6 Best Plants for Student’s Room

All a student needs for a room is a decent bed, a good desk with a comfortable chair, and some space to keep their essentials. As for decorations, they don’t need anything more than a couple of plants.

Indoor plants have been linked to stress relief but higher productivity as well. If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you noticed how surgeons used the plant room to relax, think, and prepare for a stressful day.

We’ll list 6 options that are perfect for students with no experience in growing indoor plants.

  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Tillandsia Maxima
  3. Mint
  4. Lavender
  5. String of Hearts
  6. Snake Plant

Top 6 Indoor Plants for Students

Aloe Vera

Students should never opt for plants that require complex care. They have so much on their minds that they forget about important assignments, so they have to use scholarship essay writing service.

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant, which means that it’s easy to grow. It doesn’t need to be watered too frequently. Even if you forget about it throughout exam week, you won’t kill it.

As for its usefulness, Aloe Vera has excellent skin-soothing properties. When you cut a mature leaf lengthwise, you can extract the gel and use it to soothe burns or acne.

Tillandsia Maxima

You’ve ruined a few plants so far, and you think that even Aloe Vera is too much for you? It’s time to turn towards air plants.

Tillandsia Maxima is one of the prettiest species in this category. It has vibrant coral leaves that can grow large enough to become the room’s centerpiece.

They don’t need soil, so you’ll never need to think about repotting. All they need is air. In their natural environment, they usually grow on tree branches.

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Although minimal, air plants still need some care. You’ll need to get the temperature right, so it might take some experimenting with different positions across the room until you find its perfect set-up.


Yes, you can use it for mojitos. But there’s so much more to mint! It’s a delicious herb to use in meals and desserts. It’s beneficial for your nerves, too.

Researchers found that its scent has a positive effect on sleep enhancement and stress reduction. It gets even better: the aroma of mint can also boost one’s cognitive performance, processing speed, alertness, and memory.

When you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed by school tasks, this simple herb can make you feel better.


Not everyone loves the scent of lavender. But if you enjoy it, you’ll love having this plant in your room. It’s been used for centuries in aromatherapy. It has a calming effect on the nervous system, and it can boost your mood.

This plant thrives in a rocky, well-draining medium, so you’ll have to get that part right. It doesn’t need too much watering, so that it won’t be a huge responsibility. But it does need tons of natural sunlight, so make sure to provide it.

String of Hearts

Let’s not underestimate students. Some of them can be masterful plant growers. They go beyond the standard choices that are easy to grow, and they opt for real show-stoppers.

A String of Hearts is the perfect plant for those ready to put in some more effort in bringing up plants. It needs bright but indirect light, and it would enjoy some sunlight in the early morning or evening.

As a succulent plant, String of Hearts doesn’t need too frequent watering. It will enjoy periods of drought between feeds, so it’s okay to leave it in the room if you decide to spend a week away. The plant is sensitive to overwatering.

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Snake Plant

There are multiple reasons behind its popularity. It’s a beautiful plant, which is easy to manage. But it’s also excellent at purifying indoor air.

NASA uses it for its plant systems aimed to remove high concentrations of indoor air pollution. It’s a perfect plant to have in a bedroom since it emits oxygen at night.

You can start with a small one if you’re overwhelmed by its needs. It requires a well-draining pot and potting mix. It prefers indirect, bright light, and it doesn’t like the cold. Snake plants also like dry periods between waterings.

You’ll Love Having Plants in Your Student Room

Indoor plants can improve your well-being. They give the day an essential purpose: you take care of something beautiful and feel good about it. Plus, the plant will add some freshness and improve the quality of the air that you breathe.

In addition to encouraging responsibility, plants are great for soothing your nerves. Adding some greenery will provide a homey, cozy feel to your student room.

BIO: Alisia Stren is passionate about raising environmental consciousness. She loves helping plants to thrive and educating people on their value. Alisia’s home is a green sanctuary. She enjoys writing about plants and inspiring her readers to get more of them.

6 Best Plants for Student’s Room
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