Best Fertilizer (Weed & Feed) For Bermuda Grass

The plant foods make remarkable impacts on the plant’s growth. Once the item you choose is unsuitable, it can kill your garden after a short time.

That’s why we picked out the top 7 products on the market to give you more references. All of them have outstanding features that are worth your attention.

On our top list, Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food For Bermudagrass is the best overall product. It overpowers others with immediate and real effects on the grass.

This lawn care product improves the soil condition and thickens the grass simultaneously. Greening and avoiding burning is also one of its many benefits.

The Appropriate Quantities

It will help if you determine the nutrient amounts that each foot of lawn needs. For example, some require 2 pounds of Nitrogen per square foot while other options need only half.

After that, multiply the number you just calculated by the area of ​​your lawn. That will be the total amount of nutrients you need to provide the weeds.

As an illustration, the fertilizer you choose is 14-4-5 (100 pounds bag), and you need a total of 140 pounds of Nitrogen for the yards. Thus, 10 bags of fertilizer (1,000 pounds) is the amount you should prepare.

Best Fertilizer For Bermuda Grass

Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food For Bermudagrass – Best Overall Bermuda Grass Fertilizer

This 3-in-1 advanced formula improves the soil condition and thickens grass at the same time. Including complete fertilizer and seeds filled the grass lawns’ sparse areas with new grains, your garden can grow up to 50%.

It’s especially ideal for areas with high heat, thanks to the drought-tolerant ability. You only need to water the first 2 weeks after fertilizing, and the turfgrass will be greener and healthier.

Even when you don’t have a big budget, this Scotts lawn food is worth your consideration. Not only the quality but its reasonable price also satisfies all users by a single application.

The bag design requires a particular storing method. You can place the rest in the container and cap it to avoid moisture or deterioration.

What we like

  • Improves soil and fill the lawns
  • Best weed control
  • For heat or drought areas
  • Affordable price

What can be improve

  • Needs storing carefully

LawnStar Chelated Liquid Iron For Plants – Best Bermuda Grass Fertilizer Of Greening

LawnStar Liquid Iron (32 OZ) for Plants - Multi-Purpose,...
3,250 Reviews
LawnStar Liquid Iron (32 OZ) for Plants - Multi-Purpose,...
  • DIFFERENT NAME, SAME FORMULA - Our best selling product, but...
  • REVITALIZE YOUR FLOWERS & LAWN: Are your flowers,...

Homeowners prefer this feeder product for its fast-action features. As it’s a quick-release plant food, your lawn can turn green immediately after 2 or 3 days of spraying.

6% highly-bioavailable iron promotes the plant root growth and disease resistance. It quickly removes the wilt from the bottom to the top of all grass types, flowers, and trees.

EDTA-free ingredients prevent source contamination. This balanced lawn food stabilizes the soil’s PH level at the standard for Bermuda grass (from 5.8 to 7.0).

Due to the liquid texture, you need a dedicated sprayer to use it. Manually fertilizing isn’t recommended as it can’t evenly distribute the amount.

What we like

  • Removes the wilt
  • Supports root growth
  • EDTA-free to better protect the environment
  • Stabilizes the soil’s PH level

What can be improved

  • Requires an extra spray

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food – Best High Percentage Of Nitrogen

Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble Lawn Food, 5 lb.
4,972 Reviews
Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble Lawn Food, 5 lb.
  • Instantly feeds all grass types
  • Encourages a soft green carpet of grass that will be the...
  • Feeds up to 7,200 sq. ft.

Some phenomena such as short sprouts, thin leaves, and weak stems can result from nitrogen deficiency. To offset this content, you can consider the Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food.

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High Nitrogen content (30-0-6 ratio) will nourish and recover the grasses from the inside. It not only gives your lawn immediate results but is also perfect for maintaining the turf quality.

This Bermuda grass weed and feed has a high coverage density and is easy to dissolve. One box can cover up to 4,000 square feet of lawn.

The sturdy box is an outstanding feature that users appreciate. It supports users in preserving the rest more conveniently.

However, the Miracle-Gro product isn’t suitable for newly sown seeds. A phosphorus content of 0 can’t spurge the seed to grow.

What we like

  • High percent Nitrogen
  • Maintain lawn’s qualities
  • High coverage density
  • Ergonomic packaging

What can be improved

  • Not suitable for new seeds

American Hydro System GrassSoGreen Maintenance Formula – Best For Large Areas

American Hydro Systems GrassSoGreen Maintenance Formula,...
517 Reviews
American Hydro Systems GrassSoGreen Maintenance Formula,...
  • Automatic System: Our innovative liquid fertilizer is...
  • Worry-Free Formula: Our liquid fertilizer consists of...
  • Mother Nature Approved: Our environmentally friendly...

With a net weight of 10 pounds, it’s suitable for over 10,000 square feet. Using this one will save your money and time not having to dilute the fertilizer.

It makes immediate impacts on your lawns in both hot and cool seasons. The fast permeability limits leaching or “salting out.”

You can enhance your stunted or eroded soil with this fertilizer almost instantly. Its high nitrogen content supports green grass for more even and thicker growth.

If your grass has phosphorus or potassium deficiency-related diseases, consider the others on this list. With 0% of these 2 ingredients, this grass food can’t improve those situations.

What we like

  • High capacity for large space
  • For both warm and cool seasons
  • High Nitrogen fertilizer
  • Fast permeability

What can be improved

  • 0% of Phosphorus and Potassium

Medina HastaGro Lawn (12-4-8 ratio) – Best Budget

Medina HastaGro Commercial Liquid Lawn Fertilizer, 12-4-8...
1,183 Reviews
Medina HastaGro Commercial Liquid Lawn Fertilizer, 12-4-8...
  • NATURAL SOIL ENHANCEMENT: With Medina Soil Activator and...
  • SEASON-LONG VIGOR: Engineered for year-round performance,...
  • RAPID ABSORPTION: Medina HastaGro 12-4-8 is a liquid...

You can apply this fertilizer to all types of grasses on your lawn. With a weight of up to 10 pounds, you can cover 16,000 square feet or feed your lawn more times.

The weed and feed for Bermuda grass doesn’t need to be diluted with water or other chemicals. Pouring it in the sprayer and starting to care are the only 2 tasks you need to do.

Even when you’re an amateur, using this product is completely effortless. The manufacturer provides detailed instructions to assist you in applying easier.

Although this is a liquid fertilizer, it takes a longer time to be effective. Instead of 2 to 3 days, you need about 7 days for it to show its full effect.

What we like

  • Bargain price
  • Large capacity for many applications
  • Doesn’t need diluting
  • Easy to use

What can be improved

  • Needs more time to work

Jonathan Green & Sons Winter Fall Fertilizer – Best For Fall Fertilizing

Jonathan Green (12414) Winter Survival Fall Lawn Food -...
260 Reviews
Jonathan Green (12414) Winter Survival Fall Lawn Food -...
  • PERFECT FOR FALL USE - This fall lawn fertilizer has an...
  • REPAIRS & PROTECTS - Winter Survival is the ideal fall...
  • PROMOTES EARLY SPRING GREEN-UP - If Winter Survival is...

Planting in the fall, you need to focus on the seeds’ quick growth and protect them from the cold winter weather. That’s why you need Jonathan Green & Sons Winter Fall Fertilizer 12414.

It’s specially for fall cultivation with a slow-release formula. This product will enhance soil condition and stimulate the roots.

Starter fertilizer makes the grass thicker and greener for a long time. It provides the necessary nutrition for the dormant grass.

With a package of 45 pounds, covering more than 15,000 square feet is possible. Moreover, a reasonable price makes it worth more consideration.

Storing the unused product can be a big hassle, on the flip side. Pay attention to avoid mold or damaging the lawn fertilizers.

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What we like

  • Big size bag for fall seed spreader
  • Effective control
  • Suitable for large areas
  • Reasonable price

What we can improved

  • Needs careful preservation

Espoma Organic Lawn Food – Best For All Season

Espoma Organic All Season Lawn Food 9-0-0 Natural & Organic...
132 Reviews
Espoma Organic All Season Lawn Food 9-0-0 Natural & Organic...
  • CONTAINS: Espoma Organic Lawn Food is a rich blend of the...
  • FOR USE ON: Use for all lawns both cool and warm season...
  • WHEN / HOW TO USE: Use both early & late spring and fall for...

It can work well in all seasons. This fertilizer for Bermuda grass enables your garden to withstand high temperatures and harsh winter.

Organic ingredients will preserve the soil and irrigation resources. The health of your family members and animals is also secured from harsh chemicals.

What’s more, BioTone microbes contribute to rouse growth. Turfgrass will gradually absorb and metabolize nutrients needed to live and develop healthily.

This one costs a bit more than other commercial products. But compared to the values it brings, the price is worth paying.

What we like

  • For all seasons
  • Organic ingredients
  • Safe to human and animal health
  • Includes BioTone microbes

What can be improved

  • A bit pricey

A Guide To Choose Best Fertilizer For Bermuda Grass

Type Of Grass

Most of us have heard about Bermuda grass, but not many people know that it consists of 13 different varieties. Each of them has different characteristics we should notice to make a suitable caring schedule.

Below are some typical Bermuda grass types in the US:


This type isn’t suitable for cold winter weather but has excellent disease resistance in return. It needs a fertilizer that can spurge the grass growth because of the thin grass properties.


It can withstand harsh winters and humid climates. Hence there aren’t many requirements for fertilizer.


Yuma grass tolerates the sun exposure well and does not require water per week. So the conventional fertilizer is acceptable.


It stops growing in the cold winter and only rises when the temperature increases again. Thus, the fertilizer must be able to provide necessary for it during the “dormancy.”


It’s suitable for extremely hot areas without regular care. The nutrient content is one of the main factors affecting its development.

Soil Types

The soil’s characteristics in many regions aren’t similar; they vary in soil temperature, soil moisture, etc. Besides, for receiving different agricultural chemicals, soil will change certain properties.

Best Fertilizer (Weed & Feed) For Bermuda Grass

It is important to grasp what your land has and what it lacks to supply necessary nutrients. Too much amount isn’t recommended as the soil and grass will be over absorbent.

Experts advise gardeners to carry out some soil test recommendations. It’s the best way to thoroughly check the land’s condition.

NPK Ratio

You’ll see numbers such as 14-2-4 NPK ratio or 16-4-8 NPK ratio on the fertilizer bags. These numbers indicate the content of 3 main components, which are standardized in order: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.

For example, the 100 pounds of fertilizer you bought has a 7-1-2 ratio. It comprises 7 pounds of Nitrogen, 1 pound of Phosphorus, and 2 pounds of Potassium; the rest is filler and other nutrients.

Which is the best NPK ratio? According to many fertilizer analysis, it’s dependent on the grass varieties and soil’s condition. You have to check these 2 factors before deciding the nutrient contents.

Nitrogen (N)

This nutrient plays an important role in plant development like protein in the human body. No plant can live and grow without Nitrogen.

It’s the main components that form the chlorophyll of leaves. Your grass can turn brown or grow poorly when it lacks Nitrogen in its body.

Best Fertilizer (Weed & Feed) For Bermuda Grass

This supplement accelerates the development of all stems, foliage, and branches, encouraging plants to dissipate and deplete soil nitrogen faster than other elements. That’s why the Nitrogen nutrient content should be high in fertilizer.

However, you shouldn’t provide the land with too much Nitrogen as it can contaminate the water and soil with nitrate. Besides, the Urea-containing green lawn care products also cause soil discoloration and an increase in acidity.

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Phosphorus (P)

It’s essential for the early growth stage as a stimulant for root development and germination. Even when your garden passes the newly cultivated period, this nutrient is important for their daily needs.

However, excess phosphorus levels in the soil will cause leaves to become faded or brown and lead to death. It is the culprit of iron and zinc deficiencies and prevents the absorption of other nutrients.

Potassium (K)

Potassium is a catalyst for plant’s metabolic activities and improves their vigor. With this nutrient, plants make carbohydrates and increase disease-resistance ability.

Although, beware that high potassium content can lead to ionic antagonism and prevent the plant from absorbing other nutrients. Additionally, it increases the osmotic pressure of the soil and reduces water absorption.

Organic Or Chemical?

Depending on the soil, grass type, weather, etc., you can consider the right type. The best fertilizer for bermuda grass can be the organic fertilizers, natural fertilizers, or a combination of them (synthetic fertilizer).

Organic fertilizers

This type is derived from nature, such as manure, peat, stem residue, or leaves. It will improve the condition of the soil with the microorganisms available from agricultural waste.

They contribute to environmental protection and limit contamination. Erosion and leaching resistance are also outstanding advantages of this kind.

If you own a farm, grow, and raise various plant types, organic products will save a lot of money. You can utilize the resources right from your place.

Best Fertilizer (Weed & Feed) For Bermuda Grass

According to many scientific studies, compost has lower nutritional content than chemical ones. Hence, sometimes we can’t improve the crop’s condition radically.

Chemical fertilizers

Farmers prefer them for the ability to provide essential nutrients. The different contents in the products are specially formulated for specific purposes such as stimulating growth.

Plants can absorb chemicals more quickly than organic types. You also don’t have to process them as they will be in grain or liquid forms for immediate use.

If you don’t use rich fertilizers with the right amount, chemical fertilizers can quickly kill plants. Besides, they can increase the risk of contaminating the soil or water resources.

Granules vs. Liquid


They’re also known as slow-release fertilizer. After fertilization, the nutrients will take several weeks to dissolve into the soil depth once you water the plants and feed them.

You can easily store the unused product without worrying about “salt out” in a low-temperature period. Normally, they come in large fertilizer bags, so their price is also more affordable.

Before using, you need to dissolve granular fertilizers with water to activate them. If your area has heavy rainfall, it can wash away your fertilizer.


These products can work quickly after a few days of use (quick-release fertilizers). If you need an early “cure” for your soil or plant, a quick-release item is the right choice.

Best Fertilizer (Weed & Feed) For Bermuda Grass

This type is easy to handle and apply evenly if you have no previous experience. Most liquid plant food can be used immediately, while some need to be diluted.

To use liquid fertilizers, you need to have sprayers. They will also cost you a bit more expensive than using granule ones.

Time To Apply


It would be better to apply at mid-spring or late-spring when the temperature fluctuates from 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit (Mid-March or April).

Granular fertilizers can stimulate plants to grow and increase disease resistance.


You will need a fertilizer that can supply about 1 to 1.5 pounds of Nitrogen per square foot of lawn. The great time to fertilize is the summer months from June to July.


Applying time falls from late August to mid-September. In contrast to high Potassium, the Phosphorus in the fertilizer must apply below, such as the 12-0-12 NPK ratio.


Don’t fertilize the grass lawns in the late winter as the Bermuda fertilizer can destroy their winter dormancy.

You want to find the best fertilizer for growing bermuda grass? The key is shown in this video:


In general, you’ve got all the necessary information about the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass. And we highly recommend Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food For Bermudagrass for all users as the best overall item.

Remember to check your grass types, soil, and weather conditions to find the most suitable product as our guideline.

See you in our next articles!

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