10 Best Office Desk Plants for Working from Home

More individuals are working from home than ever before. After many struggles with productivity, motivation and creativity, we decided to find 1 of the easiest and most effective ways to increase and reignite your 9-5 spark.

Plants! They are some of the most effective and easiest ways in which you can reduce anxiety and increase productivity at work.

And where better to turn to see if this is true than a fast-paced digital marketing agency where ideas need to flow and deadlines can’t be ignored. We asked the team at McKee Creative to give us some insights to their favorites.

10 Best Office Desk Plants for Working from Home


Unsurprisingly, Cacti, one of the easiest to-care-for plants, was suggested as one of the best plants for your office desk. They are a species of plant which is incredibly hard to kill, requiring minimum light and nutrients.

10 Best Office Desk Plants for Working from Home

More so, Evelyn at McKee Creative suggested that for her, Cacti are not only some of the most beautiful and mesmerising plants with both thorns and flowers.

They also remind her of the toughness and grace which are invaluable in order to succeed in today’s world of business.

“Cactus are also a great addition to your garage. If you want to liven up the place but don’t have the capacity to add larger plants, you’ll be able to give your space some personality with cacti”, says Roy C. from Hack My Garage.

Devil’s Ivy

Voted the best, by none other than Ivy. Other than the Devil’s Ivy making her favourite list due to its name, she suggested that the main reason Devil’s Ivy is her favourite is due to it surviving the longest on her low-light desk.

10 Best Office Desk Plants for Working from Home

Bonus points: some of the leaves of the plant appear heart shaped which always produces a smile.

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Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Whilst Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ plant) has a name which we cannot pronounce, they are some of the most hassle-free and neglect-loving plants that there are.

Jo voted ZZs as her favourite due to her not having to make time in her busy day to water nor care for them every day!

10 Best Office Desk Plants for Working from Home

Another great attribute is that even when she brought it outside to her garden, the plant got zero-to-none pests.

Finally, the fact that they originated in Africa adds a touch of that sense of adventure, a reminder that there is so much for her yet to explore.

Peace Lily

Amit voted the Peace Lily as his favourite office plant due to its very impressive nature. Peace Lilies are known for cleaning the air in which you work, creating a better and healthier environment.

10 Best Office Desk Plants for Working from Home

The plants grow incredible white flowers which brighten his mood whenever he glances their way. They are the perfect office plant which not only looks great but also provides great health benefits to their owners.


Voted favourite by Taylor, her Sansevieria made the top of her list due to its sinister look – according to office legend, having a plant which has a more ominous look to it helps improve her creativity.

10 Best Office Desk Plants for Working from Home

It stimulates her to look at her work from different points of view and come up with more creative, out-of-the-box solutions.

Air plants

What are air plants you might ask? They are soilless plants that are some of the most aesthetically pleasing plants which can not only sit on your desk but can be hung up to your ceiling adding a ‘wow’ factor to your home office.

10 Best Office Desk Plants for Working from Home

Jo has them strung in the branches of a small tree right outside her office window, along with hanging candles for a sense of the exotic.

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Aloe Vera

What is there not to love about Aloe Vera? According to Zoe, nothing. They are easy to care for, beautiful and most importantly they have numerous health benefits that can be enjoyed whilst working.

10 Best Office Desk Plants for Working from Home

Zoe loves to do an Aloe Vera face mask every week which is not just great for her skin but also improves her mood and productivity. Every time she sees it, she’s reminded of the relaxation it brings her.


Succulents are some of the cutest additions to your desk. They bring a sense of innocence and fun which can brighten up your day in one second.

They are also very small and easy to care for, meaning they will take up minimal space but will provide maximum benefits.

10 Best Office Desk Plants for Working from Home

According to Hendrick, his succulents make his day better through their ‘soft’ and ‘fun’ look which tends to help de-stress him … especially helpful when he’s increasing ad spend to take clients to their next revenue goal!

Red Aglaonema

Michael loves a splash of colour, so for him, having a few Red Aglaonema in the corner near his desk is a great way to brighten the mood and increase productivity.

10 Best Office Desk Plants for Working from Home

Originating in Asia, the Red Aglaonema reminds him of his travels.

Jade Plants

According to Lily, Jade Plants are the best desk plants. Not only do they possess a funky, tree-like shape which reminds her of the outside world and brings perspective to her work.

10 Best Office Desk Plants for Working from Home

They also are simply ‘adorable’ with their rounded, small leaves that bring joy and a sense of child-like innocence.

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Your choice of desk plant is going to be as individual as you are. For the team at McKee Creative, a few characteristics are essential: ease of care, aesthetics, health benefits and inspiration.

Overall, as long as you don’t forget to give these plants some level of care on a non-frequent basis, they will bring a new sense of inspiration, fun and joy to your indoor work space.

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