10 Plant Decor Ideas for Your Home

Decorating your home with living plants offers many benefits, from boosting your mood to improving the air quality. For many people, tending indoor plants is a cherished hobby and a source of pride.

Many interior designers love decorating with living plants to breathe new life into a room. Here are 5 of the best plant decor ideas for your home.

  1. Orchids
  2. Monsteras
  3. Dracaena
  4. Pothos
  5. Snake plant

Read our article to find out about 5 more species!


These delicate blooms come in a variety of colors and are relatively low maintenance. Set them in a sunny window, feed them an ice cube once per week, and that’s it.

Use orchids flowers to add a pop of color in any well-lit room and bring a tropical vibe into your home.


Monsteras get their name for being monstrous plants when they grow to their full potential. They’re also known by the moniker “Swiss cheese plants” due to their unique, slotted leaves.

These tropical beauties need some space to grow and flourish, making them perfect for filling an open corner in a living room or bedroom.

Monsteras prefer indirect sunlight, weekly watering, and daily misting if your home is dry. Keep it from growing out of control with regular prunings, putting leaves in a vase as a decor piece, or propagating to share with friends.


There are several breeds of dracaena plants— colloquially known as dragon trees. These indoor plants are primarily considered easiest to take care of, thriving on infrequent waterings.

Depending on your chosen dracaena, you could have a lovely tabletop plant or a towering monstera-like tree in the corner. These little trees have fern-like leaves that fountain upward and outward, making them the perfect conversation piece.

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Sometimes called devil’s ivy, the pothos is a leafy, vining plant that looks amazing in a macrame pot hanger or set atop a bookshelf. Pothos are relatively low maintenance and propagate quickly, making them ideal for double or triple planter decor.

The pothos can thrive in both low and high light situations and stands up well to dry environments. This communicative plant will also tell you when something is wrong via browning tips or white patching.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is ideal for those who want a living decor piece that thrives on neglect. Its iconic vertical leaves make it a fan-favorite among designers, as it adds contrast and dimension to any room.

Snake plants thrive in low-light environments but can also withstand brighter windows. If you’re looking for a plant to breathe new life into a bathroom or basement, you can’t go wrong with this unique option.

Green Zamioculca

The green zamioculca is known best by its moniker, the ZZ plant. The ZZ plant is known for its lovely green leaves, which boast a waxy coating that reflects the light.

This plant was highlighted by NASA’s clean air study as one of the best house plants for removing toxins from the air. Its resilience to low light conditions makes it perfect for a home office.

If you give your ZZ plant room to grow, it will bless your home with wide, beautiful leaves. Alternatively, keeping it in a smaller planter results in smaller leaves that are no less beautiful to behold.

This resilient house plant also looks great in a jungle-inspired bathroom— a popular bathroom trend for the past year.

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Rubber Fig

The rubber fig plant ( A.K.A. the ficus) also has deep green waxy leaves. The care needs are similar to that of the ZZ plant, requiring indirect light and basic watering needs.

The benefit of getting a rubber fig over the ZZ plant is the size of the leaves. This plant boasts broad, flat leaves that look great in an open corner in a home office, living room, or bedroom.


The bromeliad is another rare flowering indoor plant. This stunning tropical beauty is a member of the pineapple family, which is readily apparent in its spiky blooms.

This tropical bloom prefers high humidity levels, making it ideal for a brightly lit bathroom or kitchen window sill.

English Ivy

Another vining plant, the English Ivy, is resilient, low-maintenance, and mainly takes care of itself. Like the pothos, this plant looks great in a hanging planter or on a bookcase.

For a designer-inspired decor element, use fishing wire and tacks to grow your ivy as a wall covering or in an artistic design. Alternatively, swap out the fishing wire with string lights for a magical, boho-inspired look that works well in a bedroom.

Air Plant

The air plant is one of the unique indoor plants to use in home design. As the name implies, this plant thrives on air. In other words, you don’t need to plant it. You can set it in any vessel you choose.

To water your air plant, take it out of its vessel and submerge the roots in a bowl of room temperature water for an hour. Let them dry on a cloth for three hours, then return them to their home. Repeat this process weekly in the summer and bi-weekly in the winter.

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These ten incredible plants make exceptional decor pieces for your home. Channel your inner creativity and bring your interior design scheme to life.

10 Plant Decor Ideas for Your Home
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