3 Best Stump Grinder Review and Comprehensive Buying Guide

Tree remnants on the yard are an eyesore, but the best stump grinder can remove it for a neat and more luscious landscape. Available in various styles and capacity, these powerful machines can crush through different types of wood. Stump grinders offer the easiest and quickest way to get rid of unsightly tree stumps without leaving a giant hole in the yard.

15HP Gas Powered Walk Behind Stump Grinder by SDI Factory...
12 Reviews
15HP Gas Powered Walk Behind Stump Grinder by SDI Factory...
  • Powerful 15HP 420cc Gas Powered Engine Max Output: 15HP/...
  • Recoil Starting System Upgraded Drum Braking System 12"...
  • Thick 3.55" Cutting Wheel Thickness Tire Size: 13" Overall...

For clearing out remaining tree trunks, the Samson Machinery Stump Grinder offers the best value for money. This affordable machine has a high-powered 15HP 420cc engine to tackle most types of wood at 3600 RPM cutting speed. The grinding performance of this machine is also impressive with its 12-inch high and 3.55-inch thick cutting wheel.

This stump grinder features vital functions you can’t find in other units, making it more efficient for getting rid of trunk remnants. It has a unique discharge opening for seamless dust removal and a smart recoil starting system for ease of use.

Best Stump Grinder

Samson Machinery 15HP Gas-Powered Stump Grinder

15HP Gas Powered Walk Behind Stump Grinder by SDI Factory...
12 Reviews
15HP Gas Powered Walk Behind Stump Grinder by SDI Factory...
  • Powerful 15HP 420cc Gas Powered Engine Max Output: 15HP/...
  • Recoil Starting System Upgraded Drum Braking System 12"...
  • Thick 3.55" Cutting Wheel Thickness Tire Size: 13" Overall...


  • Powerful 15HP 420cc engine motor for spectacular operating power
  • 3600 RPM cutting speed
  • OHV 4-Stroke System for efficient gas or fuel use
  • 12-inches high, 3.55-inches thick cutting wheel with 9 teeth for effective performance
  • Cuts tree trunk remnants up to 20.25-inches above ground and 9-inches below ground
  • Ergonomic large pipe bow-shaped handle for optimum control and comfort
  • Sleek and narrow design with robust and long-lasting built
  • User-friendly even for beginners

What We Like

Getting rid of trunk remnants on the yard is hard work, but the Samson Machinery Stump Grinder makes the job hassle-free. It has a 15HP gas-powered 420cc engine motor that produces spectacular operating power. This walk-behind stump grinder is a powerful machine with efficient grinding performance, thanks to its 3600 RPM cutting speed.

The OHV 4-Stroke System of the machine is also a great feature to have in a gas-powered unit for its efficient use of fuel. This design ensures that there is no risk of the stump grinder bogging down with its optimum power transmission. The smart recoil starting system is also a bonus, making this unit easy to start with a single pull.

Moreover, the 3.55-inch thick and 12-inch high cutting wheel can get rid of up to 20 inches stump above ground and 9 inches below ground. Thanks to its 9 sharp teeth, this machine ensures a flawless landscape with no ugly stubs left behind.

In terms of safety, this stump grinder features an excellent drum breaking-system for stead control while using the machine. The large handle of the unit has an ergonomic design and a bow handle that offers optimum grip and maneuverability. This stump grinder also features a specially designed discharge system for seamless dust removal, preventing jammed wheels.

What Can Be Improved?

The Samson Machinery Stump Grinder offers optimum power and cutting ability. However, the high-powered engine creates too much vibration, straining in the arms when maneuvering the unit.

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Detail K2 14 HP Gas-Powered Stump Grinder

DK2 Power Gas Powered Certified Commercial Frame Stump...
93 Reviews
DK2 Power Gas Powered Certified Commercial Frame Stump...
  • 𝗣𝗢𝗪𝗘𝗥𝗙𝗨𝗟 &...


  • 12-inch cutting height
  • 50-pound capacity cutting head for 100% cutting performance
  • Direct belt drive system ensures precise cuts
  • Gas-powered stump grinder
  • 14HP CH440 engine with 3600 RPM cutting speed
  • Dual direct v-belt drive
  • Reinforced heavy-duty steel design
  • Adjustable bow handle with a removable tow bar
  • Double locking hitch pins for trouble-free traverse on rough terrains
  • Design for quick grinding
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Easy to remove blades for sharpening
  • Includes safety materials: ear protection, safety keys, oil bottle, work gloves, and safety glasses

What We Like

Cutting unwanted trees in the lawn for smoother and lusher landscape is possible with the best stump grinder like the Detail K2 Gas-Powered Stump Grinder. This powerful 14HP stump grinder can get rid of the problematic tree remnants safely and effectively. It can work on different kinds of tree stumps from softwood to hardwood without bogging down with a motor that comes built for long service life.

Power aside, using this stump grinder is also convenient and straightforward. It can crush stumps both above and below the ground, thanks to its 12-inches diameter and 3.5-inch thick blade. The high-power stump grinder can remove remaining tree trunks 12 inches above the ground and nine inches below the ground surface.

In terms of handling, the large and quick-adjusting bow handle design of this stump grinder offers steady control and maximum comfort. The machine also features disc drum brakes that have impressive pivot cutting performance. Another favorite part of this machine is its double safety feature for auto-shutdown when the stump grinder becomes overpowering or strays from the intended course.

Another advantage of this stump grinder is the safety package it includes, all at an affordable price for a beast of a machine. The stump grinder comes with an ear protector, work gloves, oil bottle, safety glasses, and safety keys.

What Can Be Improved?

This Detail K2 unit is a gas-powered stump grinder, which provides excellent power. However, the maintenance of gas-powered machines like this one is comprehensive. This stump grinder requires gas and oil checking and refills and frequent cleaning than other units.

Although this unit is easy to transport at 396 pounds weight, the design is a bit bulky. The machine needs ample storage space.

Generac ST47019GENG Pro Stump Grinder

Generac ST47019GENG Pro Power Stump Grinder - Versatile...
8 Reviews
Generac ST47019GENG Pro Power Stump Grinder - Versatile...
  • Versatile Cutting: Equipped with carbide-tipped cutting...
  • Easy Towing: The stump grinder features a detachable tow...
  • Durable Construction: Constructed of 12 gauge steel, the...


  • Patented G-Force engine can tackle the toughest grinding jobs with minimal fatigue
  • 2800 RPM cutting speed
  • 1.4-gallon fuel tank capacity for long-lasting operation
  • 8-teeth cutter for a smoother finish
  • Tungsten carbide teeth with steel tips for tackling all kinds of stumps
  • Attractive black and orange design
  • Lightweight but durable construction using 12-gauge steel
  • Removable tow bar for space-saving storage
  • 2-inch ball hitch included for more accessible transport using a tractor, UTV, and ATV
  • A tank shutoff valve for safety in case of emergency

What We Like

One of the Generac Pro Stump Grinder’s best features is its attractive design with black and orange colors. However, this machine doesn’t only look good but works great as well.

This stump grinder features a patented G-Force engine that Generac is famous for producing. It’s easy to start and has impressive grinding power to work on the toughest tree stumps with minimal fatigue. This unit has a terrific 2800 RPM cutting speed for its small size, which can do different grinding tasks quickly.

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In terms of grinding performance, the Generac Pro Stump Grinder devours tree trunk remnants 360 bites per second, thanks to its 8-teeth cutting wheel. The tungsten carbide teeth with steel tips are robust and produce the smoothest finish for a greener landscape.

The 1.4 gallons of fuel that the tank can carry ensures longer grinding operations. There is also a shutoff valve, which is a bonus for extra safety measures when using the unit.

Another great feature of this stump grinder is its built-in 2-inch ball hitch, which makes attaching it to a tractor, UTV, or ATV more convenient.

What Can Be Improved?

Overall, the Generac Pro Stump Grinder is an excellent machine for keeping the landscape pristine. The only thing missing from this unit is a clutch, which could improve its cutting efficiency even better for a smoother stump grinding process.

Buying Guide

When hunting for the best stump grinder, whether for residential or commercial use, choosing the right one for the job is crucial. Here’s a complete buying guide to determine the type and features of the machine that can work best on crushing tree stumps.

Types of Stump Grinder

There are 2 choices for a stump grinder, depending on the size and height of trunk remnants in the yard that needs crushing.

Best Stump Grinder Review and Comprehensive Buying Guide

Handlebar Stump Grinder

This type of stump grinder is the most common of the two. Most affordable units in the market are handlebar stump grinders. They are operator-friendly but requires manual back-and-forth operation when crushing trunk remnants.

Handlebar stump grinders can work on different kinds of stumps up to 14 inches above the ground, depending on the model’s cutting wheel. They are best for residential applications with small-diameter stumps and has a relatively smaller build for space-saving storage.

Track Stump Grinder

This type of track stump grinder works similarly to handlebar types but doesn’t need manual steering during operation. Instead, track stump grinders feature a control pad used to move or maneuver the unit. They are best for use in crushing more massive and higher tree stumps of up to 35 inches tall.

Truck stump grinders are also better at distributing their weight, which is ideal for use in delicate plots. They don’t produce massive ground pressure when used, so there is no risk of creating turn marks on the turf.

However, track stump grinders usually have more massive build than handlebar types. That makes it more challenging for this type of stump grinder in terms of storage, and it also requires a separate trailing unit for transport. Plus, they are the more expensive type of stump grinder.

Work Type

Ensure that a stump grinder is one that can complete the landscaping job on hand at the highest standard possible. However, that doesn’t mean buying the stump grinder with the highest power. That won’t be ideal if the machine’s intended use is only for crushing small tree remnants in the backyard.

That is why it’s vital to determine what type of stump grinding work the machine will likely to do before buying one. For residential use, most portable root cutters will do. Meanwhile, industrial and professional stump grinding jobs may require a more massive and powerful unit.

The key is finding the best stump grinder for the intended use. A good rule of thumb for this is to buy a small stump grinder for small-scale jobs and a big unit for big-scale jobs.

Best Stump Grinder Review and Comprehensive Buying Guide

Cutting Capacity

In terms of cutting capacity, there are several things to consider. The first one is the cutting speed of the stump grinder. Higher RPM or revolutions per minute will make the job done quickly, and it helps for a smoother finish as well.

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The second thing to look out for is the height and thickness of the cutting wheel. The cutting wheel will indicate the height of tree stumps a machine can work with, both above and below the ground surface.

The number of teeth on the blade will also determine the smoothness of the grinding finish of the unit. Its strength and cutting-edge mechanism also define how equipped the machine is in crushing the tree remnants that need clearing.


Manually crushing tree stumps is nearly impossible, but a stump grinder can get the job done faster and more accurately. In terms of efficiency, the stump grinder should have sufficient power strength and engine capacity to finish the job well.

The key is to find efficient machines based on the intensity of work, so there are no chances of the stump grinder bogging down while on the job.


Stump grinders come in varying sizes. Smaller units are best for residential use and in crushing low to moderately sized tree stumps. They are easy to transport and needs lesser area for storage.

Meanwhile, stump grinders for commercial and professional use will substantially have a bigger build. Their more massive size is so they can remove big-diameter stumps at a faster rate.

Best Stump Grinder Review and Comprehensive Buying Guide

Ease of Use

It makes the job done quicker if the stump grinder is easy to use. Look out for a unit with an easy-start function and straightforward controls. That includes the stump grinder’s braking features to get optimum control on the machine during the grinding process.


Safety is a vital feature to look out for when buying the best stump grinder, whether its for residential or professional use. Some of the standard safety features for a stump grinder includes wheel stability and sturdy handle frames.

In case of emergency, automatic break buttons and tank shutoff options are also crucial to have in a stump grinder.


Getting rid of tree stumps doesn’t have to be awkward and exhausting when using a stump grinder. Look out for a unit that has ergonomically designed handlebars for optimum grip and comfort. Adjustable handles also work best to fit different statures and positions, especially when steering the stump grinder.

Check out for the maneuvering specifications of the unit before buying. A stump grinder should require minimal intervention to do its job efficiently.


Most stump grinders are gas-powered units that require fuel and oil refilling, depending on the tank capacity. This type of machine will also need regular cleaning and maintenance to preserve its good condition. However, some engines have excellent features like an OHV system that makes it cost-effective and easier to maintain.

Check out if the stump grinder has a lot of moving parts that will require stricter maintenance. Depending on the material quality of the teeth, it might also need frequent sharpening.


Stump grinders come at varying prices. Some are affordable options and have enough power and grinding performance for residential jobs. Meanwhile, commercial grinding machines are more expensive with higher engine power.

The key is to determine the features for a stump grinder based on its intended use, then find a competitively priced unit that fits those needs.


Of all the stump grinders in the market, the Samson Machinery Stump Grinder offers the best value for money. It’s an affordable and user-friendly unit with optimum stump grinding performance with its impressive 15HP 420cc engine, OHV 4-Stroke System, and 12-inches cutting wheel.

The best stump grinder is a must-have when clearing yards from trunk remnants, especially if it has an efficient cutting capacity for all grinding jobs.

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