7 Best Mole Trap for Mole Elimination

Using toxic repellents to kill moles is old-fashioned and may trigger health risks. Most homeowners are switching their solutions into the best mole trap to set around the house and catch these creatures.

Victor 0645 Plunger Style Mole Trap is our top product to trap different mole species in the yard. The device comes assembled with all relevant parts attached from the start for your convenience.

Thanks to its weatherproof components, you can place this item in the garden in all seasons without worrying about rusting materials. There is an extra clip to enhance safety for its spear operation.

This article will provide you with exclusive information on the best mole traps available and a clear buying guide.

In-depth Reviews of Top 7 Mole Traps

Victor 0645 Plunger Style Mole Trap – Best for All-Weather

This plunger-style mole trap from Victor is one of the rare products that comes fully assembled. Its durable metal spears enable an incredible strength, and there is also a safety clip for this operation.

Since the device contains weather-resistant materials, it can perform well in diverse environments and seasons. The ideal trapping period, as suggested, is during springtime for the least risk of rusting.

It is certain that you will not run into much trouble setting the simple unit underground. However, its function may not be sensitive enough to capture little critters running around your backyard.

What we like

  • Fully assembled
  • Strong spears
  • Safety clip included
  • For all-weather use

What can be improved

  • Sensitivity for critter trapping

Tomcat Mole Trap – Best for Hands-free

Tomcat Mole Trap, Innovative and Effective Mole Remover Trap...
3,328 Reviews
Tomcat Mole Trap, Innovative and Effective Mole Remover Trap...
  • The Tomcat Mole Trap is a heavy-duty, dual-spring mole...
  • Our mole remover features a unique, curved jaw design to...
  • This reusable pest control trap is specially designed as...

The best thing about the Tomcat mole trap is that it does not require using hands for setup. This professional mole trap does not draw blood like traditional ones, which enables a better hygiene level.

It is safer for your regular applications than mole repellents. You only need to locate the surface runways, prepare a tunnel, place the device in, and activate its trigger to wait for its mole elimination.

The jaws’ pinching motion appears to work on loose soil only. In case your lawn soils are already hard, even with a slight amount of moisture, its jaws will not close down fully when operating this item.

What we like

  • Hands-free
  • Does not draw blood
  • Safe to use
  • Simple setup

What can be improved

  • More flexible jaw motion

Wire Tek 1001 Mole Trap – Best for Underground

Wire Tek 1001 Mole Trap minimizes physical risks for the person handling this item because it excludes irrelevant digging, spears, and cables. You can install it safely in most underground mole tunnels.

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Unlike repellents that only apply to certain species of moles, this easy mole trap works to kill all of them. That is why they allow using it in organic farms, nurseries, and ranches that ban chemicals.

Its trigger design may fail to perform sometimes, but there are no clear instructions included in the package on how all users can remedy this stiff part. This is a serious minus feature for the tool.

What we like

  • No digging
  • For underground use
  • Kills all species
  • Usable in farms

What can be improved

  • Trigger repair instructions

Harris Mole Trap – Best Plunger Trap

Harris Easy Set Mole Trap, Mole Killer for Lawns and...
566 Reviews
Harris Easy Set Mole Trap, Mole Killer for Lawns and...
  • Simple, Highly Effective Design Kills Moles Instantly
  • Easy to Set, Simply Press Down on the Plunger and Place in...
  • Red Plunger Makes it Easy to Tell When it has Been Triggered

Harris Mole Trap is a plunger unit with its spring-loaded mechanism to kill moles instantly. There is no doubt that this low-profile, yet optimal model is a brilliant alternative compared to toxic repellents.

It is easier to tell when this tool has caught a mole thanks to the red plunger. The product’s injection is durable for effective outdoor use because it has been completely molded from engineered plastics.

While using the mole control item, you would notice how dirt around may clog this unit and have it function less effective than usual. It will definitely require more of your cleaning effort on a regular basis.

What we like

  • Enables instant kill
  • Better than chemicals
  • Simple trigger sign
  • Durable injection

What can be improved

  • Less dirt clogging

Cinch Gopher Trap Kit – Best for Humane

Cinch Gopher Trap - Professional-Grade Gopher Traps That...
1,121 Reviews
Cinch Gopher Trap - Professional-Grade Gopher Traps That...
  • HEAVY-DUTY Gopher Control: Cinch Gopher Trap is your go-to...
  • REUSABLE AND WEATHER-RESISTANT: Invest in a trapping system...
  • VERSATILE OUTDOOR USE: Whether on sports fields, ranches,...

There are 3 Cinch gopher traps with tunnel marking flags in this kit to kill destructive moles in a humane way. Besides this popular mammal, the unit can also catch gophers and rodents easily.

You can locate its galvanized steel craftsmanship outdoor under all weather. This tool snaps around the moles’ necks to lock them in place for a mess-free operation and enable you to re-bury them.

Nonetheless, putting the trap in position in a hole can get difficult for some users. In certain circumstances, you may need to dig a large ditch for setup since its base has a bigger size than the snare.

What we like

  • 3 traps, tunnel flags
  • Catches versatile species
  • For outdoor use
  • Mess-free

What can be improved

  • Smaller base size

Tomcat Mole Killer Grubs – Best for Food Mimic

Tomcat Mole Killer Grubs, 8 Pack
14,163 Reviews
Tomcat Mole Killer Grubs, 8 Pack
  • Mimics a mole's natural food source. Non-Organic
  • Scientifically designed and tested to mimic a mole's*...
  • Ready-to-use

While many people choose a mechanical trap, the grubs from Tomcat is an optimal mole control product for mimicking their natural food source. There are 8 grub packs of 0.07 oz each for one purchase.

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Even a beginner will not encounter troubles because this tool is always ready for action. On a single feeding, moles may already consume a lethal dose from the grub baits to die over 2 days later.

There is no doubt that this item can eliminate most concerns about how to catch moles with a complex trap. Nevertheless, you should be fully aware of its inability to work against the star-nosed moles in North Carolina.

What we like

  • Mimics food source
  • A bulk purchase
  • Ready to use
  • Lethal in one feed

What can be improved

  • Availability for more species

Cinch Small Mole Trap – Best for Heavy-Duty

This Cinch kit offers 2 small yet heavy-duty crafted mole traps along with tunnel marking flags. Choosing the smart trapping system ensures that moles and rodents will stop damaging the backyard.

Obviously, it solves the difficult problem of how to trap a mole for homeowners thanks to the mess-free mole catching and locking. The unit is environmentally-friendly for you to repeatedly use it.

The biggest disadvantage is its steel jaws being poorly formed and presents a V shape when open, rather than crescents to fit into a round hole. Besides, it is not mild steel for you to reshape easily.

What we like

  • Heavy-duty use
  • Blocks damaging moles
  • Mess-free operation
  • Eco-friendly

What can be improved

  • Less stiff steel jaws

A Buying Guide for A Good Mole Trap

Types of Mole Traps

Duffus Tunnel Mole Trap

This item is referred to as a Half Barrel trap due to the catching hoops, springs, and trigger wires on its half-barrel design. It receives a high rating from professionals for grabbing up to 2 moles at once.

Here are some helpful tips for testing before putting it into action:

  • Try crushing the trap the way you would a soft drink can. A poorly-made device will break down easily, while strong steel barrels can hardly flex.
7 Best Mole Trap for Mole Elimination
  • After setting the trap, spring it to check the spring function. Weak springs lead to weaker action, which causes less impact for a quick mole finish.

Mole Scissor Trap

In most cases, beginners will choose the scissor mechanism of this trap for its effectiveness in an easy-to-install model. The best position is to set it in runs heading to and from a new mole hill.

Obviously, its small size and low price appeal to new users, but the finest detail is how the scissor trap’s flat metal plate can hide inside soils or grass after setting.

7 Best Mole Trap for Mole Elimination

This tool usually enables a powerful strike to the mole’s upper body and head in all situations. That is why it can end the lives of a majority of moles in a blink without drawing blood afterward.

Putange Mole Trap

A putange mole trap is a premium product from France that you should experience to kill moles for once. Though you may encounter a few difficulties in installing, its killing effect is outstanding.

7 Best Mole Trap for Mole Elimination

Most other trap types will require you to dig up much dirt for setup. However, the soil around the putange is not interfered with, resulting in less suspicion from naughty moles running around your lawn.

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Nash “Choker Loop” Mole Trap

The Nash “Choker Loop” mole trap has longer loops than a Duffus, so people assume it enables better chances to catch a mole. This loop mole trap works well to catch moles running in either direction.

7 Best Mole Trap for Mole Elimination

If you are questioning how to set a Nash mole trap, you can bury the device under the ground’s surface to guarantee safety for kids and pets. It gets rid of moles quickly without the need to add baits.

Talpex Mole Trap

The last method is a Talpex mole trap, specially built for capturing shy moles. This tool only has a tiny downside of being much larger than other models, but you can totally set it up without effort.

7 Best Mole Trap for Mole Elimination

When you position the unit in the middle of a mole run with dirt sprinkled inside, the mammal will assume that this path has been collapsed and try to repair it, then get caught in this trap at ease.

Features to Look For

Easy setup

Not everyone is capable of setting mole traps correctly on their first. So even with instructions provided, you should always prefer a straightforward, easy-to-use design for quick installation.

You might want to refer to the trap types introduction above to understand better how to set a mole trap. These diverse models vary in structures and functions, so pick what appears most suitable.

Certain products such as a half-barrel trap may include extra spears, wires, hoops, and jaws, but it does not mean they are hard to set up. As long as the item serves your purpose, it is the one you should buy.

Overall material

In terms of material, opt for galvanized traps made from metal, aluminum, or stainless steel. With weather-resistant parts, this mole trapping unit will manage to last longer in different environments.

There are many details on this device, such as its spring, lever, and other components. The material should apply to all of them for an effective outdoor setup, or else, it is best to place the unit inside.

7 Best Mole Trap for Mole Elimination

A trap with premium weather-resistant material helps protect your backyard property in the long run. Plus, it will be a perfect solution to cure your depression related to mole damage around the house.

Reliable suppliers

Besides finding mole traps made by reputable manufacturers, it is best to get them from reliable suppliers. The first address that should come to your mind is to get mole traps Lowes.

Choosing a trusted supplier for your mole control device will make sure you can have it at a reasonable price, together with a long-term warranty for easier maintenance of any defective parts on your item.

How to trap moles with the Victor Plunger mole trap:

Final Words

These high-quality solutions are definitely more useful than repellents. It is crucial to focus on the easy setup design, durable materials, and a reliable supplier when choosing the product.

Among this list of the best mole trap, the most impressive choice that receives a high rating is Victor 0645 Plunger Style Mole Trap, thanks to its weatherproof material and strong but safe spears.

Have fun shopping for a good mole trap, and thank you for reading.

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