliverables throughout the year.

Thanks to the OMRI listed components, this offer is safe for organic use and ideal for establishing vegetable gardens and containers, especially for young plants at an early age.

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Despite its high-quality ingredients, which are perfect for soil nourishment, these gentle and safe components may sometimes not be enough to solve yellow leaves’ problems and recover weak or withered plants.

What we like

  • Quick feed and lasting results for all vegetables and fruits
  • Easy-to-apply granules
  • Three months of lasting effect
  • A construction of beneficial microbes and nutrients
  • 100% safe for organic use

What can be improved?

  • The gentle effect may not cover heavy-duty tasks.

Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food – Best For Perennials

Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Flower & Vegetable, 1 lb.
19,823 Reviews
Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Flower & Vegetable, 1 lb.
  • OSMOCOTE’S DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1 lb. covers 40 sq. ft....
  • OSMOCOTE QUALITY: Osmocote is the original slow-release...

With a sturdy granule coating and water dissolving nutrients, this choice will never let you down while being used for adult crops.

At a closer look, this fertilizer for vegetables consists of nutritious granules coated with semi-permeable resin. This coat later permits water to get into the materials and dissolve them in no time.

The essential nutrients will be released more quickly during warmer weather through this systematized process, allowing more effective absorption and vigorous root development.

Even after the dissolution, the empty shells remain and feed the plants up to four full months. This durable effect makes it ideal for perennials and colorful blooms of flowers.

This offer’s ultimate strength breeds its biggest disadvantage. As the shells will not degrade through time, it may cause adverse impacts on the environment.

What we like

  • Enhances strong leafy growth and efficient boosting for plant roots
  • A must-have for perennials
  • Up to 4 months’ feeding
  • Sturdy and durable effect
  • Easy to store and maintain

What can be improved?

  • The granules’ plastic shells are non-degradable

Jobe’s Organics Fertilizer – Best Budget-Friendly

Jobe's 09023NAAZ Granular Plant Food Vegetables & Tomato, 16...
15,999 Reviews
Jobe's 09023NAAZ Granular Plant Food Vegetables & Tomato, 16...
  • Organic granular fertilizer; fast acting fertilizer for...
  • OMRI listed for organic gardening by USDA; certified organic...
  • Contains Jobe’s Biozomethe proprietary microorganism...

Available in various container sizes ranging from 1.5lb to even 16lb, this fertilizer offers a flexible use for every garden size at a reasonable price.

When it comes to safety and natural fertilizers, you have nothing to worry about this pick. The certified organic composition with no synthetic chemicals included gives each granule a fast-acting yet non-burning and moderate effect.

The brand’s exclusive proprietary microorganism archaea exerts an aggressive impact to quickly break down the granules’ structure, allowing easy penetration into soils and faster results.

Besides plant boosting benefits, Jobe’s biozome also enhances the soils, enabling all plants’ living backgrounds to be strongly resistant against insects, disease, and even drought during all seasons.

The only minus that subtract one score from this great option is its wide coverage. Not only does it foster vegetables and fruits, this fertilizer can also result in a strong invasion of fungus and mold without careful supervision.

What we like

  • An affordable choice for large gardens
  • OMRI listed as a 100% organic product
  • Contains Jobe’s biozome for faster effects and strong resistance
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Offer many bag sizes and weights

What can be improved?

  • May cause unexpected growth of fungus and mold

A Buying Guide For A Good Organic Fertilizer

Types Of Organic Fertilizer


The most apparent benefit of an organic liquid fertilizer for vegetables is its rapid penetration. Thanks to this fast-acting, the plants shall take no time to absorb the nutrients.

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Another noteworthy point is that this option can blend well with other crop protection products in its liquid form and allow uniform application on the entire garden bed.

However, it is quite pricey for massive use and easy to go settled out without careful storage.


Dry fertilizers are a more affordable alternative. Although it takes more time for the thorough penetration than the previous option, this slow release of nutrition works wonders for heavy pre-plant use.

On the flip side of its sturdiness and easy storage, the granular sometimes does not manage to break out all nutrients and lead them to the plant’s roots. It also requires specific techniques during the application.

Once you use this type correctly following a proper routine, it promises to be the best vegetable fertilizer.

Best Organic Fertilizer For Vegetables (Granular And Liquid)

Sufficient Source Of Nutrients

The very first step you should take is to listen to your plant’s wishes.

You will want to look for a product that integrates an abundant source of minerals and vitamins for each type of plants’ efficient development.

The basic nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium or sulfur .etc are classified into 3 groups named macro, micro, and secondary nutrients. So make sure that your pick doesn’t miss any of them.

If you don’t have time to figure out the need for individual vegetables, there are still all-purpose options that can be used for every plant. Yet, their effects may be limited by such a wide application.

Compensative Ratio

All organic plant fertilizers are specified with the percentage concentration of the fundamental nutrients. You can easily find the product’s NPK ratio on its packaging, namely, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, respectively.

For example, if the formula is 4-4-4, there is 4% amounts of nitrogen, 4% phosphorus, and 4% potassium in its components.

A formula that accounts for the soil structure will help you to fill in its missing pieces. It is also advisable that you look for other types of nutrients to accommodate all demands.

Best Organic Fertilizer For Vegetables (Granular And Liquid)

Spot-on Response To Your Needs

An accurate alignment between a product’s offers and its buyer’s demand will ensure its optimal value. Not only will the plants tell you what to look for, but the type of soil also needs profound consideration.

If you want to promote above-ground plant growth, a blood meal formula or fish emulsion will be second-to-none. In contrast, nothing could beat bone meal and phosphate rock in nurturing transplants and seedlings.

For gardeners who are upset about loosen clay soils, don’t hesitate to try a greensand or coconut coir product. Other solutions to improve the overall soils are undeniably compost and animal manures.

A Second Thought On Your Budget

Remember that gardening covers many steps and categories to be invested in, so don’t blank your wallet with just fertilizers.

Take one more look at your garden’s size and vegetables to calculate how much you will need to feed all of them. While big-sized products are often on offer with more promotional price, it could end up a waste if you can’t use all of them before the expiration date.

The old but effective way to ensure a wise bet is a quick pre-purchase research. The decision would be much easier and more time-saving when you list all of your needs, scan for the matching choices, then select the most affordable one.

Learn how to make organic fertilizer for your vegetable garden:

Final Words

From my perspective, the Miracle-Gro deserves to occupy the top position as an excellent combination of all aspects, including functions, flexible use, and effortless storage.

Remember to take into account all vital criteria before your official purchase. An ideal pick should lend itself to the functions you want, the nutritions your vegetables need, and the price that your wallet can cover.

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