5 Best Trimmer Head Review and Complete Buying Guide

Weed eaters make even heavy-duty landscaping works a breeze, and getting the best trimmer head makes the job even more efficient.

The trimmer head holds the strings used to cut through grasses and weeds. A good-quality head replacement for trimmers should be durable, works efficiently, and easy to reload.

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In terms of the features and functions for a trimmer head, our smart buy options in the Husqvarna T35 Trimmer Head. The replacement spool can hold a 0.095-inch thick trimmer line up to 20 feet long, which is suitable for most residential and commercial landscaping jobs.

It also features a Tap Advance design to make line reloading easy and quick at a single tap on the replacement part.

This trimmer head is suitable for all Husqvarna string trimmers that supports 10mm LH strings. Also, the build quality of this replacement spool is impressively robust, which can last for hundreds of hours in doing light to heavy-duty landscaping duties.

Best Trimmer Head Reviews

Husqvarna 531300183 T35 Non-Universal Trimmer Head

Husqvarna 531300183 T35 Non-Universal Tap Advance Trimmer...
538 Reviews
Husqvarna 531300183 T35 Non-Universal Tap Advance Trimmer...
  • Fits most 100 - 500 series straight shaft trimmers &...
  • Comes pre-wound with .095" Titanium Force line. 10 mm / left...
  • Holds .065”, .080” or .095” diameter trimmer line


  • Hold 0.095-inch thick trimmer line
  • 6-feet long line spool
  • Can last for hundreds of hours of landscaping jobs
  • Tap Advance Head design for easy and quick reloading of the trimmer line
  • Includes a unique tool to help in removing the old trimmer head efficiently

What We Like

Switch trimmer heads can often be a difficult job, but Husqvarna makes the task more convenient. The Husqvarna 531300183 non-universal trimmer head makes it easy to reload a new trimmer head in the weed eater. The package includes a simple to use tool that efficiently helps in removing the old trimmer head in the unit and replacing it with a new one.

The Tap Advance design of this Husqvarna trimmer head also makes re-spooling trimmer lines more convenient. It comes off with a simple tap on the cap, so there’s no need to turn the trimmer upside dine to refill the string trimmer. That reduces downtime between landscaping job sessions and no frustrations with not getting the spools inside correctly.

This Husqvarna non-universal trimmer line can hold a 0.095-inch thick string, which is thick enough to do medium to heavy-duty grass cutting jobs. It can cut through different types and height of the grass as well. The spool includes a six feet long line.

With proper care, this advance trimmer head can last for hundreds of hours of weeding without jamming or having issues. This trimmer head fits all Husqvarna trimmers and weed eater units that support 10mm LH threads.

What Can Be Improved?

This unit is the best trimmer head replacement after getting the old one broken. The only thing that could make this trimmer head better is if it can hold a string longer than six feet. That is incredibly short and would require more frequent reloading, mainly when weeding medium to large lawns regularly.

Shindaiwa 28820-08000 Speed Feed 450 Trimmer Head

Shindaiwa 28820-08000 Speed-Feed 450 Trimmer Head
332 Reviews
Shindaiwa 28820-08000 Speed-Feed 450 Trimmer Head
  • Fits all straight shaft Shindaiwa trimmers and brushcutters


  • Accepts 0.095-inch thick trimmer lineup to 25-feet long
  • Preloaded with a string trimmer to avoid jams and tangles
  • High capacity trimmer head can accept up to 0.130-inch thick trimmer line
  • Speed Feed 450 trimmer head ideal for a trimmer with 25cc power or higher
  • Ideal trimmer head for residential and commercial grass trimming jobs
  • Handles medium-duty landscaping works without flying apart
  • Easy to install and easy to load design
  • No disassembly needed when reloading trimmer lines

What We Like

The Shindaiwa Speed Feed 450 Trimmer Head is an excellent part replacement for Shindaiwa brush cutters and grass trimmers, a high-quality one made from robust materials. It is the best trimmer head for those who want to do the job as quickly as possible.

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The Speed Feed 450 trimmer head can reload a line in as quickly as 30 seconds. It can also replace an old trimmer head in a weed eater in a few minutes.

The Shindaiwa Speed Feed 450 Trimmer Head has a new and innovative style that doesn’t need disassembly when reloading a trimmer line. That efficiently reduces downtime, so you can get to cutting grass in no time. This revolutionary design also guarantees a vibration-free operation, which is always an advantage.

This part replacement is a high-capacity trimmer head. It accepts a 0.095-inch thick trimmer line up to 25 feet long, which is ideal for most residential and commercial landscaping jobs. Moreover, the Shindaiwa Speed Feed 450 can also cater to thicker strings up to 0.130-inch thick for heavy-duty weeding. This part replacement also features a smooth bottom for gliding through the ground and produce even and precise cuts.

This trimmer head can also fit most gas-powered trimmers and other weed-eating models with 25cc and above.

What Can Be Improved?

This part replacement has a lot of conveniences to offer from replacing old or damaged trimmer heads to reloading new lines. The only downside about the Shindaiwa Speed Feed 450 Trimmer Head is its extremely high price.

Oregon 55-265 Speed Feed Trimmer Head

Oregon Trimmer Head Replacement, 4-1/2-inch Speed Feed, Fits...
870 Reviews
Oregon Trimmer Head Replacement, 4-1/2-inch Speed Feed, Fits...
  • Load trimmer line in 30 seconds or less – long-lasting,...
  • Spool holds 15 feet (4.6 meters) of .095-inches (2.4 mm)...
  • Rugged, automatic bump feed round head effective for...


  • Semi-automatic trimmer head ideal for medium and heavy-duty landscaping jobs
  • 2-line Speed Feed trimmer head
  • Large, durable eyelets on surfaces increase service life
  • Inner wall design prevents debris from accumulating inside
  • Left-hand spool with three adaptors included
  • Line tensioning system with a split spool for less vibration during operation
  • Rapid reloading of strimmer lines in 30 seconds or less
  • Fits most straight shaft trimmers

What We Like

The Oregon 55-256 earned its place as the best trimmer head for medium to heavy-duty landscaping works with the semi-automatic design. It uses 2 string trimmers with a speed feed design for durability and quick reloading, reducing downtime in between weeding sessions. The semi-automatic ability of the part replacement can load 2 lines in 30 seconds.

One of the favorite things about the Oregon 55-256 Trimmer Head is its split spool design with an effective tensioning system. This cutting-edge design makes the trimmer head convenient to use and produces less vibration than other models, providing smoother operation. The trimmer head doesn’t have many parts, which makes it easier to set up as well.

The Oregon 55-256 Trimmer Head features a left-hand spool that offers different line options: 8mm x 1.25 LH, 7mm x 1.0 LH, and 10mm x 1.25 LH. The high-capacity trimmer head can tackle various landscaping works without breaking.

Cleaning and maintenance are also a breeze when using this part replacement, with its revolutionary design of large eyelets. This feature reduces or eliminates the debris and dirt that can accumulate inside the trimmer head that can jam the trimmer.

What Can Be Improved?

The Oregon 55-256 Trimmer Head ships loaded with a string trimmer, which is a bonus. The only thing that could make this package better is if the string includes a much better quality.

Dewalt OEM 90599025 String Trimmer Replacement Spool

DEWALT OEM 90599025 String Trimmer Replacement Spool - Line...
783 Reviews
DEWALT OEM 90599025 String Trimmer Replacement Spool - Line...
  • Includes (1) 90599025 Replacement Spool
  • New, Bulk Packed
  • Genuine DeWalt Replacement Part


  • 100% genuine Dewalt replacement part
  • Holds up to 25 feet of string trimmer
  • Compatible with most Dewalt DCST990M1 Type 1 40V 15-inch string trimmer models
  • Divider design in the spool prevent strings from getting tangled
  • Winds string trimmer with less effort needed
  • QuickLoad technology for hassle-free and rapid reloading without disassembly

What We Like

One of the advantages of getting the Dewalt String Trimmer Replacement Spool is it’s ready to work right out of the box. There’s no partial assembly needed, and the spool fits most DCST990M1 40V string trimmer models, including other 20V units. The plastic and metal trimmer head replacement is reliable and works from light to heavy-duty landscaping jobs without falling apart.

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This replacement spool has a more innovative design than the original heads in Dewalt weed eaters. It has ab extra knob placed downside, which protects the reel from the bump feed for long service life. The new design also includes a divided on the spool to prevent the string trimmers from getting tangled.

One of the best things about the Dewalt String Trimmer Replacement Spool is its QuickLoad technology that makes re-spooling the string trimmer easy and rapid. Simply pop the cover off and refill the line halfway through before winding it up in place. The replacement spool can hold up to 25 feet of trimming line, which is long enough that there’s no need for frequent re-spooling.

Another bonus with the Dewalt Trimmer Head replacement is it ships with a spool already wound. The part replacement is ready to use right out of the box.

What Can Be Improved?

The only thing that could make this trimmer head replacement is if it can hold more than 25 feet long string trimmers. Although it’s sufficient for household use, professional landscape works in expansive lawns will require a bigger capacity spool.

Echo 78890-21001E Speed Feed 450 Trimmer Head

Echo 78890-21001E High Capacity Speed Feed 450 Trimmer Head
594 Reviews
Echo 78890-21001E High Capacity Speed Feed 450 Trimmer Head
  • Genuine OEM Echo Part; Does not fit curved-shaft trimmers
  • PLEASE NOTE: Consult owner's manual for proper part number...
  • Holds 20' of .095" line. Max line size .130"


  • Genuine Echo string trimmer replacement
  • High-capacity string trimmer
  • Hold 0.095-inch line up to 20 feet
  • Holds up to 0.130-inch thick string trimmers
  • Speed Feed 450 design for line reloading in 30 seconds or less
  • Suitable for 25cc engines or bigger
  • Includes six adapters to fit premium string trimmer models from other brands
  • Rugged construction for all-day commercial landscaping use without breaking
  • Preloaded with 0.095-inch thick trimmer line
  • Thick and heavy-duty eyelets prevent debris inside the spool
  • Split spool feature eliminates line welding

What We Like

The Echo Speed Feed 450 Trimmer Head is a genuine and replacement spool for most Echo string trimmers. The best part is it fits other premium weed eaters from brands like Husqvarna, Honda, Stihl, Shindaiwa, Maruyama, Tanaka, and Redmax. That is because of the 6 adaptors this replacement includes: an 8mm LHM, 7mm LHM, 10mmx1.25 LHF Extended, 10mmx1.25 LHF, 10mmx1.0 LHF, and an 8mmx1.25 LHF.

This trimmer head can fit most weed eaters with a 25cc engine or more. It’s a high capacity replacement spool that holds up to 20 feet of 0.095-inch thick trimmer line and a maximum capacity for 0.130-inch thick string.

Another advantage of using this replacement spool is its ease of use, with no disassembly needed for re-spooling. The Speed Feed 450 design makes line reloading done in 30 seconds or less, with no hassle and less downtime. The split spool design of the trimmer head is also efficient in preventing the two lines from welding while using the weed eater.

The Echo Speed 450 Trimmer Head also has a bonus preloaded 0.095-inch thick trimmer line that can cut through dense and ling grass without issues.

What Can Be Improved?

The Echo Trimmer Head is an excellent-quality universal replacement spool, in terms of performance. However, the durability of the design lacks, especially in the place that covers the bump feed. It doesn’t provide protection, causing the head to chip off after extended use.

Trimmer Head Buying Guide

Trimmer heads can get damaged or lose their efficiency over time, which is why a replacement spool is necessary. Getting the best trimmer head can make even the most challenging yard work less frustrating. They also help extend the service life of the string trimmers.

Best Trimmer Head Review and Complete Buying Guide

Types of Trimmer Heads

There are 3 common types of trimmer heads, and they primarily vary in convenience and ease of use. All 3 work efficiently for their intended purpose, and the key takeaway is to choose one based on preference.

Fixed Trimmer Heads

This type of trimmer head reloads pre-cut lines instead of receiving an entire spool inside. Fixed trimmer heads are the best options for commercial applications or when using thick and more durable string trimmers that won’t break even in rough action. Otherwise, the trimmer head will need frequent reloading, which is a chore.

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Fixed trimmer heads also favor professional use as it offers more control over the amount or length of line to use.

Bump Feed Trimmer Heads

The only difference of the bump feed from fixed heads is it accepts an entire spool inside instead of manually cutting and refilling lines. That eliminates the need for frequent reloading as the unit can work independently as long as there is still a string trimmer inside.

Bump feed trimmer heads are conventional for use in households and light to medium-duty yard care. It’s the best trimmer head to use with thin strings that require frequent replacement.

Automatic Feed Trimmer Heads

This type of trimmer head offers the best of both worlds, the control from fixed trimmer heads and convenience of reloading from bump feeds. There is no need to manually feeding the line with an automatic feed trimmer.

Compared to the first two types, this one doesn’t cut the string but pulls the thread from the spool while in use.

Automatic feed trimmers have a more precise and conductive way of ensuring that there is enough cutting thread to use. However, they are more expensive and challenging to replace.

Best Trimmer Head Review and Complete Buying Guide

Single vs. Dual Line Head

A trimmer head can either use a single line or a dual-line.

Single line trimmer heads are suitable for residential use as they are easier to reload and wind. It can cut through thin grass and small weeds without issues. However, they are not ideal for commercial use since a single line won’t cut as smoothly or precisely.

Meanwhile, a dual-line type is the best trimmer head for commercial and professional applications, giving the best results in terms of quality and precision. Dual-line trimmer heads can also cut through denser and tougher overgrowth and different types of grass and weed. They are best for heavy-duty yard care, although they are harder to maintain and reload.


The size for a trimmer head will primarily depend on its intended use. A small trimmer head is suitable for small-sized lawns or for using thin string trimmers. It is ideal for light-duty work, mostly for residential use.

Meanwhile, more intensive weeding jobs like trimming overgrowth or dense grass, a considerably larger trimmer head will work better. This size is suitable for commercial and professional use or threads with a bigger diameter.

Best Trimmer Head Review and Complete Buying Guide

Ease of Line Reloading

One of the essential features to look for in a trimmer head is how easy it is to reload the string trimmer. Manually winding the line is a challenge, and it affects the trimmer’s performance when not done right.

You’ll want to invest in the replacement spool that makes this tedious job hassle-free. Ease of reloading is different from model to model, but the best way for that is to go for those with Speed Feed features. Those kinds of trimmer heads can often reload two lines in less than a minute, which reduces downtime in between weeding sessions.

Life-Extending Feature

One of the vital developments for trimmer heads is its life-extending feature, which protects the string trimmer from hard surfaces and extends its operational life. With a life-extending feature in a trimmer head, the string won’t break as often.

The good thing is this additional feature is affordable. Check out the specifications of a replacement spool if it has a life-extending feature before buying.


Durability in trimmer heads primarily lies in its material quality. However, most of them are plastic, which makes it tricky to judge the most durable one.

The ideal thing to do when buying a trimmer head for durability and long service is to choose one with less moving parts. These parts of the design are more susceptible to falling apart while using the trimmer. The less you have them in the trimmer head, the less likely it will break down.


The trimmer head replacement from Husqvarna doesn’t need an explanation of why it’s the best trimmer head in the market. It has a Tap Advance technology that makes re-spooling easy and quick with the job done in seconds.

Like the Husqvarna replacement spool, it’s vital to choose a trimmer head that will fit the weed eater on hand. The best trimmer head should also be durable and powerful to handle the kind of landscaping jobs for its intended use.

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